Best Web Development Certificates of 2022

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Web developers design, build, implement, and maintain websites. A web development certificate indicates that a student has completed a series of web development courses. Certificates can show employers which applicants have the necessary skills and knowledge to qualify for jobs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 13% job growth for web developers and digital designers from 2020-30. This exceeds the projected growth for all occupations.

Since most organizations have some sort of online presence, web developers can find employment in almost any industry. Many web developers can also find remote work that offers a flexible lifestyle with little or no commute.

Continue reading to learn more about web development certificates and how they can help you land a job.

What to Expect From a Certificate in Web Development Program

Web developers handle the front and back end of websites and servers for clients. The back end involves a lot of the unseen code and systems of a site, while the front end is what users see when browsing the web. Both sides of the stack require coding experience and knowledge of computer systems to build a functional website.

A web development certificate program teaches students the foundations for creating functional websites. Most programs teach the basics of popular programming languages used in site design and other systems. Since these courses cover the components of computer systems and code, participants should be comfortable with technology before enrolling.

A certificate offers a flexible and cost-effective nondegree route to learning web development skills. Certificate programs can last anywhere from a few months to under two years.

Admissions Process

The admission requirements for each web development program vary depending on the institution and type of certificate. Some organizations offer web development programs requiring no academic prerequisites. Schools may refer to programs without admission requirements as professional development programs.

Other schools hold strict admission requirements for certificate programs considered "post-degree". For example, the University of Cincinnati only offers its web development certificate to students with a bachelor's degree and a minimum 2.0 GPA.

The application process for many certificate programs often resembles that of degree-seeking programs. Applicants must supply additional materials such as official transcripts, a statement of purpose, and a resume or CV. Students can submit online applications and find detailed admission information on an organization's website.

Different Certificate Types

Job-seekers should know the difference between certificates and certifications. A certificate marks the completion of coursework in a particular subject, such as web development. Most students can earn a certificate without taking a qualifying exam.

A certification, on the other hand, often requires candidates to pass a test to show proficiency in the subject. Certifications usually come from professional organizations and companies, while schools award most certificates. Employers tend to use certifications as an industry standard, though these are not necessary to work in web development.

A certificate marks the completion of coursework in a particular subject, such as web development. Most students can earn a certificate without taking a qualifying exam.

Certificate programs come in all types to fit different learning styles and availability. Students can find many remote online programs or go for a traditional in-person experience. Schools may also offer hybrid courses that blend in-person and online requirements. Those with a busy lifestyle can look for asynchronous programs with classes that require no set meeting times.

One of the biggest distinctions between web development certificates lies in different concentrations. Some certificates focus on the general aspects of web development, but others hone in on subjects like user experience (UX) design.

Popular Web Development Certificate Courses

Web development certificate programs offer a variety of courses. Different concentrations or curriculum updates may affect course availability. Some programs place certificate-seekers in the same class sessions as degree-seeking students.

Class types come in core (mandatory) and elective (optional) variants. Core courses tackle the fundamentals of web development, while electives allow students to explore specialized or niche topics.

The examples below highlight some common courses in web development curriculums.

  • Fundamentals of Web Development: This hands-on course introduces the study of web development. Participants learn development tools, modern theories of web design, and document layout with CSS. This class teaches the basics of HTML/XHTML and other prevalent tools while emphasizing functionality.
  • Information Architecture: This seminar course examines the fundamentals of information storage and organization in computer systems. Topics include balancing function with usability and efficient storage of large amounts of data. Students use their previous knowledge of HTML, CSS, and programming languages to design a working information system.
  • Collecting Data with Forms: This class provides an in-depth look at the front and back ends of online digital forms. Students create online data-collecting forms from scratch after learning the basics of web requests and the hypertext transfer protocol. The course includes topics on UX and ways to ensure accurate data collection.
  • Web Accessibility: This course takes a user-oriented look at web design to meet the needs of diverse viewers. Topics include industry standards and legal regulations applicable to web design. Students engage with the course material through labs and create content that meets minimum accessibility requirements.

