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Using specialized math and technology skills, data scientists store and interpret information for key decision-makers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects jobs for math-related occupations such as data science to grow by 27% from 2019-2029. These professionals earned a median annual salary of $93,170 as of May 2020.

Bootcamps can help college graduates launch their careers in this growing, fast-paced industry. The best data science bootcamps last 3-6 months and prepare enrollees for entry-level positions. Bootcamp enrollees learn to use data science tools and various computer programming languages.

Many educational paths can qualify candidates for careers in data science, but bootcamp offers the most direct route. The following list of programs offers a great place to start your search.

What Is a Data Science Bootcamp?

As an alternative to traditional, degree-driven education, bootcamps provide a short-term, practical, career-focused way to learn data science and jump-start careers in the field. Enrollees study programming languages, data analytics, machine learning, and data visualization.

Some bootcamps offer online training, others focus on in-person experiences, and many feature self-paced delivery. Bootcamps commonly require each enrollee to hold a bachelor’s degree, and some even expect applicants to possess a master’s degree or Ph.D.

A bootcamp can last a few days or up to six months. The best data science bootcamps generally run 3-6 months for full-time students and longer for part-time or self-paced learners. During that time, students may work with mentors to complete professional portfolios.

Although some universities offer data science bootcamps, these programs are different from associate and bachelor’s degrees. A bootcamp is much shorter and primarily career focused. Unlike a degree, it does not include general education courses.

Explore Data Science Degree Levels

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Skills Learned in Data Science Bootcamps

In the best data science bootcamps, students go beyond simple coding processes and learn workplace-ready skills. Enrollees may explore the fundamentals of data science as a discipline and learn how to use popular data tools such as Matplotlib and Bokeh. Common skills developed in a data science bootcamp include:

Data Analysis
Data analysis refers to the process of storing, cleaning, transforming, and modeling information for decision-makers. This analysis ensures information’s integrity and accuracy. Scientists apply this skill through logic, reasoning, and computer programming languages.
Computer Programming Languages
There are five main types of computer languages — logic programming, scripting programming, procedural programming, functional programming, and object-oriented programming. In a data science bootcamp, participants may study one or more of these types of computer languages, including R, structured query language (SQL), Pandas, Python, Ruby on Rails, Hadoop, or Spark.
Data Visualization
Data scientists handle trillions of rows of data, which can appear meaningless in raw form. Consequently, these professionals need to present this information visually. For example, a data scientist may share facts about trends, statistics, or analysis in colorful graphs, maps, or charts. Visualization helps experts and non-experts understand complex scenarios at a glance.
Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics uses data, machine learning, and statistical algorithms to create the basis for future indicators based on historical data and current trends. With this skill, data science professionals can provide data-informed forecasts. In data science bootcamps, students explore data mining, text analysis, real-time analysis, and optimization.

Coding Bootcamp Resources

Ultimate Bootcamp Guide

Ultimate Bootcamp Guide

Types of Bootcamps

Types of Bootcamps

Bootcamp Requirements

Bootcamp Requirements

What Will a Data Science Bootcamp Cost?

Data science bootcamps can cost as little as $50 a month or exceed $20,000 for an entire program. The length, structure, and complexity of the camp determine its cost. In general, learners can expect to pay $10,000-$20,000. On top of tuition, camp enrollees may need to budget for software or other technology requirements.

Fortunately, enrollees can take advantage of scholarships, grants, discounts, and other cost-saving mechanisms. Women, minorities, veterans, and military personnel often receive specialized financial aid. Most bootcamps, however, are not eligible for Pell grants, federal student loans, or work-study programs, but private funders may provide loans for camps.

Some bootcamps even provide job guarantees. Students in these programs pay nothing until they land jobs in the field.

2021’s Bootcamps for Data Science

The following alphabetical list details 10 of the best data science bootcamps for 2021. Unlike individual online courses that provide a broad understanding of data science, these standalone programs offer clear, intensive training to prepare students for careers in data science and technology.

Following the 10 highlighted programs, readers can view a summarized list of 17 additional data science bootcamps.

  • Byte Academy

    Byte Academy, founded in 2014 as the first program to offer a full-stack Python software development bootcamp in New York City, offers industry-oriented, outcomes-focused education.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    Byte Academy offers an applied program with practical learning and live instruction to join the ranks of the best data science bootcamps.

