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From healthcare to telecommunications to aerospace, today's fastest growing careers are tech-driven. By 2026, computer science research jobs are projected to increase by 19%.*

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*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Recognizing Women in Computer Science

Recognizing Women in Computer Science

There are increasing opportunities available for women of all ages interested in coding. Learn about scholarships, mentorships, and more for women in programming.

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When choosing a career, it is important to understand which programming language you may need. Explore common programming languages that can be used in various career paths.


Used for front end website development and gaming development, JavaScript is used to manipulate various page elements to make them more dynamic.


Used by major organizations, such as Google, Youtube, and NASA, Python is object-oriented and used for web and internet development.


Ideal for web-based development, Java is an object-oriented, high-level language used to develop applications for video games and mobile apps.


Primarily used alongside dynamic data-heavy websites to collect form data, PHP is easy to learn and can be used on all major operating systems.

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Engineer Spotlight

Jon M. Ernstberger

Jon M. Ernstberger

Associate Professor Of Mathematics And Director Of Online Instruction

"The ability to make it through a strong computer science degree, at any level is priceless for students in both modern computing and everyday life. Higher education has been a catalyst in my life. I want to help others have the same opportunities."
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Paige Gorry

Paige Gorry

Software Engineer

"Your skills from your previous career are totally relevant to tech. Lean into those skills and don’t forget about what you learned there. Also, if you love what you do and you are able to make the transition to tech, go for it! You will never look back, trust me."
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Steve Borrelli

Steve Borrelli

Systems Manager

"The biggest surprise is how easy it can be to work in systems. It's sort of like magic before you know how a trick is done—it's amazing! At first it seems like you could never understand how the magician performs the trick, but then when you're shown the process, it seems so simple."
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