How Much Do Web Development Certificates Cost?

The total cost of a web development certificate ranges from $3,000-$11,000. Costs depend on the school, program length, and other factors such as methods for calculating fees. Schools may charge a tuition fee per credit or a flat fee for the entire program.

For colleges offering web development certificates, the same factors affecting the cost of traditional education apply. A public institution may cost less for local students compared to those living out of state. Private schools tend to feature higher costs compared to public institutions.

Students can find scholarships offered by the school, state, or field-related organizations. FAFSA eligibility depends on the program. Some schools qualify for the use of financial aid, but that eligibility might not extend to certificate programs. Learners can also apply for loans or payment plans.

Top Online Programs

Explore programs of your interests with the high-quality standards and flexibility you need to take your career to the next level.

Why Get a Certificate for Web Development?

Requirements vary for entry-level jobs in web development. While the BLS states that many web developer jobs require an associate degree, the bureau also indicates that a high school diploma may suffice for some positions.

Finding an entry-level job with no education other than a certificate in web development can be challenging, but not impossible. A certificate alone may suffice for finding a job. However, certificate-holders without formal degrees should provide strong portfolios, including previous projects and coding experience.

Earning a certificate in web development increases your chances of finding a job. A certificate can help you:

  • Build Web Development Skills: Certificate programs can teach programming languages or skills catering to specific roles in the market. Topics include coding, UX design, content management systems, and performance testing.
  • Round Out Your CV: Completing a course of study in web development can make a positive impact on employers. A certificate demonstrates dedication to the field and initiative to learn new skills.
  • Work Toward Certifications or Degrees: Some certificate curriculums are built with official industry certifications in mind.

Should You Get a Certificate or an Associate Degree?

A certificate and an associate degree can appear similar to those pursuing web development careers. Both program types teach the fundamentals of web development and the necessary skills for entry-level jobs.

An associate degree might cost more and take longer to complete, since it requires more credits than a certificate. Students also learn more and gain better preparation for the job market. Earning an associate degree provides a foundation for a bachelor's program.

This table compares some of the major differences between web development certificates and associate degrees. Our guide to associate degrees can tell you more about these traditional programs.

Comparing Certificate and Associate Programs

Web Development Certificate Web Development Associate Degree
Length A few months to under two years. Two years full time.
Course Load Usually 4-10 courses or 12-30 credits. An average of 60 credits.
Types of Classes Limited to select fundamental courses. Typically a fixed curriculum (no electives). Balances fundamentals with theories and other topics for a well-rounded education. Almost always offers electives.
Focus Introduces students to core topics or supplements former education and experience. Prepares enrollees for an entry-level position. Prepares students for an entry-level position or transfer to a baccalaureate program.
Admission Requirements High school diploma or its equivalent. High school diploma or its equivalent.

Web Development Certificates Versus Bootcamps

As an alternative to a degree, bootcamps and certificates offer a shorter program length and a focus on workplace skills.

A bootcamp is an intensive program that teaches technical skills within several months. Bootcamps usually focus on select programming languages and software. Students can enroll in bootcamps through independent providers or traditional accredited colleges.

While a certificate may work well as a supplement, a good bootcamp can form a solid foundation for a career in web development. To learn more about bootcamps, check out our coding bootcamp guide.

Comparing Certificate Programs and Bootcamps

Web Development Certificate Web Development Bootcamp
Length A few months to under two years. Usually from nine weeks to seven months depending on part- or full-time status.
Course Load Multiple courses taught at a more traditional classroom pace. Multiple courses taught at an accelerated pace. May require a significant time commitment.
Types of Classes Limited to select fundamental courses. Typically a fixed curriculum (no electives). Select courses arranged in a specific order. Usually no electives.
Focus Establishes a broad foundation for web development. Focuses on specific skills and practical knowledge needed in the workplace.
Admission Requirements High school diploma or its equivalent. Proof of technical proficiency and coding skill. May need to pass a coding test or a short prerequisite course.