    Students progress through the program in cohorts, studying at a full-time or part-time pace. The bootcamp comprises pre-recorded lessons, required live sessions, exercises, and optional office hours. Byte Academy’s capstone requires one team project and one individual project.

    Each applicant must complete or test out of a free intro to Python course and complete an interview.

    Byte Academy’s Job Placement Assistance

    Byte Academy’s career services team maintains connections with top companies. Graduates may also choose to apply to a SpryteLabs internship program to gain experience.


    Cost: $14,950
    Format: Online, full-time, part-time
    Length: 24 weeks

    Other Courses Offered by Byte Academy

    Python bootcamp | Introductory courses | Interview prep workshop

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  • Bethel School of Technology

    Founded by the Bethel Church in 2017, Bethel Tech offers the world’s first Christian tech bootcamp. Bethel Tech strives to build skill and character in its graduates.

    Data Science

    Bethel Tech students take a largely asynchronous approach to learning data science. The program comprises over 1,000 hours of skills-based training, supplemented with weekly program mentor video chats and live video workshops.

    Courses include programming foundations, intermediate statistics, and machine learning. Additionally, all enrollees must complete the kingdom foundations core, which provides a comprehensive study of biblical values and practices.

    The program culminates with a group project and presentation for potential employers.

    Bethel Tech’s Job Placement Assistance

    Bethel Tech offers employment assistance to program graduates through job lead referrals and opportunities for job skills development.


    Cost: $15,900
    Format: Online, part-time
    Length: 33 weeks

    Other Courses Offered by Bethel Tech

    UI/UX design bootcamp | Full-stack web development bootcamp

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  • Coding Dojo

    Bellevue, Washington-based Coding Dojo was founded in 2012 as a coding education company. It has received several accolades for corporate citizenship, social responsibility, and inclusion.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    Coding Dojo’s part-time data science bootcamp offers beginner and advanced education. Each applicant needs a four-year degree in any discipline without any programming experience required.

    The Coding Dojo bootcamp provides a comprehensive understanding of the entire data science process. Cohorts attend live online lectures and receive 24/7 access to course content.

    Each graduate exits the program with a portfolio of projects to showcase their skills to prospective employers.

    Coding Dojo’s Job Placement Assistance

    Graduates receive lifetime access to career services and a growing alumni network of more than 6,000 members. Coding Dojo boasts an 85%+ placement rate within six months.


    Cost: $4,745-$4,995
    Format: Online, part-time
    Length: 12 weeks

    Other Courses Offered by Coding Dojo

    Intro to programming | Software development bootcamp

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  • Flatiron School

    Flatiron School launched in 2012 with an alternative education model that prepares students to succeed in a booming tech world.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    Flatiron School offers a full-time, on-campus data science bootcamp and a more flexible online bootcamp with full-time, part-time, and self-paced attendance options.

    The comprehensive curriculum comprises modules in Python, statistics, machine learning, big data, and deep learning. A final individual project requires each enrollee to complete a large-scale data science and machine learning project.

    Each applicant must complete an interview and an eight-question data science assessment for admission.

    Flatiron’s Job Placement Assistance

    Flatiron School pairs each graduate with an experienced career coach to help maximize their success. In 2020, data science bootcamp graduates secured a 94% employment rate.


    Cost: $9,600-$16,900
    Format: On-campus, full-time; online, full-time, part-time, self-paced
    Length: 5-15 months

    Other Courses Offered by Flatiron School

    Software engineering | Cybersecurity analytics | Cybersecurity engineering | Bootcamp prep | Intro to JavaScript | Intro to Ruby

    Visit Website Flatiron Bootcamp Review

  • General Assembly

    Founded in 2011, GA transforms careers and teams through dynamic coding education. The program features an alumni network of 35,000 graduates and counting.

    Data Science

    GA’s full-time and part-time data science bootcamps last up to 12 and 24 weeks, respectively. The part-time program meets in the evenings and on Saturdays to offer flexibility for working professionals.

    Students complete several modules covering data science fundamentals, data analysis, statistical modeling, machine learning, and advanced topics. Projects from each module form a professional-grade portfolio.

