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Coding bootcamps offer an alternative to traditional programming degrees by condensing the core information into short, intensive courses. In 2017, 59% of bootcamps specialized in web development.

These programs provide continually updated instruction to prepare graduates for today’s ever-changing technology industry. With an average salary increase of 51% upon graduation, bootcamps may appeal to anyone seeking a high-paying programming job, especially as a web developer.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an 8% growth for web development and digital design jobs from 2019-2029. This projected growth has led to an increase in coding bootcamp enrollees. The number of in-person bootcamp students increased by 20% between 2017 and 2018.

With over 1,000 bootcamps worldwide, prospective students can start their search with the best web development bootcamps listed below. This page also explores the cost, skills, and potential career options associated with coding bootcamps.

What Is a Web Development Bootcamp?

The best web development bootcamps cover multiple coding languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, React, and Python. While web development and web design bootcamps may feature similar curricula, these programs prioritize different areas. Web design programs emphasize user expertise, interface design, and general design principles. However, web development programs highlight programming and creating functional sites and apps.

The best web development bootcamps cover multiple coding languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, React, and Python.

Bootcamp learners may spend four weeks to a year learning web development, depending on their program’s scope and delivery format. Universities and independent institutions offer web development bootcamps with online, self-paced, in-person, or hybrid options.

University bootcamps do not compare to associate or bachelor’s degrees. Two- and four-year degree programs cover more topics, including algorithms, operating system design, and computer science theory.

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Skills Learned in Web Development Bootcamps

Web development bootcamps pack several years of instruction into a few weeks or months of learning. Bootcamp graduates learn programming languages, source code control, databases, frameworks, development testing, and documentation. Though each program offers a unique curriculum, many impart the following skills.

Web Foundations
Before students can create webpages, applications, and software, they must master the building blocks. Web development bootcamps may start with a few weeks of foundational teaching or dedicate the whole curriculum to mastering the basics. A few core teachings include CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
Full-Stack Programming
Many web development bootcamps include full-stack immersion. This means the instruction covers programming on both the server and the client-side of the website. Full-stack bootcamps cover more programming tools, such as Node.js for back-end programming and React for client-side development.
Web development may seem like a solitary job, but these professionals collaborate with team members and other individuals working on separate project components. Most bootcamps include several group projects, emphasizing the importance of effective communication on the job.
Interview Skills
In addition to the core topics, bootcamps generally provide professional career services to ensure graduates secure tech jobs quickly after graduation. Career coaches may prepare students for the entire hiring process, from building an eye-catching resume to excelling at an interview.

Coding Bootcamp Resources

Ultimate Bootcamp Guide

Ultimate Bootcamp Guide

Types of Bootcamps

Types of Bootcamps

Bootcamp Requirements

Bootcamp Requirements

What Will a Web Development Bootcamp Cost?

The cost of a web development bootcamp depends on its length and prestige. These programs can range from $400-$30,000.

In addition to tuition, students need a computer that meets their institution’s requirements. Most bootcamps require no prior programming experience, but some offer preparatory courses for a low price. This gives students some foundational knowledge and helps them decide whether to pursue a career in web development.

Web development bootcamps cost significantly less than four-year degrees. The cheapest route usually requires a full upfront payment. However, many schools offer loans through their financial partners.

Enrollees may opt for an income share agreement. These contracts usually state that the students pay nothing until they land a job that meets a particular annual salary threshold, usually $40,000 or $50,000. Some schools may promise a tuition refund for graduates who do not secure jobs within a given timeframe.

What Jobs Can I Get After a Web Development Bootcamp?

Even the best web development bootcamps last only a few months, but they can open the door to a world of opportunities. Graduates may land a lucrative position — possibly earning a six-figure salary — creating websites and software for various industries. Explore the following list to discover available jobs for bootcamp graduates.

Discover Computer Science Careers

  • Web Developers and Digital Designers

    Web developers and designers create websites, monitor their performance, and track their functionality. Between 2019 and 2029, the BLS projects 14,000 more jobs to become available. Bootcamps prepare graduates for web developer or designer positions by requiring extensive hands-on experience.

    Median Annual Salary: $77,200
    Job Outlook (2019-29): +8%

    Learn More About Web Development

  • Software Developers

    With over 1 million available jobs in 2019 and a projected 22% increase from 2019-2029, the software development career offers a promising outlook. These professionals design and create new programs, systems, and applications using the programming languages learned in web development bootcamps.

    Median Annual Salary: $110,140
    Job Outlook (2019-29): +22%

    Learn More About Software Development

  • Computer and Information Research Scientists

    Information researchers combine software development, programming, and data analysis to test, evaluate, and improve existing technologies. For this high-paying position, most companies prefer candidates to hold a master’s degree. Still, a web development bootcamp can serve as a gateway into the technology field and the first step toward an information research position.