Selecting the Right Web Development Certificate Program

Selecting the right web development program involves many considerations. Students considering a certificate should verify that their prospective school holds proper accreditation. Accreditation provides confidence that an institution satisfies rigorous standards of quality.

Students considering a certificate should verify that their prospective school holds proper accreditation.

Regional accreditation marks the desired standard for most institutions, while national accreditation remains limited to vocational and trade schools. The third major type, industry-specific accreditation, holds the most value to employers. ABET is the main accrediting body for tech fields. ABET accreditation can make your resume stand out, since the organization follows standards aligned with the tech industry.

Prospective students should also consider these other factors when choosing a web development program:

  • Program reputation
  • Credit transferability
  • Class sizes
  • Staff credentials
  • Program diversity
  • Program specializations
  • College resources and labs
  • Career service networks and program alumni
  • Academic clubs and organizations
  • Ease of admission

Should You Get Your Certificate in Web Development Online?

Even before the boom in distance learning due to COVID-19, learners recognized the value of taking online courses. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that over 7.3 million students enrolled in some form of remote learning at the postsecondary level in fall 2019.

Taking online courses can provide greater flexibility and potentially save money compared to in-person programs. Remote learning makes sense for web development in particular, since the focus of the work is online.

However, remote learning is not for everyone. Distance learning requires strong time management skills and self-motivation. Check out our guide to learn more about the difference between in-person and online certificate programs.

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2022's Top Web Development Certificates

A web development certificate can offer a quick and inexpensive route to entry-level positions. Many students earn this credential at community colleges and technology schools like those listed here. Explore the link below to learn about our ranking methods.

#1 Best Web Development Certificates of 2022

Bunker Hill Community College

  • Boston, MA
  • 2 years
  • Online + Campus

BHCC offers more than 100 academic programs at several Boston, Massachusetts-area locations and online. A Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities member, BHCC emphasizes equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Web Development Certificate

BHCC's Division of Professional Studies' Computer Media Technology Department offers a 27-credit web development certificate. This program helps prepare graduates for entry-level positions in web development and web development support. The certificate also caters to professionals looking to gain new skills or earn webmaster certification. 

Enrollees learn to design, create, and maintain websites. They explore databases and multimedia content integration. Course topics include Javascript, mobile web applications, digital imaging with Photoshop, and web design with Ajax.

The professional studies division offers courses during the day, on weekends, in the evening, and online. 

Applying to BHCC

Prospective students apply online. They attend a virtual orientation to get an overview of the college and learn how to register for courses. BHCC recommends contacting an admissions counselor before applying.

Program at a Glance

  • Accreditation: New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)
  • Tuition: $220/credit (in state); $232/credit (New England Regional Student Program); $426/credit (out of state) 
  • Program Length: 4 semesters 
  • Delivery Format: 100% online or on campus
  • Percentage Awarded Loans: 4%
Average Tuition
Retention Rate
Admission Rate
Not provided
Students Enrolled
Institution Type
Percent Online Enrollment
23% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.
Yes New England Commission on Higher Education

#2 Best Web Development Certificates of 2022

Eastern Iowa Community College District

  • Davenport, IA
  • 2 years
  • Online + Campus

Established in 1965, Davenport, Iowa-based EICC merged Clinton Junior College, Muscatine Junior College, and Davenport schools' vocational/technical programs. Scott Community College joined as a comprehensive college in 1979 when it acquired Palmer College. 

Online Front-End Web Developer

EICC's 160-hour online front-end web developer program prepares students to pursue entry-level careers in the field. Enrollees learn to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build user-friendly web applications. Learners develop a portfolio throughout the program to use in their job searches. 

Self-paced learning makes the program a flexible option for working students. Enrollees should be comfortable with computers and interested in programming and technology. Learners can connect with instructors and advisors through email. The noncredit program does not qualify for federal aid, but students may be able to access other financing. 

Applying to EICC

This open-enrollment program sets no formal admission requirements. New students register online. Enrollees need a Mac with macOS 11.0 or later or a PC with Windows 10 or later to complete the coursework. 