    This intermediate-level program recommends applicants have strong mathematical foundations and familiarity with programming fundamentals.

    General Assembly’s Job Placement Assistance

    GA’s full-time team of career coaches provides personalized job search support to every graduate. also receive access to exclusive networking opportunities through GA’s hiring partners.


    Cost: $3,950-$15,950
    Format: Online, on-campus, full-time, part-time
    Length: 10-24 weeks

    Other Courses Offered by General Assembly

    Software engineering | User experience design | Digital marketing | Front-end web development | JavaScript development | Product management | Python programming | React development | Visual design

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  • Lambda School

    Lambda launched in 2017 as a revolutionary online development school. Its competency-based education model focuses on teaching students how to learn.

    Data Science

    Lambda uses industry-standard tools and techniques to train students for careers in data science. Part-time and full-time students attend live, online lectures led by industry experts.

    Bootcamp courses cover concepts in statistics fundamentals, predictive modeling, data engineering, and computer science. Students work in teams to develop professional project portfolios.

    Lambda’s deferred tuition options allow each enrollee to wait to pay for their education until they secure a post-graduation job with a minimum $50,000 salary.

    Lambda’s Job Placement Assistance

    Lambda provides job placement support through resume and portfolio preparation assistance, practice interviews, and salary negotiation. Every graduate works one-on-one with a job search trainer and industry mentor.


    Cost: $30,000
    Format: Online, full-time, part-time
    Length: 6-12 months

    Other Courses Offered by Lambda

    Full-stack web | Mini code bootcamp

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  • Metis

    Founded in 2013, Metis provides in-demand data science and analytics training to individuals and businesses. The program features more than 2,500 alumni.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    The data science bootcamp at Metis comprises ten weeks of daily classes, conducted in a live, interactive online format. Industry experts trained in instruction lead every class. Metis also offers a more flexible 20-week online course option.

    Modules cover exploratory data analysis, linear regression and web scrubbing, business fundamentals for data practitioners, machine learning classification, and natural language processing and unsupervised learning.

    Each enrollee graduates with a portfolio of five professional projects, demonstrating expertise to prospective employers.

    Metis’ Job Placement Assistance

    The Metis career services team offers personalized coaching during and after the data science bootcamp. Students access one-on-one career advisor meetings, resume workshops, salary negotiation support, and mock technical interviews.


    Cost: $14,500
    Format: Online, full-time
    Length: 10 -20 weeks

    Other Courses Offered by Metis

    Beginner Python and math for data science | Exploratory data analysis | Deep learning fundamentals | Introduction to data engineering

    Visit Website

  • NYC Data Science Academy

    Founded in 2013, NYC Data Science Academy provides accelerated data science training programs that prepare graduates for employment across all industries.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    NYC Data Science Academy teaches learners how to get into data science through its online and on-campus programs.

    The comprehensive bootcamp curriculum covers beginning and intermediate concepts, with specialization options in big data technologies or deep learning. On-campus students engage in real-time instruction, while online students can access learning materials anywhere, anytime.

    Each applicant needs a bachelor’s degree and should possess some background in either coding or statistics.

    NYC Data Science Academy’s Job Placement Assistance

    NYC Data Science Academy provides a LinkedIn profile review, career guidance sessions, and technical and behavioral interview assistance. Graduates receive lifelong access to hiring and networking events.


    Cost: $17,600
    Format: On-campus, full-time; online, part-time
    Length: 12-24 weeks

    Other Courses Offered by NYC Data Science Academy

    Bootcamp prep | Data science launchpad with Python | Professional development courses

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  • Springboard

    Founded in 2013, Springboard’s experts and mentors have educated more than 10,000 students in emerging technology and data science fields.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    Springboard’s flexible, online data science bootcamp provides over 500 hours of project-based learning. Enrollees progress at their own pace with unlimited, one-on-one support from industry mentors.

    The curriculum comprises videos, articles, and career-related coursework in Python, statistical inference, advanced machine learning, and data science at scale.

    Each student completes the program with a portfolio of 14 real-world projects to show future employers, including two extensive capstones.

