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Updated September 13, 2022

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Kenzie Academy began in 2017 as an alternative tech education option. Founder Chok Ooi envisioned affordable and accessible programs. When Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) acquired Kenzie Academy in 2021, they continued that vision, hoping to make online tech education even more accessible.

While still headquartered in Indiana, Kenzie Academy now operates as a nonprofit provider of accelerated training programs from SNHU.

What Does Kenzie Academy Offer?

Kenzie Academy continues to offer affordable programs. Tuition ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 per program. These prices are comparable to other coding bootcamps, and cost less than a bachelor's degree from SNHU.

Kenzie Academy offers four certificate programs that last 9-12 months. Students typically spend 18-40 hours studying per week. The provider's format also allows for synchronous or asynchronous learning — whichever best fits learners' schedule.

Each program ends with a career-focused class that prepares students for the post-graduate job search. Career coaches and certified resume writers teach enrollees to communicate their skills and experience. Students also create online professional profiles and complete practice interviews.

Kenzie Academy shares learners' profiles with hiring partners. The employer outreach team also sets up information sessions and career fairs, helping students develop a professional network. Graduates have used these services to land jobs at companies like Microsoft, Infosys, JP Morgan, and Deloitte.

Kenzie Academy also partners with Amazon Career Choice, which offers employees three program options in web development, Java, and cybersecurity. These six-month programs run part time, and enrollees receive tuition assistance from Amazon.

Because students come from varied backgrounds — including tech, law, sales, and stay-at-home parenting — Kenzie Academy runs preparatory courses for beginner coders. Kenzie Free includes three self-paced classes which cover CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Kenzie Academy offers the following standout features:

  • Flexible Schedule

    Students develop their own study schedules. Kenzie Academy hosts live classes, but learners can choose to review on-demand recordings instead. All synchronous course meetings and review sessions are optional.

  • Multiple Support Systems

    Each bootcamp includes multiple systems to offer learners support: Programs run Q&A sessions, review sessions, weekly kickoffs, and study halls. Learner success advisors, career services teams, and career curriculum teams also work together to promote holistic growth.

  • Regional Accreditation

    As part of SNHU, Kenzie Academy holds accreditation from the New England Commission of Higher Education. This accreditation allows bootcamp enrollees to apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Kenzie Academy Snapshot

  • Cost: $10,000-$20,000
  • Payment Options: Upfront payment, federal loans or grants, and private loans
  • Learning Options: All programs have flexible formats, including live classes and on-demand video lessons. They last 9-12 months and require 18-40 hours of study per week.
  • Location: Online

Kenzie Academy Programs

Kenzie Academy offers four certificate programs in cybersecurity, web development, software engineering, and UX design. These programs require no prior coding experience, and beginners can complete the Kenzie Free courses before applying to the programs below.

Note that the following list does not include the three Amazon Career Choice programs, which only accept current Amazon employees. Learn more about those programs on Kenzie Academy's website.

Certificate in Cybersecurity Program

Kenzie Academy partnered with EC-Council to develop this cybersecurity program. Students take courses in network security controls, data security, and ethical hacking foundations. More advanced classes cover computer forensics, including dark web and malware forensics.

Learners also receive hands-on practice with iLabs. They use tools like hidden victim machines and preconfigured vulnerable websites. Each class ends with a summative research project that teaches enrollees to handle real-life cybersecurity situations.

These classes prepare students for three EC-Council certification exams:

  • Digital Forensics Essentials
  • Network Defense Essentials
  • Ethical Hacking Essentials

Graduates have landed jobs as help desk technicians and cybersecurity specialists. Other potential jobs include incident and intruder analyst, IT security specialist, and cybercrime analyst.

  • Cost: $10,000
  • Time Commitment: 18-20 hours/week for 9 months

Full-Stack Web Developer Certificate (MERN) Program

This program covers front- and back-end web development, immersing students in MERN stack technologies, which comprise the following:

  • MongoDB (M)
  • Express (E)
  • React (R)
  • Node (N)

Learners begin with three web development courses, studying HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and object-oriented programming. The subsequent six classes dive into MERN stack technologies. Students create real-world projects and explore the software development lifecycle.

The last two classes of the bootcamp focus on a capstone project. Students work in groups to complete an open-ended assignment, designing a full-stack MERN application. They present the final project to the class and Kenzie Academy staff.