Program at a Glance

  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission
  • Tuition: $1,995/program
  • Program Length: 6 months 
  • Delivery Format: 100% online (asynchronous)
  • Percentage Awarded Loans: 21%
Average Tuition
Retention Rate
Admission Rate
Not provided
Students Enrolled
Institution Type
Percent Online Enrollment
37% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.
Yes Higher Learning Commission

#3 Best Web Development Certificates of 2022

Southern Arkansas University Tech

  • Camden, AR
  • 2 years
  • Online + Campus

SAU Tech is a two-year college within the Southern Arkansas University system. Founded in 1968, the East Camden, Arkansas-based school now boasts enrollment of over 1,800. About 18% of SAU Tech enrollees study online.

Web Technology Certificate of Proficiency

Aspiring web developers can earn an 11-credit web technology certificate of proficiency online through SAU Tech's computer information technology department. The certificate program covers scripting languages like HTML/XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learners also study Python and C programming and explore the Linux/Unix operating system.

Coursework helps prepare graduates to take Microsoft developer certification and Amazon Web Services certified developer exams. Credits can transfer to an associate in computer science program.

Students can access online tech support and tutorials. Tutoring and advising are available by phone and online.

Applying to SAU Tech

Applicants complete an online admission form. Students can begin the web development program without prerequisite coursework. Computer requirements for remote learning include Windows 10 or later or OS X 10.13+ with the latest versions of Chrome or Safari. 

Program at a Glance

  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission
  • Tuition: $108/credit (in state); $156/credit (out of state)
  • Delivery Format: 100% online 
  • Percentage Awarded Loans: 12%
Average Tuition
Retention Rate
Admission Rate
Not provided
Students Enrolled
Institution Type
Percent Online Enrollment
33% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.
Yes Higher Learning Commission

#4 Best Web Development Certificates of 2022

Butler Community College

  • El Dorado, KS
  • 2 years
  • Online + Campus

Butler, located in El Dorado, Kansas, delivers programs at 24 learning sites and online. Butler's Learning PACT focuses on personal development, analytical thinking, communication, and technology skills. 

Web Development Certificate

Butler's web development certificate offers online and in-person learning. The 33-credit program helps prepare students for careers in front- and back-end web development and design. Graduates may also qualify to take Microsoft and Adobe certification exams.

Industry professionals teach courses in subjects like HTML and CSS, PHP and databases, UX/UI fundamentals, and web scripting. Enrollees complete an interactive capstone course in which they build a website using HTML and PHP. 

Interested students can get hands-on experience working with computers through the PC Club. This campus group refurbishes donated computers and offers them free of charge to students in need.

Applying to Butler

Butler offers open enrollment. General admission requires an online application and official transcripts showing high school completion or a GED certificate. Prospective students can apply free of charge and schedule enrollment advising appointments on Zoom. 

Program at a Glance

  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission
  • Tuition: $76/credit (in county); $97/credit (in state); $157/credit (out of state)
  • Program Length: 3 terms
  • Delivery Format: Online, on campus, or hybrid
  • Percentage Awarded Loans: 22%
Average Tuition
Retention Rate
Admission Rate
Not provided
Students Enrolled
Institution Type
Percent Online Enrollment
52% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.
Yes Higher Learning Commission

Common Questions About Web Development Certificates

Can you get a certificate in web development?

Yes, schools and other providers offer certificates in web development. Students can choose among many certificate programs. They can compare programs' cost, length, and other attributes to find the right one.

Is a web development certificate worth it?

A web development certificate can be worth it depending on your career goals and current experience. A certificate alone might not suffice for an entry-level job. Certificates work best when supplementing prior experience or education.

Can you become a web developer with a certificate?

You do not need a certificate to become a web developer, but a certificate may help you find a job. However, prior experience and a strong portfolio are critical to finding employment in the web development field

How much does getting a certificate in web development cost?

Cost varies depending on program length, provider, and other factors. Certificate programs may cost $3,000-$11,000. Some schools charge by credit or course, while others list a single cost for the entire program.

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