    Springboard’s Job Placement Assistance

    Springboard career coaches help students acquire skills for job searching, networking, and salary negotiation. Springboard offers full refunds to graduates who fail to secure careers in data science within six months.


    Cost: $7,500-$10,160
    Format: Online, self-paced
    Length: Six months

    Other Courses Offered by Springboard

    Machine learning engineering | Data engineering | Data analytics | Cybersecurity | UI/UX design | Software engineering

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  • Thinkful

    Founded in 2012, Thinkful is an NYC-based educational institution designed to set students up for success in a world full of tech jobs.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    Thinkful’s online data science bootcamp offers two pacing options. Students may attend daily, live lectures with a cohort at an accelerated, full-time pace or study independently at a part-time pace.

    All learners receive access to two live video mentor sessions each week. Mentors work in the industry and offer detailed coursework feedback and career insight.

    Thinkful offers several tuition payment plans, including a deferred option in which students pay nothing until they secure qualifying data science jobs.

    Thinkful’s Job Placement Assistance

    Thinkful provides career support during and after the bootcamp. Students and graduates receive access to curated workshops, mock interviews, and individual and group career coaching sessions.


    Cost: $7,900-$18,500
    Format: Online, full-time, part-time
    Length: 5-6 months

    Other Courses Offered by Thinkful

    Software engineering | Data analytics | UX/UI design | Digital marketing | Product management | Technical project management

    Visit Website Thinkful Bootcamp Review

  • BrainStation

    • Data fundamentals, analysis for data science, big data fundamentals
    • Online, New York, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, London
    • Full-time
    • $15,000

    Visit Website

  • Codeup

    • Fundamentals of data science, applied statistics, storytelling with data
    • Online, San Antonio, Dallas
    • Full-time

    Visit Website

  • Coding Temple

    • Data science with Python, data visualization, implementing data to web applications
    • Online, Chicago, Dallas
    • Full-time, part-time
    • $10,000-$13,495

    Visit Website

  • The Data Incubator

    • Data visualization, introduction to classification, regression
    • Online
    • Part-time
    • $10,000

    Visit Website

  • The Dev Masters

    • Introduction to data science with Python, exploratory data analysis, data visualization and information analysis
    • Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego, Walnut Creek, Lacey
    • Part-time
    • $9,995

    Visit Website

  • Deep Dive Coding

    • Data science fundamentals, statistical and machine learning
    • Online
    • Full-time, part-time
    • $9,995

    Visit Website

  • Galvanize

    • Python and statistics fundamentals, machine learning and prediction, natural language processing and recommenders
    • Online, Austin, Boulder, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle
    • Full-time
    • $17,980

    Visit Website Galvanize Bootcamp Review

  • Georgia Tech*

    • Python data analytics, databases, web visualization
    • Online
    • Part-time
    • $10,000

    Visit Website

  • Nashville Software School

    • Data science process, managing and curating data, exploratory data analysis
    • Online, Nashville
    • Part-time
    • $12,500

    Visit Website

  • Noble Desktop

    • Python for data science, Python machine learning, SQL
    • Online, New York
    • Part-time
    • $3,495

    Visit Website

  • Northwestern University*

    • Fundamental statistics, databases, business intelligence software, advanced topics
    • Online, Chicago, Evanston
    • Part-time
    • $11,995

    Visit Website

  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey*

    • Python data analytics, databases, web visualization
    • Somerset
    • Part-time
    • $12,245

    Visit Website Rutgers Coding Bootcamp Review

  • Southern Methodist University*

    • Fundamental statistics, databases, machine learning, big data analytics
    • Online, Dallas
    • Part-time
    • $12,745

    Visit Website

  • Tech Talent South

    • Introduction to data science, sources and types of data, statistics
    • Asheville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Dallas, Hartford, New Orleans, Phoenix, Raleigh, San Antonio, Wilmington, Winston-Salem
    • Full-time, part-time

    Visit Website

  • The Tech Academy

    • Database and SQL, data science
    • Online, Portland, Salt Lake City
    • Self-paced
    • $22,000-$26,640

    Visit Website

  • University of California, San Diego*

    • Fundamental statistics, databases, machine learning
    • Online
    • Part-time
    • $10,995 – $12,495

    Visit Website

  • Wagner College

    • Introduction to data science, introduction to Python for data science, data science research methods
    • Online
    • Self-paced
    • $7,400-$11,000

    Visit Website

*These bootcamps are offered in partnership with Trilogy Education Services.

