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Online coding courses can be a great way to expand your tech knowledge and prepare for new career opportunities. Explore this page to find out why you might want to build coding skills, then browse our list of some of the best online courses to learn coding.

What Is Coding?

Coding translates human instructions into languages that computers and other electronic devices can understand. Coding allows computers to complete tasks such as displaying an image or making a font a certain color and size.

Web and software developers use coding to build websites and applications. Coding offers opportunities to learn languages like Python, HTML, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript.

Why Learn Coding?

Learning to code can lead to a promising new career in tech. Coding knowledge offers a problem-solving perspective that can help people approach their work in new ways. Professionals can also learn coding as part of their continuing education and use these skills to apply for new, better-paying opportunities.

The demand for coding skills is high in various tech sectors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 13% growth — faster than average — for computer and information technology occupations from 2020-2030. Careers that rely on coding knowledge include computer programming, software development, web development, and computer systems analysis.

Should I Learn Coding in an Online Course?

There are many options for learning coding online. Students can choose among bootcamps, standalone courses, self-education, and traditional college programs. The best coding courses online offer a flexible, convenient, and affordable way to learn without a lengthy time commitment.

Both beginners and working professionals can benefit from online coding courses. Learners can use their skills to apply for new positions. They can also find ways to work coding into their current jobs.

The best online coding courses can help students explore a skill before committing to a more intensive and expensive program. Many online courses are free or low-cost. Some offer self-paced learning options. Students can enroll in short-term, introductory classes or select a more advanced course that includes a certificate of completion.

Online Coding Bootcamps vs. Online Coding Courses

It can be difficult to choose between a bootcamp or a standalone course for learning coding. Both educational pathways offer benefits and drawbacks.

Online Bootcamps

  • May require a set study schedule
  • Cost varies
  • Intensive and career-focused
  • Job placement support common
  • Many offer various financing options

Online Coding Courses

  • Flexible and self-paced
  • Typically free or low-cost
  • Less commitment required
  • Usually no career support
  • Rarely offer financing options

Best Online Coding Courses

Explore some of the best online coding courses below. Keep in mind that this is an alphabetical list of the best coding courses online, not a ranking.


A for-profit social enterprise founded in Ireland in 2007, Alison is one of the biggest free learning platforms in the world. It offers dozens of free online courses in areas like IT and business as part of its commitment to equitable education access.

Users can choose from dozens of free programming classes. Alison offers an app available on Android and iOS. Some of Alison's courses result in a certificate of completion or diploma.

Available Coding Courses:

  • Diploma in Advanced iOS and Swift
  • Network Server Security
  • Master Linux and Shell Script from Beginner to Advanced
  • Diploma in C# Programming
  • Fundamentals of Programmatic Advertising Strategies
  • