UC Berkeley Coding Bootcamp Review


Updated January 17, 2023 · 5 Min Read

UC Berkeley coding bootcamps train participants in full-stack web development and other essential tech skills. Earn a certificate of completion in 12-24 weeks.

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The University of California, Berkeley ranks among the most prestigious colleges in the United States. As of 2021, the school holds the distinction of being the world's top-ranked public university.

Founded in 1868, UC Berkeley enrolls about 30,000 students across 184 academic programs and departments. The university offers bootcamp programs through its continuing education branch called UC Berkeley Extension.

What Does UC Berkeley Offer?

UC Berkeley's coding bootcamp welcomes students of all academic and professional backgrounds. For the 2021-22 academic year, the school's bootcamps cover seven subject areas, including coding, cybersecurity, financial technology (fintech), and user experience/interface (UX/UI). Its coding bootcamp offers full-time and part-time formats, while all others are part-time only.

Bootcamp coursework covers in-demand tech skills across different industries. Project-based learning helps build core skills quickly. Students can also benefit from extensive learning support from a network of instructors, teaching assistants, and tutors.

UC Berkeley's coding bootcamps also feature comprehensive career services. Learners receive one-on-one career coaching and interview prep sessions, along with unlimited feedback on their resumes, CVs, and professional portfolios. Berkeley maintains direct partnerships with more than 250 employers.

Berkeley screens applicants through interviews. Suitable candidates then complete academic assessments to test their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Successful applicants then receive unconditional placement in the bootcamp of their choice.

Particularly notable features and benefits of Berkeley bootcamps include:

Employer Access
UC Berkeley's position near Silicon Valley delivers unparalleled access to top employers. Graduates can pursue employment with leading tech companies in the area.
Career-Ready Skills
Berkeley faculty members have tailored the bootcamp coursework to meet job-ready learning outcomes. Graduates can also benefit by earning continuing education credentials from one of the most prestigious institutions in the United States.
Strong Support
UC Berkeley's support network extends well beyond faculty, teaching assistants, tutors, and peers. Students also engage in weekly challenges to test their skills.

UC Berkeley Snapshot

  • Cost: $9,995-$13,995
  • Payment Options: Eligible students can opt for payment plans with fixed, interest-free monthly payments following an initial deposit. Some bootcamps also offer discounts to learners who qualify for special early registration pricing.
  • Learning Options: Most UC Berkeley bootcamps are exclusively part-time with 24-week structures. Its coding bootcamp also features a 12-week, full-time option.
  • Locations: Online (mostly synchronous)

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UC Berkeley Bootcamp Programs

Berkeley's coding bootcamps cover high-demand tech specializations. UC Berkeley Extension administers seven bootcamp curriculum options. Applicants do not need to be current Berkeley students.

Berkeley's bootcamp programs welcome applicants of all experience levels, but learners can benefit from existing coding knowledge. Pre-program tutorials help bridge skills gaps and ensure that all candidates enter the bootcamp with baseline coding skills.


The UC Berkeley coding bootcamp includes three phases. The first phase covers foundational essentials in programming languages, webpage creation, and fundamental hard skills.

Learners then proceed into the technical module. In this stage, students can develop full-stack capabilities, including writing server code and querying large data sets. The final phase builds professional-level performance skills and improves students' accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

After completing the program, learners can enroll in optional online continuation courses. They can pursue entry-level jobs in front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development. Graduates also commonly work in quality assurance engineering roles.

  • Cost: $12,995
  • Admission Requirements: After applying, each candidate participates in an interview and an academic assessment that challenges their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Individuals who pass can proceed with enrollment.


UC Berkeley's UX/UI bootcamp takes 24 weeks and follows a part-time format. Coursework emphasizes applied theory and develops students' skills through project-oriented learning.

The UX/UI bootcamp features five separate modules. It begins with a theory-based user-centered analysis of key topics. Students then complete modules in interface design, visual theory, web prototyping, and interaction design. The bootcamp concludes with a final group project in synthesized learning.

  • Cost: $13,495
  • Admission Requirements: Candidates do not need to possess any previous UX/UI knowledge or experience. The admissions process includes a placement interview and an academic assessment of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


The fintech UC Berkeley bootcamp combines financial and technical education. Students complete coursework in time-series analytics and financial analysis, modeling, and ratios. Learners then develop their programming, machine learning, and information management skills.

The fintech bootcamp also covers emerging technologies, including cryptocurrencies and blockchains. These topics represent key growth areas and can position graduates for niche employment opportunities.

The fintech bootcamp features a part-time, fully online delivery format. Learners can complete the program in 24 weeks.

  • Cost: $13,495
  • Admission Requirements: Applicants do not need previous finance experience or programming knowledge. However, program administrators recommend that candidates hold a bachelor's degree or two years of professional experience in business, finance, statistics, or a similar area.

Is UC Berkeley's Bootcamp Worth It?

Berkeley coding bootcamps have distinct advantages, along with a few drawbacks. Interested candidates should carefully weigh these considerations with their personal learning objectives and career ambitions.

On the plus side, students can build job-ready coding skills and portfolios in short timeframes. Learners can complete full-time programs in 12 weeks. Part-time programs like the Berkeley data analytics bootcamp have 24-week timelines.

UC Berkeley's prestige can also help aspiring professionals. Berkeley counts among the most respected educational institutions in the United States. Its name recognition can boost your chances of landing an interview or job.

However, even the best bootcamps do not offer the same depth or detail as degree programs. Additionally, bootcamps do not provide graduates with transferable college credit. Students seeking a deep dive into technology education may find traditional computer science degrees a better fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions About UC Berkeley's Coding Bootcamp

How much is the Berkeley coding bootcamp?

Tuition rates vary, depending on which UC Berkeley bootcamp you plan to attend. For the 2021-22 academic year, tuition rates range from $9,995-$13,995. Qualified students can enroll in the school's no-interest monthly payment program.

Does the UC Berkeley bootcamp help with job placement?

Yes. Students receive extensive career and job placement support, including unlimited feedback on their resumes and portfolios. Enrollees can take advantage of job referrals, one-on-one sessions with career counselors, and networking events.

What does Berkeley's coding bootcamp teach?

The Berkeley coding bootcamp develops full-stack web development skills. Faculty members designed the curriculum to build in-demand skills in the current job market.

Is the UC Berkeley bootcamp hard to finish?

UC Berkeley bootcamps feature intensive coursework to build professional-level skills quickly. Learning curves are steep, but the school prepares students for success through pre-program learning modules. Learners who enter the program with existing coding knowledge may find coursework easier to navigate.

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