    Median Annual Salary: $126,830
    Job Outlook (2019-29): +15%

    Learn More About Computer Information Research

  • Computer Programmers

    Even with a projected decline in programming positions, students can land profitable jobs with the right experience and skills, starting with a web development bootcamp. Computer programmers use various languages that bootcamps teach, such as HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Java, and C#. These professionals write code for numerous applications and programs.

    Median Annual Salary: $89,190
    Job Outlook (2019-29): -9%

    Learn More About Computer Programming

  • Database Administrators

    Database administrators may secure jobs in any field that handles valuable information. Insurance firms, schools, government organizations, and healthcare companies rely on data administrators to implement and maintain appropriate software to protect data. These professionals must use programming languages, database frameworks, and analytical skills daily.

    Median Annual Salary: $98,860
    Job Outlook (2019-29): +10%

    Learn More About Database Administration

Other Computer Science Education Options

The degrees listed below generally offer more comprehensive education, including the topics taught in a bootcamp plus advanced computer science topics. Bootcamp graduates boast high employment rates, but some companies may still prefer applicants with university degrees.

If a computer science degree interests you, consider starting with a bootcamp — especially one at a university — and then continuing with a degree program.

Associate Degree in Computer Science

As a two-year program, an associate degree expands on topics taught in a bootcamp and prepares students to become web developers, computer programmers, and computer systems administrators. Common classes may include cybersecurity and computer system organization.

Learn More About Associate Degrees

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Individuals looking for a comprehensive curriculum with multiple specialization options may pursue a bachelor’s in computer science. Popular concentrations include programming languages, data science, game design, and software engineering.

Learn More About Bachelor’s Degrees

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Once students graduate with a bachelor’s in computer science, they may pursue a master’s degree, which takes about two years. Master’s programs cover advanced topics and require a capstone project, preparing degree-seekers for high-level computer science jobs.

Learn More About Master’s Degrees

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Students interested in research, independent projects, and lucrative salaries can pursue a Ph.D. in computer science. Doctoral programs offer enrollees the chance to become experts in a particular field, such as human-computer interaction, robotics, or software engineering.

Learn More About Doctoral Degrees

Other Coding Bootcamps

Individuals interested in programming may consider other bootcamps before settling on a web development option. Alternatives include data science programs that prepare enrollees for informational analysis positions and UX/UI bootcamps that prioritize the design aspects of web development.

Explore Other Web Development Degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should learn web development?

    Anyone with computer savviness and an interest in technology can learn web development. Programmers need superb time management, communication, and problem-solving skills. Those with an eye for detail and a desire for continual learning may also succeed as web developers.

  • How successful are coding bootcamps?

    Overall, coding bootcamps are quite successful. Most graduates can land tech jobs within six months, with Career Foundry boasting a 96% job placement rate. Plus, most coding institutions connect students with top employers, including Google, Amazon, and BBC.

  • How do I become a web developer?

    The traditional path to becoming a web developer entails earning a degree in computer science or programming. However, with coding bootcamps’ growing popularity since 2012, thousands of students every year pursue short, intensive web developer bootcamps instead.

  • Are web development bootcamps worth it?

    Yes. For individuals looking for a quick, affordable way to become web developers, bootcamps offer a great start to a programming career.

Top Bootcamps for Web Development

Bootcamps are an increasingly popular way to learn web development. Many individuals opt for these short, intensive programs, which cover much ofthe same information as four-year programs do and prepare students for successful careers in tech.

Read on to learn about some of the United States’ best web development bootcamps, plus dozens of other options that can meet your needs.

  • Bottega

    Bottega University, founded in 1994, provides online education including technology bootcamps and associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in various fields.

    Full-Stack Development Program

    Enrollees typically spend eight hours or more each day on the bootcamp. After attending a morning lecture, students create projects and practice coding.

    The curriculum includes five courses covering an introduction to Python, Python software development, front-end foundations with JavaScript, database foundations, and advanced web development with React.

    Bottega encourages graduates to continue their education at Bottega University with a business, communication, or computer science degree.

    Bottega’s Job Placement Assistance

    Bottega boasts an 80% job placement rate thanks to the institute’s large alumni network. Coaches also guide students on building their resumes and preparing for job interviews.

    Cost: $12,000
    Format: 100% online, full-time
    Length: 12 weeks
    CIRR Member: No

    Other Courses Offered by Bottega

    Front-End Development | Mobile App Development with React Native — Beginner | Mobile App Development with React Native — for JS Developers | Mobile App Development with React Native — for React Developers | Full-Stack Ruby

    Visit Bottega

  • Byte Academy

    Byte Academy provides online software courses to jumpstart students’ coding careers. The school’s payment plans, including an income share agreement, make the courses affordable.

