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Updated January 17, 2023

UX/UI programming can offer a fast and affordable path to a new career. Learn what some of the best UX/UI bootcamps have to offer, and decide whether a programming career is right for you. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Coding bootcamps provide in-depth training for people seeking tech careers. These short-term programs concentrate on a specific subject or skill. UX/UI bootcamps focus on the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) aspects of digital product design.

Coding bootcamps have gained popularity as an alternative to degree-based education. Students in UX bootcamps can develop job skills in a matter of months. This quick time frame can lead to a decent return on educational investment.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13% increase in digital designer jobs from 2020-2030. UX and UI bootcamps may offer a fast and affordable way to take advantage of this sharp growth rate. This roundup of the best UX/UI bootcamps can help you find a program that matches your goals and interests.

What Is a UX/UI Bootcamp?

UX/UI bootcamps teach students to create user-friendly digital products. The UX side deals with the user's overall experience with a product or service. UI focuses on how the product or service looks and functions.

Some bootcamps offer instruction in both UX and UI. Others focus only on one. Learners unsure of which path to follow may benefit from a bootcamp that covers both topics.

Providers offer UX bootcamps in many formats. Learners can study full time, part time, or at a self-paced rate. They can attend classes in person, online, or a hybrid of both.

Students can also choose from independent and affiliated bootcamps. Private companies and nonprofit organizations offer independent programs. Learners can enroll in affiliated programs through accredited colleges and universities.

Program lengths depend on the learning pace. According to a 2019 RTI Press study, full-time career prep bootcamps average about 13 weeks. Part-time programs take an average of about 24 weeks to complete. Yet, even the longest bootcamps can build job skills in less time than an associate or bachelor's degree.

Skills Learned in UX/UI Bootcamps

Many UX/UI design bootcamps assume that incoming students are new to technology education. Thus, these programs cover both computer science fundamentals and targeted UX/UI skills.

Learning curves can be steep. To help beginners get up to speed, some programs ask students without prior experience to take prep courses before starting the actual bootcamp.

Some of the specific skills learners develop in UX and UI bootcamps include:

  • User Research and User Empathy: Tech professionals must understand everyday users' needs. UX bootcamps often begin by teaching students to place themselves in a typical user's mindset. This skill helps emerging tech professionals approach design problems from a practical point of view.
  • Wireframe and Visual Prototyping: A wireframe is like the skeleton of a digital product's body. It establishes the product's general structure and layout. Visual prototypes are fleshed-out drafts of how the finished product will look. UX/UI professionals use wireframing and prototyping when developing products.
  • Information Architecture: Information architecture describes the organization of a digital product's content and features. Well-designed products guide users to the information and tools they need quickly and easily. UX bootcamps cover information architecture best practices in detail.
  • Interactive Design: UX/UI designers create layouts that help users achieve their goals efficiently. To craft a user-friendly layout, designers pull from interactive design principles like user testing and usability testing. Designers also learn research methods to study how users interact with products.

What Will a UX/UI Bootcamp Cost?

In February 2019, RTI Press published a comprehensive research report on technology bootcamp education in the United States. The report cited $13,500 as the median cost for a full-time bootcamp program. Part-time programs charged a median of $7,500.

These figures cover only the cost of tuition. Students may face other costs, including:

  • Computing equipment and hardware
  • Software and learning materials such as textbooks
  • Application fees
  • Prep courses

Bootcamp providers developed payment structures to help students meet these costs. Beyond accepting full payment upfront, programs may allow participants to:

  • Defer tuition payments until they land a tech job
  • Enter into Income Share Agreements (ISA)s
  • Access financial aid

Tech bootcamp students often do not qualify for federal loan funding. However, the RTI Press report indicates that 89% of bootcamp providers offer some form of financial aid. Some programs even offer job guarantees to learners who complete all program requirements.

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What Jobs Can I Get After a UX/UI Bootcamp?

