Computer Science Programs in Hawaii

Consisting of seven tropical islands and a wealth of beautiful beaches, Hawaii is not only a popular vacation destination but also a terrific state to pursue a computer science degree.

As the industry continues to grow and new technology emerges, the field of computer science will see an increased demand for qualified tech talent. Graduates of an online computer science degree in Hawaii will meet this demand by being prepared for careers in computer security, research and analysis, and information technology.

As the industry continues to grow and new technology emerges, the field of computer science will see an increased demand for qualified tech talent.

Higher Education in Hawaii

Hawaii offers many options for students to earn their computer science degree both online and in hybrid formats. The University of Hawaii at Manoa, for example, offers an on-campus computer science program that focuses on security science and the correlation between computation and information. The program limits enrollment to just 274 students, and the small class sizes provide more interaction with instructors. The University of Hawaii at Hilo also offers an on-campus computer science program featuring small class sizes. Furthermore, online computer science programs in Hawaii have flexible schedules to accommodate students who have other commitments that may restrict their schedules.

Computer Science Careers in Hawaii

Computer science is a rapidly growing industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field expects a growth rate of 19% over the next decade — a faster than average growth rate. Careers within the field vary, but can include computer network architects, computer support specialists, computer systems analysts, database administrators, network and computer systems administrators, and web developers, among others. With a demand for talent, aggressive rate of growth in the field, and lucrative pay awaiting graduates, now is a perfect time to invest in an computer science degree in Hawaii.

Median Salary for Computer Science Careers by Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Senior Software Engineer $102,667
Software Developer $72,242
Software Engineer $78,628

Master's Degree

Senior Software Engineer $112,444
Software Developer $94,600
Software Engineer $81,021

Computer Science Employers in Hawaii

  • Computer Sciences Corp: Computer Sciences Corp offers computer programming and engineering services, including scientific and technical consulting, management consulting, process, physical distribution, and logistics consulting.
  • Eco Science Solutions: Eco Science Solutions is a technology-centered company in the health and wellness industry. They host an e-commerce platform allowing individuals to locate, access, and connect with various businesses in the industry. They offer software solutions, create applications for users, and offer technical support.
  • Forward Slope Inc: Forward Slope Inc is a technology services company providing in-depth business solutions. They focus on defense technologies, enterprise technologies, and professional services, and boasts numerous awards and certifications in information technology service management and software engineering.

How Much do Computer Scientists Make in Hawaii?

Like most other fields, salaries in computer science are based on one’s experience and education. In Hawaii, the hourly mean wage for computer scientists is $37.50, slightly lower than the hourly mean wage in the continental U.S., which is $42.25.

Employment Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
Hawaii 9,300 $37.50 $77,990
United States 4,165,140 $42.25 $87,880

Source: BLS

Computer Science Programs in Hawaii

There are a variety of computer science programs in Hawaii. For example, Brigham Young University – Hawaii offers a bachelor’s in computer science program and a bachelor’s in computer and information science program. Students also have the option to minor in a number of specialized computer science topics including information system, information technology, digital security, web development, web design, or business system. Conversely, Hawaii Pacific University has an on-campus computer science program that features small classroom sizes for a more intimate learning environment. Students in the program apply fundamental principles of computer systems to solve complex issues.

The University of Hawaii has several campuses throughout the state. The University of Hawaii at Manoa offers undergraduate and graduate computer science programs that prepare students for the workforce. Students can focus on security science to pursue more about information security and cybersecurity. The University of Hawaii at Hilo has an undergraduate computer science program that offers small classroom sizes and covers topics including calculus, data structures, software engineering, theory of computing, and database systems design. Graduates are employed by major companies throughout Hawaii and the mainland, and are ready to compete and lead in the workforce.


Types of Computer Science Degrees

There are many types of degrees students can choose when pursuing education in computer science: associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate degree. In general, further formal education within a field results in a higher salary. In addition, some positions require a certain level of degree. For instance, many research positions or teaching positions at the university level require at least a master’s or doctorate degree. The table below features descriptions and basic data about each degree type.

Associate in Computer Science


An associate in computer science provides students with foundational knowledge in computer languages and programming. In addition to learning about computer systems, students will emerge with general education courses usually required by four year colleges. Graduates with an associate degree qualify for entry-level computer science positions in the job market.

Average Program Length – 2 Years
Median Salary – $32,897

Bachelor’s in Computer Science


A bachelor’s in computer science provides students with knowledge of operating systems, a variety of programming languages, database management, and computer systems and architecture. These programs typically require 120 credit hours of coursework and a capstone project. Many employers in the industry are increasingly hiring individuals with a bachelor’s degree.

Average Program Length – 4 Years
Median Salary – $60,835

Master’s in Computer Science


A master’s in computer science provides students with a deeper understanding of computer systems, design, and programming languages. Some master’s programs may provide specializations for those who wish to concentrate further in a specific area. Individuals with a master’s degree typically earn a higher salary upon graduation than those with a bachelor’s.

Average Program Length – 1-2 Years
Median Salary – $104,269

Computer Science Ph.D


A doctorate degree in computer science is designed for individuals who wish to pursue research in the field. These intensive programs often require students to narrow their field of study and design and carry out a specific research project that culminates in a dissertation. Graduates with a Ph.D in computer science often go into academia as computer science professors.

Average Program Length – 4+ Years
Median Salary – $126,744


What Schools Offer a Computer Science Degree in Hawaii?

There are a variety of computer science colleges in Hawaii. Most schools offer small classroom sizes to facilitate more one-on-one interactions between students and professors. The following list outlines options for students interested in pursuing a computer science degree in Hawaii. Each school on this list is accredited.


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Professional Computer Science Organizations in Hawaii

Professional computer science organizations in Hawaii feature many benefits for students and established professionals alike. Events, luncheons, and networking socials facilitate connection with other professionals in the industry to build friendships, professional connections, and promote knowledge in the industry.

  • American Council of Engineering Companies of Hawaii: The American Council of Engineering Companies of Hawaii improve opportunities for consulting engineering firms. They enhance company’s business abilities, upgrade the quality of their services, and help them reach their technology goals.
  • Hawaii Information Communications and Technology Association: HICTA focuses on developing information, communications, and technology in Hawaii. They host monthly luncheons and various events with guest speakers. Members are able to attend all of the luncheons, conferences, networking socials, and events to expand their professional network.
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals Honolulu Chapter: The Association of Information Technology Professionals Honolulu chapter serves as a resource for IT professionals. It allows professionals the chance to develop personally and professionally, network, build friendships, and serve the IT industry.

Additional Computer Science Resources in Hawaii

  • Hawaii Pacific University Computer Club: Hawaii Pacific University’s Computer Club invites students to expand their knowledge of computing. The club facilitates connections among students who share an interest in computer science. Members of the club share knowledge with each other and make new friendships.
  • Information Technology Management Association: The Information Technology Management Association at The University of Hawaii at Manoa focuses on building professional and personal relationships between students and alumni interested in information technology. They work to prepare their members for successful careers in information technology and provide them with professional connections to help them explore opportunities.
  • Hawaii Information Technology Series: The Hawaii Information Technology Series hosts expositions, cybersecurity days, and forums on information technology. The events hosted in the series bring professionals together to discuss the latest developments in information technology, tactical technologies, cybersecurity, and C4 products and services.
  • Computing, Electronics, and Networking Technologies at University of Hawaii Honolulu Community College: CENT is a program that provides training to individuals interested in information technology. The program combines knowledge and hands-on training to prepare students for entry level employment in the computer science industry. There are program counselors to offer students a personalized, unique experience that they can mold to their benefit.