    Python Bootcamp

    With a flipped classroom teaching method, the bootcamp allows students to enjoy live interaction with instructors and peers and recorded instruction for studying independently.

    The curriculum covers web technologies, React, data structures, Python, and JavaScript. Students create two capstone projects, one solo and one with team members, to complete the bootcamp.

    Byte Academy’s Job Placement Assistance

    In addition to career services, the institute offers an internship program with SpyrteLabs and an Elite Interview Prep course.

    Cost: $14,950
    Format: 100% online, full-time or part-time
    Length: 14 weeks
    CIRR Member: No

    Other Courses Offered by Byte Academy

    Data Science Bootcamp | Intro to Data Science | Software Development | Intro to Python

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  • Career Foundry

    Career Foundry is a global learning institution boasting more than 2,000 students, a unique mentoring program, and a continually updated curriculum.

    Full Stack Web Development Program

    In this self-paced program, learners study 15 hours minimum per week over a total of seven months, offering flexibility for students with full or part-time jobs. Learners with more time for coursework can finish the program in about four months.

    Each student works with a mentor and a tutor who evaluate progress and provide feedback throughout the program.

    The full-stack curriculum includes server-side programming, client-side programming, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and native app development.

    Career Foundry’s Job Placement Assistance

    The institution guarantees job acquisition within 180 days of graduation. On average, graduates need only 2-10 weeks to land a technology job.

    Cost: $6,900
    Format: 100% online, self-paced
    Length: 28 weeks or less
    CIRR Member: No

    Other Courses Offered by Career Foundry

    UX Design | UI Design | Data Analytics | Intro to UX Design | Intro to UI Design | Intro to Front-End Development | Intro to Data Analytics | Voice User Interface Design | UI for UX Designers | Front-End Development for Designers

    Visit Career Foundry

  • Devmountain

    Devmountain began in 2013 with a single course taught at a candy factory. Today, it’s part of Strayer University and has two campuses plus online classes.

    Web Development Course

    As part of the application process, Devmountain requires that students take a skills test to verify their interest and aptitude.

    The ideal student for the web development bootcamp can problem-solve, communicate, and manage their time. By covering React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and GitHub, the course prepares enrollees to become front-end developers.

    Students from various programs participate in the first half of the curriculum together before branching off into specialized groups for the last several weeks.

    Devmountain’s Job Placement Assistance

    With the career support team, enrollees learn to create their own brand, use LinkedIn effectively, and shine in an interview. Devmountain also invites graduates to hiring and networking events.

    Cost: $7,400
    Format: 100% online, full-time
    Length: 16 weeks
    CIRR Member: No

    Other Courses Offered by Devmountain

    Java Software Engineering | Python Software Engineering | Data Analytics | iOS Development | Software QA | UX Design | Coding Basics

    Visit Dev Mountain

  • Eleven Fifty Academy

    The only registered software development apprenticeship program in Indiana, Eleven Fifty Academy has grown in popularity since its founding in 2014.

    Web Development Bootcamp

    Students attend in-person classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Saturdays. They can work on coding projects at home and reach out virtually for meetings, questions, or support.

    The first six weeks cover web development basics including HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JavaScript. The following 12 weeks dive deeper into JavaScript, web applications, and user experience. Enrollees spend the final eight weeks working on team and individual projects.

    Eleven Fifty Academy’s Job Placement Assistance

    The career service team enables 80% of graduates to land jobs within 50 days and earn a $55,000 average salary.

    Cost: $13,500
    Format: On-campus, part-time
    Length: 26 weeks
    CIRR Member: Yes

    Other Courses Offered by Eleven Fifty Academy

    Intro to Coding | Cybersecurity | UX/UI Design | Software Development | IT Professional

    Visit Eleven Fifty Academy

  • Fullstack Academy

    Founded in 2013, the award-winning Fullstack Academy and its all-women coding bootcamp, the Grace Hopper Program, have garnered accolades for excellent technical training.

    Live Online Coding Bootcamp

    Students participate in live lectures, work with an experienced mentor, and create four projects on Github.

    The bootcamp’s first section requires only part-time participation. Enrollees may spend 15-30 hours learning the foundations, depending on prior coding knowledge.

    In the junior phase, students commit to full-time learning to master front-end development, databases, and back-end development.

    The full-time senior phase emphasizes learned skills with a team web application, individual design, and a capstone project.

    Fullstack Academy’s Job Placement Assistance

    The Fullstack career success team provides interview tips and extensive networking to help students secure jobs. Web development graduates earn a $90,000 median starting salary.

