UCLA Coding Bootcamp Review

Updated September 12, 2022 · 5 Min Read

UCLA offers bootcamps in several computer science disciplines. Explore the coursework, costs, and admission requirements of each program.

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Founded by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the UCLA Extension coding bootcamp stems from the school's mission to offer flexible learning. UCLA Extension bootcamps offer dynamic, face-to-face virtual learning. This includes hands-on experiences in both full-time and part-time formats.

Bootcamp students work together to solve problems they may encounter in their future jobs. Industry experts and teaching staff provide career coaching to students as they begin their journeys into coding, cybersecurity, and product management careers.

What Does the UCLA Extension Coding Bootcamp Offer?

UCLA Extension's bootcamps provide accelerated learning opportunities. These include bootcamps in coding, cybersecurity, and product management, each serving learners of any experience level. Industry experts lead these courses, which cover career-focused skills like creating webpages, writing server code, and configuring secure networks.

Each bootcamp follows a part-time schedule, blending synchronous, instructor-led classes with self-paced work. The coding bootcamp also offers a full-time option, which allows students to graduate more quickly by attending live, daily online classes. Enrollees commit 24 or 55 hours per week to part-time or full-time programs, respectively.

Throughout this program, learners access office hours, class recordings, and communication through Slack. Instructors ask students to submit weekly feedback to gauge whether their teaching styles and course content align with learners' goals.

Upon graduating, students should feel prepared to sit for certification exams and enter their chosen field through career support services.

The UCLA bootcamp offers students several perks, including the following:

Immersive Classrooms
Whether learning in person or online, students receive interactive instruction in an immersive learning environment. Courses include hands-on projects, which prepare learners for real-world coding careers and assist with portfolio development.
Career Development Resources
UCLA bootcamp graduates receive expert-driven career readiness and development resources. Industry leaders assist with resume creation, career coaching, and interview preparation. Through partnered employers, graduates can also match with employment opportunities.
Skill-Building Focus
Each UCLA Extension bootcamp course teaches the necessary skills for students to pursue tech careers. Experts with at least three years of experience deliver technical projects, facilitating skill-building through peer-to-peer collaboration.

UCLA Bootcamp Snapshot

  • Cost: $10,495-$12,995, depending on the program and format.
  • Payment Options: Students can offset the UCLA coding bootcamp cost with part-time options and interest-free payment plans.
  • Learning Options: Learners complete part-time UCLA bootcamp programs in 18-24 weeks. Full-time programs last 12 weeks.
  • Locations: Students typically participate in the UCLA bootcamp curriculum in person at campuses in California. As a result of the pandemic, enrollees currently participate in a virtual classroom experience.

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UCLA Bootcamp Programs

UCLA bootcamp programs target beginners in coding, cybersecurity, and product management. UCLA offers pre-course materials to allow students with no experience to build a foundation before beginning their program.

Each course allows learners to work individually and collaboratively on real-world industry activities. Students work face to face with their instructors, completing portfolio-building projects. This hands-on experience helps prepare learners for their careers. With assistance from UCLA's career services, graduates develop resumes, build skills, and match with potential employers.


UCLA's coding bootcamp offers a 12-week, full-time option and a 24-week, part-time option. Both mix instructor-led online sessions with self-paced assignments. Courses cover HTML programming, MySQL databases, and best practices with front-end frameworks.

Enrollees work both individually and in groups on interactive assignments, which they can add to their portfolios. Supportive career services help graduates pursue coding careers.

  • Cost: $11,995 (part time); $12,995 (full time)
  • Admission Requirements: Prospective students must participate in an admissions interview, complete an application, and take a logic-based skills assessment. Admitted applicants then determine the best payment option before enrolling.


Cybersecurity students complete a part-time, 24-week curriculum. This covers security fundamentals, systems administration, and security topics. A final course module prepares learners for Security+ and certified ethical hacker certification. Students gain hands-on experience with Nessus and Wireshark, among other tools.

Learners attend synchronous classes on two weekdays and Saturdays. They also complete self-paced homework assignments. Program start dates vary throughout the year.

  • Cost: $12,995
  • Admission Requirements: Applicants must complete an application and a phone interview after discussing the program with the admissions department. UCLA also requires critical thinking and problem-solving assessments.

Product Management

The 18-week, part-time product management program targets future product managers, engineers, and researchers. Students meet for instructor-led classes twice a week, completing coursework at their own pace.

Learners walk through the product management process from beginning to end. They learn to research, roadmap, execute, and test. Topics include customer segmentation, workflow management, and A/B testing. Upon graduation, students should feel confident conducting agile product sprints and using agile methodologies, like Scrum and Kanban boards.

  • Cost: $10,495
  • Admission Requirements: Applicants participate in a phone interview with an advisor, submit an application, and complete problem-solving and critical thinking assessments.

Is UCLA's Bootcamp Worth It?

The UCLA bootcamp provides flexible scheduling and a focus on practical skill development. The programs also prioritize future coding careers, allowing students to build their portfolios while learning from industry experts. Career coaching, employer matching, and resume refinement assist graduates in their career paths.

Unlike many other coding bootcamps, UCLA's programs do not offer various payment plans. Qualifying enrollees can make one-time or monthly payments, but deferred tuition and job guarantees are not available.

Coding bootcamps should offer schedule flexibility, comprehensive curricula, and immersive learning experiences. Explore our ranking of the best coding bootcamps to assist your search.

In some cases, a traditional computer science degree may better suit your career goals. For example, degree-holders may secure higher-level jobs than bootcamp graduates, who often begin with entry-level positions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About UCLA's Bootcamp

How much does UCLA's coding bootcamp cost?

UCLA bootcamp tuition ranges from $10,495-$12,995. The product management course offers the lowest tuition. Cybersecurity and full-time coding students can expect the highest tuition costs.

Can I learn cybersecurity at UCLA?

Yes. The UCLA cybersecurity bootcamp includes 24 weeks of networking, programming, and ethical hacking content. Students work with tools like Nessus and Kali Linux to gain hands-on experience.

Will the UCLA Extension coding bootcamp help me get a job?

Yes. UCLA bootcamp students receive soft skills training, resume-building support, and career coaching. Career coaches work with each graduate to find jobs through referrals to top industry companies.

How long does it take to finish UCLA's bootcamp?

UCLA bootcamp program lengths vary. Coding bootcamp students can choose between a part-time, 24-week program or a full-time, 12-week program. The cybersecurity bootcamp takes 24 weeks, while product management students finish in 18 weeks.

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