What Jobs Can I Get After Learning Data Science?

Bootcamps can open doors to many exciting technical careers. The practical training a camp affords can equip students with career-ready skills and knowledge. Even junior-level professionals can earn a data science salary twice the national average for all occupations. Bootcamp graduates can secure entry-level careers in data science, but most professions in the field require bachelor’s-level education.

Discover Computer Science Careers

  • Information Security Analyst

    An information security analyst helps organizations protect their data from cybercriminals, accidental leaks, and security breaches. The BLS projects a 31% growth for this sector from 2019-2029. Aspiring security analysts should seek out data science bootcamps emphasizing cybersecurity.

    Median Annual Salary: $103,590
    Learn More

  • Computer Programmer

    A computer programmer writes and tests code for new programs and applications. These professionals can find work in nearly any industry, including government, healthcare, business, and education. Most bootcamps include a core curriculum that can help prepare new computer programmers to enter full-time jobs in the field.

    Median Annual Salary: $89,190
    Learn More

  • Database Administrator

    A database administrator stores, organizes, and protects often-sensitive information using specialized software. To enter this field, professionals need a thorough knowledge of SQL along with relevant software vendor certifications. BLS projections indicate a faster-than-average 10% employment growth in this sector from 2019-2029.

    Median Annual Salary: $98,860
    Learn More

  • Software Developer

    Software developers conceptualize and create the programs that run on computers. They write, debug, and test software for employers in manufacturing, insurance, or software publishing. The BLS projects a 22% growth for this field from 2019-2029.

    Median Annual Salary: $110,140
    Learn More

  • Web Developer

    Web developers design and enhance websites. These creative minds determine their clients’ needs, write code for their sites, work with graphic designers, and embed media into their sites. Web developers may focus on front-end development or work on specific site functions. The BLS projects an 8% growth rate for these jobs from 2019-2029.

    Median Annual Salary: $77,200
    Learn More

Other Computer Science Education Options

Data science presents a wide-open field for professionals who hold certifications or degrees with practical experience. Many aspiring data science experts have already earned degrees in other fields before pursuing practical, affordable training in a bootcamp. To advance in their careers, however, most professionals need graduate degrees.

Associate Degree in Computer Science

This two-year program can prepare high-school graduates for a high-paying career in data science. Some aspiring professionals earn this degree on their pathway to pursuing bachelor’s-level education.

Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science

A bachelor’s degree in data science lays the academic foundation for a career in this field. Professionals with bachelor’s-level education often secure technical roles as data analysts and statisticians. Advancing into management positions typically requires a master’s degree.

Master’s Degree in Data Science

Degree-seekers who already hold bachelor’s degrees in data science or related fields can pursue master’s degrees. This two-year program helps entry-level professionals advance in their careers and may prepare some students for jobs in postsecondary education.

Ph.D. in Data Science

A student who pursues a Ph.D. typically hopes to launch a career in data science research or postsecondary teaching. Many Ph.D. programs require a master’s degree in the field, along with several years of experience for admission.

Other Coding Bootcamps

Lasting six weeks to six months, bootcamps provide a practical and affordable introduction to computer programming. Most participants use bootcamps to prepare for the first step in their coding careers. People with bachelor’s degrees in other fields often benefit from bootcamps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is data science?

    Data science is a cross-disciplinary field concerned with extracting meaningful insight from raw data. Analysts and business leaders translate this insight into directives that shape business decisions. This field sits at the intersection of math, business, and computer science.

  • How do I get into data science?

    Data scientists need hard skills in math, programming, and statistics, along with software development, machine learning, and research. Aspiring professionals can start learning data science in bootcamps or academic programs.

  • What is a data scientist's salary?

    According to PayScale, the average data scientist in the U.S. earned $96,490 per year as of April 2021. These professionals’ salaries can range from $67,000-$135,000.

  • Are data science bootcamps worth it?

    Data science bootcamps offer an efficient option for people seeking to understand the fundamentals and tools of the sector. Bootcamps provide collaborative, practical training for students with some background in data science.

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