The best UX/UI bootcamps help prepare students for successful transitions into high-demand technology careers. Employment outcomes vary, depending on the program's focus. Common UX/UI career paths include software development, web design, and web development.

Use the link below to explore these and other exciting tech careers. You can also learn more about careers for UX/UI bootcamp graduates in the next subsection.

Information Researcher

Information researchers identify and develop solutions to computing problems. UX bootcamps cover user research, user empathy, and usability research. Knowledge of these subjects is essential to information researchers.

Median Annual Salary: $126,830

Job Outlook (2020-30): +22%

Software Developer

Software developers design, test, and refine computer programs and applications. Both UX and UI affect a digital product's usability. Combining UX/UI education with software development training can help emerging professionals build complete skill sets.

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Job Outlook (2020-30): +22%

Web Designer

Web designers create usable, visually appealing websites for businesses and other clients. They focus more on aesthetics than technical elements. A strong UI design background can benefit these professionals.

Median Annual Salary: $77,200

Job Outlook (2020-30): +13%

Web Developer

Web developers use coding skills to bring websites to life. Their work includes both user-oriented front-end and technical back-end development. These developers often work with web designers, translating design ideas into practical realities.

Median Annual Salary: $77,200

Job Outlook (2020-30): +13%

Video Game Designer

Many video game-specific bootcamps include UX/UI elements or learning modules. However, a UX bootcamp's comprehensive detail can offer major benefits to emerging video game designers. Games succeed or fail based on how well they engage players, and UX/UI education develops deep and relevant insights.

Median Annual Salary: $77,700

Job Outlook (2020-30): +16% is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Other Computer Science Education Options

UX/UI bootcamps offer practical and valuable learning opportunities. These programs can lead to careers with strong growth potential. However, bootcamps may not suit everyone. Their compact formats mean that students must grasp material rapidly. Some learners, especially those with less background knowledge, may prefer a slower pace.

Traditional degree programs take longer, but cover more subjects in greater detail. Consider these alternatives:

Associate Degree in Computer Science: Associate computer science degrees provide broad, general introductions to technical education. They make strong bases for entry-level careers or future education. These programs take about two years to complete.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science: Four-year bachelor's degrees cover foundational topics in greater depth and detail than associate degrees. They also double as preparation for graduate-level study.

Master's Degree in Computer Science: Computer science master's programs focus on advanced subjects within the technology realm. They can open doors to specialized, well-paid careers with advancement potential. Most take 2-3 years to complete.

Ph.D. in Computer Science: Doctoral candidates in computer science often plan to work as researchers in targeted technological subject areas. Doctorates also show a professional's commitment to earning the most advanced credentials in the field.

Explore Other Coding Bootcamps: UX/UI bootcamps are one of many subject-specific technology education programs. Other bootcamps cover subjects like programming, data science, and web development. Explore the links below to learn more.


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2022's Bootcamps for UX/UI

Our guide lists some of the best UX bootcamps in the U.S. for 2022. These intensive programs help prepare participants for entry-level tech careers in user experience design and user interface design. The 10 highlighted UX/UI bootcamps are some of the most popular programs.


CareerFoundry's experts, mentors, tutors, and career specialists help students build in-demand tech skills.

UX Design Program
CareerFoundry's online UX design program includes expert mentorship, tutoring, and career coaching. Students build portfolios showcasing real-world projects. The fully online bootcamp offers monthly payment plans. Graduates can qualify for entry-level UX developer positions.

UI Design Program
CareerFoundry's UI design bootcamp features human-centric learning, a project-based curriculum, and a flexible online schedule. Students can complete a free introductory UI design course before enrolling. Graduates can pursue entry-level UI designer roles.

CareerFoundry's Job Placement Assistance
Career Foundry's UX and UI design bootcamps include free career coaching and a job preparation course. Eligible students qualify for Career Foundry's job guarantee program. Ninety-six percent of eligible participants find jobs within 180 days of graduation.