The comprehensive curriculum prepares graduates for jobs as software engineers and web developers. With experience, graduates may become senior-level developers.

  • Cost: $17,000
  • Time Commitment: 30-40 hours/week for 9 months

Software Engineering Certificate with Specialization in Back-End Java

This software engineering certificate originally began as an exclusive Amazon Technical Academy course. However, Kenzie Academy now offers enrollment to all interested candidates.

The bootcamp curriculum includes introductory Java courses and classes that explore advanced Java concepts. Learners complete two capstone projects that provide practice with core concepts and opportunities to build professional portfolios. During the program, students design software systems and learn about the software development lifecycle.

Graduates may qualify for software development engineer positions at Amazon. They can also land jobs as business analysts, Java back-end developers, or DevOps engineers. Additionally, SNHU may accept credits from the software engineering certificate program to apply toward degree programs like their bachelor's degree in computer science.

  • Cost: $20,000
  • Time Commitment: 30-40 hours/week for 12 months

UX Design Certificate Program

The user experience (UX) certificate program prepares students to become researchers, designers, and problem-solvers. The courses immerse learners in the design thinking process, from understanding clients to building applications.

The bootcamp's opening courses cover UX and user interface (UI) fundamentals. Students learn to identify clients' pain points, gather feedback, and create flowcharts. They also practice with visual hierarchies and high-fidelity mockups.

Learners then spend several classes exploring application design and implementing their UX/UI knowledge. They review a design brief, create a mockup, implement feedback, and design a prototype. The final three courses prepare enrollees to enter the UX industry. Students create portfolios, learn conflict-resolution strategies, and write cover letters. They also briefly review HTML and CSS.

  • Cost: $12,500
  • Time Commitment: 20-25 hours/week for 9 months

How Do I Get Into Kenzie Academy?

Kenzie Academy makes the application process simple with no fees, few requirements, and a quick application form.

Candidates must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or GED certificate. They need no prior coding experience. Instead, Kenzie Academy looks for enthusiastic and committed applicants with technology interest.

The application form only requests candidates' general information and program interest. Kenzie Academy accepts students on a rolling basis, so admission counselors schedule an interview shortly after receiving applications. These interviews allow students to ask questions and learn about the Kenzie Academy experience.

If admissions counselors decide a Kenzie Academy program suits applicants' goals, students receive an acceptance notification and choose a payment option.

Kenzie Academy Payment Options

Typical bootcamp financing options include deferred payment plans or income share agreements (ISAs). However, Kenzie Academy takes a different approach.

SNHU's regional accreditation also covers Kenzie Academy, meaning students can use federal grants and loans to cover the costs. Kenzie Academy encourages enrollees to fill out the FAFSA to determine federal loan and grant eligibility.

Other payment options include alternative loans, but not ISAs. Students can also pay up front with cash or credit. Kenzie Academy guides students through these options before enrollment.

Is Kenzie Academy Worth It?

Whether Kenzie Academy is worth the time and financial investment ultimately depends on each student's needs. The academy offers advantages like a flexible online format and regional accreditation. However, students may prefer in-person classes or benefit from more advanced courses.

Before applying to any coding bootcamp, students should consider their learning style and how much time they can invest in coursework. Some of the best bootcamps offer varying program formats, so learners can find one that fits their schedule, lifestyle, and interests.

Other options to consider include traditional college degrees, like an associate or bachelor's degree in computer science. While typically longer, these degree programs often provide a more comprehensive curriculum.

FAQ About Kenzie Academy Programs

Is Kenzie Academy self-paced?

Because each program has a set start and weekly topics, Kenzie Academy is not entirely self-paced. However, classes at Kenzie Academy offer flexible online schedules. Students can complete their classes independently or participate in live classes and review sessions.

How much does Kenzie Academy cost?

Bootcamp tuition ranges from $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the program. Amazon employees may receive full tuition coverage thanks to Kenzie Academy's partnership with Amazon Career Choice. Kenzie Academy also offers free coding classes.

What programs does Kenzie Academy offer?

Kenzie Academy offers nine-month programs in cybersecurity, UX design, and full-stack web development. The software engineering program lasts 12 months. Students can also enroll in free coding classes before applying to the longer programs.

Will Kenzie Academy help me get a job?

Kenzie Academy offers support from a career advisor and career curriculum team. They help students prepare for interviews, write resumes, and develop job search strategies. The employer outreach team also connects enrollees to hiring partner companies.

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