    Cost: $17,910
    Format: 100% online, part-time and full-time
    Length: 17-28 weeks
    CIRR Member: Yes

    Other Courses Offered by Fullstack Academy

    Flex Immersive | Software Engineering Immersive | Grace Hopper Program | Summer of Code | Future Code | Cybersecurity Analytics Bootcamp | Data Analytics Bootcamp | Intro to Coding | Bootcamp Prep Course | Hacking 101 | Cyber OnRamp

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  • Ironhack

    Ironhack began in 2013 in Madrid, Spain, and opened a campus in Miami one year later. Today, Ironhack features nine locations worldwide.

    Web Development Bootcamp

    Before students dive into core coursework, they complete a 50-hour preparatory program that covers CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.Three core modules include responsive web design, back-end development, and front-end frameworks. Enrollees complete one project with each section while applying learned concepts to a real-world task.

    The curriculum uses both technology and soft-skills training to prepare students for their professional goals.

    Ironhack’s Job Placement Assistance

    Ironhack boasts an 89% graduate placement rate thanks to its Careerhack program and coaching, which extends from the bootcamp’s start to job-searching after graduation.

    Cost: $12,000
    Format: 100% online, full-time; on campus, full-time; or hybrid, part-time
    Length: 9 weeks full-time; 24 weeks part-time
    CIRR Member: No

    Other Courses Offered by Ironhack

    UX/UI Design Bootcamp | Data Analytics Bootcamp | Cybersecurity Bootcamp

    Visit Ironhack

  • Lambda School

    Cofounded by Austen Allred in 2017, the Lambda School challenges traditional college value structures by delaying tuition payments until a graduate secures a job that pays $50,000 or more.

    Full-Stack Web Dev Course

    This six-month bootcamp is ideal for determined, digitally savvy learners with no prior experience in web development.

    The Lambda school fills each nine-hour day with a warm-up, extensive time on projects, and a group meeting.

    Students start with the basics, including JavaScript and CSS, before digging into web development, computer science, and back-end development.

    Students dedicate the last month to a Lambda apprenticeship while working with classmates on a portfolio project.

    Lambda School’s Job Placement Assistance

    Lambda provides career coaching starting from day one of bootcamp and beyond graduation. By 2020’s fourth quarter, 73% of full-stack students who graduated in the second half of 2019 were employed in their field..

    Cost: $15,000 or $30,000, depending on state residence
    Format: 100% online, full-time
    Length: 24 weeks
    CIRR Member: No

    Other Courses Offered by Lambda School

    Data Science Course | Free Mini Code Bootcamp

    Visit Lambda School

  • Nashville Software School

    Nashville Software School’s founders saw a need for more technology experts in middle Tennessee and responded by establishing a host of software development courses.

    Part-Time Web Developer Bootcamp

    As a locally focused institute, Nashville Software School partners with local businesses to ensure its bootcamps teach the skills future employers want in recent graduates.

    The first six months include front-end technology basics, while the last six build competencies in server-side frameworks C# and .NET. Students may choose to complete the second half of the bootcamp in three months as full-time students.

    Nashville Software School Job Placement Assistance

    A career development team works with students until they land a technology job. Each enrollee receives information about preparing for interviews, networking, and creating a solid resume.

    Cost: $12,500
    Format: 100% online part time
    Length: 52 weeks
    CIRR Member: No

    Other Courses Offered by Nashville Software School

    Web Development Jumpstart | Analytics Jumpstart | Full-time Web Developer Bootcamp | Front-End Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp | Full-Time Data Analytics Bootcamp | Part-Time Data Analytics Bootcamp | Statistics for Data Science | Data Science Bootcamp | Professional Development

    Visit Nashville Software School

  • Nucamp

    Ludovic Fourrage founded Nucamp in 2016 as a way for anyone to learn coding at an affordable price. Prospective online students are connected with Nucamp advisors in their communities and can take classes online or on campus.

    Web Development Fundamentals

    The first in a series of three bootcamps, web development fundamentals covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Visual Code Studio through videos, readings, live sessions, and projects.

    The prerequisites include a fairly new computer — only three years old or less — and a desire to learn. Students need no prior coding knowledge or education.

    Once in the bootcamp, enrollees participate in Saturday workshops either online or in person and spend 1-3 hours studying daily. Each week culminates in a project such as setting up an HTML page or creating a dating website.

    Nucamp’s Job Placement Assistance

    Nucamp offers a career development program and career coaches to bootcamp graduates. Eighty-three percent of graduates land a technology job within six months.

    Cost: $349
    Format: 100% online, part-time or on-campus, part-time
    Length: 4 weeks
    CIRR Member: No

    Other Courses Offered by Nucamp

    Front-End Web + Mobile Development | Full-Stack Web + Mobile Development

    Visit Nucamp

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