Cost: $7,900
Format: Online; full time or part time
Length: 5-9 months (UI design); 6-10 months (UX design)
CIRR Member: No
Other Courses Offered by CareerFoundry: Web Development | Data Analytics | Intro to UX Design | Intro to UI Design | Intro to Front-end Development | Intro to Data Analytics | Voice User Interface Design | UI for UX Designers | Front-end Development for Designers | Animation for UI designers

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Columbia University*

A private research university in New York City, Columbia is the fifth-oldest higher learning institution in the United States.

Columbia Engineering UX/UI Boot Camp
Columbia's fully online, part-time UX/UI bootcamp covers user-centric design research, user interface development, visual prototyping and wireframing, and web prototyping. In 24 weeks, students develop storyboarding, JavaScript, user experience interviewing, and color theory skills.

The program provides career-planning services and hands-on training. Learners create a comprehensive UX/UI design portfolio. Students also learn what employers want through Columbia's quarterly virtual tech talks. The program offers several tuition payment plans.

Columbia's Job Placement Assistance
Columbia's career services team helps UX/UI bootcamp students in their job search. Students receive guidance in creating professional materials, preparing for interviews, and building visibility.

Cost: $13,995
Format: Online; part time
Length: 24 weeks
CIRR Member: No
Other Courses Offered by Columbia: Coding Bootcamp | Data Analytics Bootcamp | Cybersecurity Boot Camp | FinTech Boot Camp | Digital Marketing Boot Camp | Tech Project Management | Product Management

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A coding and design bootcamp founded in 2013, Devmountain delivers in-person and online bootcamps. The school operates campuses in Utah and Texas.

UX Design Bootcamp
Devmountain's part-time, 16-week UX design bootcamp prepares students to pursue entry-level positions. Designed for working professionals, the program develops prototyping, visual design, analytics, and information architecture skills.

The program offers several tuition financing options. To apply, prospective learners fill out an information form, attend a short chat with an admissions counselor, and complete a skill review.

Devmountain's Job Placement Assistance
Devmountain career support services include resume development, career advice, interview preparation, and employer networking.

Cost: $7,400 (online); $4,500 (in person)
Format: Online or on campus; part time
Length: 16 weeks
CIRR Member: No
Other Courses Offered by Devmountain: Web Development | Java Software Engineering | Python Software Engineering | Data Analytics | IOS Development | QA Software | Cybersecurity | Coding Basics

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Ironhack offers bootcamps and intensive courses at nine campuses globally and online. Graduates enjoy access to continuing education opportunities and an international alumni network.

UX/UI Design Bootcamp
Ironhack's flexible UX/UI design bootcamp offers part-time, full-time, online, and in-person options. Full-time learners can complete the course in nine weeks, part-time enrollees in 4 weeks. The curriculum's three modules explore UX principles and methods, user interface design, and design implementation.

Students begin with a 40-hour prework online training. Prework covers HTML and CSS basics and provides an introduction to usability and design. The bootcamp does not require prior design experience. Preferred candidates should hold excellent communication skills.

Ironhack's Job Placement Assistance
Ironhack boasts an 89% job placement rate for bootcamp graduates. Careerhack, the school's career services program, connects job-seekers with the school's outcomes team and network of hiring partners.

Cost: $12,500 (full time); $13,000 (part time)
Format: Online or in person; part time or full time
Length: 9 weeks (full time); 24 weeks (part time)
CIRR Member: No
Other Courses Offered by Ironhack: Web Development Bootcamp | Data Analytics Bootcamp | Cybersecurity Bootcamp

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Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy prepares future tech professionals from underserved communities. The school offers online and in-person bootcamps with several payment options.

UX Design Certificate Program
Kenzie's UX design program teaches students to create user-driven interfaces that solve real-world problems. Bootcamp participants explore why design matters. They learn to craft effective applications and websites.

