Computer Science Programs in Indiana

Computer science is one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States. Positions in software development, computer and information systems management, and computer programming are constantly evolving and expanding.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 18.7% increase in the number of computer and information systems managers in Indiana from 2014 to 2024 and a 28% growth in software application developers. These growth rates exceed the national projections for these occupations — 15.4% and 18.8%, respectively — making Indiana an ideal place to study computer science.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 18.7% increase in the number of computer and information systems managers in Indiana.

Higher Education in Indiana

Computer science colleges in Indiana comprise historic, highly regarded private universities, such as the University of Notre Dame, and public research university systems. The Indiana University system is based in Bloomington and Indianapolis, and the Purdue University system is based in West Lafayette and Bloomington.

Notre Dame is known for its law school and MBA programs, and it offers respected online certificate programs. Because of the university’s high standards, it consistently places highly in national rankings. Butler University, a private institution in Indianapolis, also ranks highly for academic excellence.

Indiana’s two public university systems, the Indiana University system and the Purdue University system, join at a shared campus in Indianapolis. Both university systems offer reasonable tuition rates, distance and online learning programs, and academic rigor. The Indiana University system contributes to the state’s medical infrastructure, conducts innovative research, and is one of the top employers in Indiana.

Computer Science Careers in Indiana

According to the BLS, the computer and mathematical occupations in Indiana with the greatest number of professionals are computer user support specialist, software application developer, computer systems analyst, and network and computer systems administrator. Demand for professionals in these and other occupations in the computer science field is growing steadily, meaning graduates of computer science schools in Indiana will have plenty of employment opportunities.

Although graduates can find employment throughout Indiana, the Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson area has the greatest number of job opportunities for recent graduates. For professionals with a computer science degree, Indiana’s Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson area offers average salaries of $74,930 per year.

Median Salary for Computer Science Careers by Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Senior Software Engineer $104,507
Software Developer $65,692
Software Engineer, Developer, or Programmer $70,550

Master's Degree

Senior Software Engineer $116,179
Software Developer $77,201
Software Engineer, Developer, or Programmer $83,649

Computer Science Employers in Indiana

  • St. Vincent Hospital Indianapolis: St. Vincent Indianapolis, one of the largest hospitals in Indiana, has a personable, patient-focused approach. The hospital needs computer science graduates to maintain the complex computer and information systems.
  • Genesys Interactive Intelligence, Inc.: Genesys Interactive Intelligence, one of Indiana’s major employers, develops software and cloud hosting services. The company disambiguates complex systems for consumers. A computer science degree is essential for nearly every level of employee.
  • Roche Diagnostics USA: Roche Diagnostics, a diagnostic equipment manufacturer based in Switzerland, employs a large number of Indiana residents. Roche Diagnostics handles complex data sets, which requires IT specialists and systems analysts.

How Much do Computer Scientists Make in Indiana?

Several factors influence average regional salaries, including population, number of professionals, demand for new workers, and the field’s projected growth. The mean annual wage for computer science professionals in Indiana is nearly $17,000 less than the national mean. Although Indiana wages are slightly lower than the national average, the state’s cost of living is also lower.

Employment Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
Indiana 56,060 $34.10 $70,930
United States 4,165,140 $42.25 $87,880

Source: BLS

Computer Science Programs in Indiana

Students earning a computer science degree in Indiana choose from a variety of on-campus and online programs. Butler University offers respected on-campus computer science degrees, and the university’s Indianapolis location creates internship and research opportunities. Butler’s curricula cover topics such as computer science theory, operating systems, and programming languages.

Students who need flexibility in scheduling or location often pursue an online computer science degree in Indiana. One option is Indiana University Bloomington’s online master’s in data science. Indiana institutions offer a number of accredited programs in fully online and hybrid formats. Online computer science programs in Indiana allow working professionals the flexibility to study at their own pace.

Indiana institutions are regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Along with regional accreditation, on-campus and online computer science programs in Indiana should hold accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology or, less commonly, the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering.


Types of Computer Science Degrees

There are many types of degrees students can choose when pursuing education in computer science: associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate degree. In general, further formal education within a field results in a higher salary. In addition, some positions require a certain level of degree. For instance, many research positions or teaching positions at the university level require at least a master’s or doctorate degree. The table below features descriptions and basic data about each degree type.

Associate in Computer Science


An associate in computer science provides students with foundational knowledge in computer languages and programming. In addition to learning about computer systems, students will emerge with general education courses usually required by four year colleges. Graduates with an associate degree qualify for entry-level computer science positions in the job market.

Average Program Length – 2 Years
Median Salary – $32,897

Bachelor’s in Computer Science


A bachelor’s in computer science provides students with knowledge of operating systems, a variety of programming languages, database management, and computer systems and architecture. These programs typically require 120 credit hours of coursework and a capstone project. Many employers in the industry are increasingly hiring individuals with a bachelor’s degree.

Average Program Length – 4 Years
Median Salary – $60,835

Master’s in Computer Science


A master’s in computer science provides students with a deeper understanding of computer systems, design, and programming languages. Some master’s programs may provide specializations for those who wish to concentrate further in a specific area. Individuals with a master’s degree typically earn a higher salary upon graduation than those with a bachelor’s.

Average Program Length – 1-2 Years
Median Salary – $104,269

Computer Science Ph.D


A doctorate degree in computer science is designed for individuals who wish to pursue research in the field. These intensive programs often require students to narrow their field of study and design and carry out a specific research project that culminates in a dissertation. Graduates with a Ph.D in computer science often go into academia as computer science professors.

Average Program Length – 4+ Years
Median Salary – $126,744


What Schools Offer a Computer Science Degree in Indiana?

The database below lists all accredited computer science degrees in Indiana, including on-campus, hybrid, and fully online programs. Indiana’s affordable programs and growing job market make it an ideal place to earn a computer science degree.


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Professional Computer Science Organizations in Indiana

Professional membership keeps graduates and students informed about the latest innovations, provides networking opportunities, and fosters connections with local and national communities of professionals. Professional organizations provide resources such as seminars, webinars, publications, and job boards.

  • Computer Science Teachers Association Indiana Hoosier Heartland: The CTSA is a national association dedicated to computer science education. The Indiana Hoosier Heartland division provides resources to improve PK–12 computer science education.
  • CompTIA Association of IT Professionals: AITP, a national association for technology professionals, educators, and students, maintains a chapter in Muncie, Indiana. In addition to hosting events, AITP offers a research-opportunity program and free membership for students.
  • Association for Computing Machinery: ACM, the largest international organization for computing technology professionals, maintains about a dozen chapters in Indiana. ACM disseminates the latest continued education resources to its members and hosts a variety of networking events.

Additional Computer Science Resources in Indiana