This part-time, online course takes nine months to complete. The project-based curriculum results in a student portfolio for prospective employers. Kenzie's placement and student services teams assist learners with resume-building, job-searching, and interviewing skills.

Kenzie Academy's Job Placement Assistance
Kenzie's placement services team provides services such as resume reviews and interview preparation. Students also enjoy access to the school's job boards and employer network.

Cost: $12,500
Format: Online; part time
Length: 9 months
CIRR Member: No
Other Courses Offered by Kenzie Academy: Software Engineering | Full-Stack Web Development

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Kenzie Academy Review


Springboard's part-time bootcamps prepare graduates to pursue new tech careers in 6-9 months. The school emphasizes relationships and human interaction, pairing students with qualified mentors.

UI/UX Design Bootcamp
Springboard's online UI/UX design bootcamp includes a real-world client externship and a project-based curriculum. The nine-month, self-paced program features weekly one-on-one conversations with a mentor. Springboard also provides a dedicated career coach for each learner.

UX Design Bootcamp
Springboard's immersive UX design bootcamp includes hands-on experience, unlimited one-on-one mentoring, and career support. The six-month online program covers problem definition, information architecture, and usability testing.

Springboard's Job Placement Assistance
The Springboard Guarantee commits to refund 100% of a student's tuition if they do not receive a qualifying job offer within six months after graduation.

Cost: $14,310 (UI/UX design bootcamp); $9,540 (UX bootcamp)
Format: Online, self-paced
Length: 9 months (UI/UX design bootcamp); 6 months (UX bootcamp)
CIRR Member: No
Other Courses Offered by Springboard: Data Science | Machine Learning Engineering | Data Engineering | Data Analytics | Cybersecurity | Software Engineering | Tech Sales | Introduction to Design

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The Tech Academy

Established in 2014, the Tech Academy offers many technology bootcamps. The school operates a campus in Portland, Oregon, but serves students globally.

UI/UX Designer Bootcamp
The Tech Academy's UI/UX designer bootcamp features part-time, full-time, online, and in-person formats. The self-paced program covers several programming languages along with front- and back-end web and software development.

Students take courses in computer and technology basics, HTML and CSS, project management, and version control. The program also includes a two-week coding project that fosters real-world teamwork experience.

The Tech Academy's Job Placement Assistance
The bootcamp includes a job placement class that covers resume and cover letter writing and interviewing. Class participants also learn where to find tech jobs.

Cost: $7,950 (full time); $9,800 (part time)
Format: Online, on campus, or hybrid; full time or part time
Length: 15 weeks (full time); 28 weeks (part time)
CIRR Member: Yes
Other Courses Offered by the Tech Academy: Software Developer | Game Developer | Mobile App Developer | JavaScript Developer | Java and Android Developer | C# and .Net Framework | Python Developer | Data Science | Cybersecurity | Front-end Web Developer

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Founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, Thinkful's many tech bootcamps emphasize outcomes, accessibility, trust, and excellence.

UX/UI Design Bootcamp
Thinkful's online UX/UI design bootcamp offers full-time and part-time options. Enrollees can complete the program in 5-6 months. The full-time program features an accelerated pace and cohort learning. Full-time students must take a four-week, self-paced preparatory course. Part-time learners study independently and can start the program immediately.

Students receive support from industry professionals and career mentors. They develop wireframe prototyping, user research, interactive design, and user empathy skills. Thinkful provides several flexible tuition financing options.

Thinkful's Job Placement Assistance
Thinkful offers full-time career support throughout the program, including unlimited technical interview practice. The school has an 81% hired rate within 180 days of graduation.

Cost: $12,150 (full time); $9,500 (part time)
Format: Online; full time or part time
Length: 5-6 months
CIRR Member: No:

Software Engineering | Data Science | Data Analytics | Digital Marketing | Technical Project Management

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Thinkful Bootcamp Review

University of California, Berkeley*

Located in the birthplace of the free speech movement, UC Berkeley offers over 350 degree programs. The university enrolls more than 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Berkeley UX/UI Bootcamp

UC Berkeley's online, part-time UX/UI bootcamp lasts 24 weeks and features a project-based curriculum. The program delivers hands-on training in UX/UI design methods. Learners study visual prototyping and wireframing, storyboarding, and web prototyping with jQuery and JavaScript.

Students receive support from Berkeley's tutor network and live instructors. They can also attend quarterly online tech talks with industry experts. Applicants complete an admissions interview and critical thinking assessment.

UC Berkeley's Job Placement Assistance
UC Berkeley offers portfolio reviews, one-on-one career coaching, resume and social media profile support, and soft skills training.

Cost: $12,995
Format: Online; part time
Length: 24 weeks
CIRR Member: No
Other Courses Offered by UC Berkeley: Coding | Data | Tech Project Management | Cybersecurity | Digital Marketing | FinTech

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UC Berkeley Coding Bootcamp Review

University of California, Irvine*

Founded in 1965, the University of California, Irvine, serves more than 37,000 students. The school generates $7 billion annually in Orange County.

UX/UI Bootcamp
Part-time distance learners can complete the UX/UI bootcamp in 24 weeks. Students study three days a week on evenings and weekends. The program incorporates hands-on training in design thinking, user-centric design research, web prototyping, and interaction design. The curriculum covers color theory, user needs identification, decision flow diagrams, and HTML/CSS.

The program does not require prior UI/UX experience. However, students can complete pre-course tutorials to prepare.

University of California, Irvine's Job Placement Assistance
Dedicated career services staff help bootcamp participants build visibility, create professional materials, and prepare for job interviews.

Cost: $12,995
Format: Online; part time
Length: 24 weeks
CIRR Member: No
Other Courses Offered by University of California, Irvine: Coding | Cybersecurity | Data | Digital Marketing | Tech Project Management

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Bethel Tech

  • UI/UX Design
  • Online
  • $12,900

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Deep Dive Coding

  • User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) Design
  • Online**
  • Part time
  • $2,995

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Design Lab

  • UX Academy
  • Online
  • Full time or part time
  • $6,649

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George Washington University*

  • GW UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $11,995

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Georgia Tech*

  • Georgia Tech UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $10,000

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Rice University*

  • Rice University UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $11,995

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The University of Arizona*

  • University of Arizona UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $9,995

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University of Central Florida*

  • UCF UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $11,495

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University of Denver*

  • University of Denver UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $10,995

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University of Minnesota*

  • University of Minnesota UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $10,995


University of Oregon*

  • University of Oregon Continuing and Professional Education UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time

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The University of Texas at Austin*

  • The UX/UI Bootcamp at UT Austin
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $12,495

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The University of Texas at San Antonio*

  • UTSA UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time

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University of Utah*

  • UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Part time

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*These bootcamps are offered in partnership with Trilogy Education Services.

**These bootcamps are normally offered in person, but as of January 2022, are being offered online due to COVID-19.

Questions About UX/UI Bootcamps

Can you get a UX job with a bootcamp?

UX bootcamps teach practical, job-ready skills in high demand with employers. Many of the best UX/UI bootcamps even offer job guarantees, helping qualified graduates protect their educational investments.

How much are UX bootcamps?

According to a 2019 RTI Press report, technology bootcamp programs in the United States charged a median tuition rate of $11,900.

How do I choose a UX bootcamp?

Prospective students should consider whether they want to attend in person or online, then research matching opportunities. Look beyond costs to consider curriculum, student outcome data, and reviews. Choose a reputable bootcamp that offers the best combination of affordability and relevance.

How much do UX/UI bootcamps cost?

The total cost of attending a UX/UI design bootcamp can extend beyond tuition. Students may need to upgrade their computer equipment, license software, or purchase textbooks. These expenses can significantly add to overall program costs.

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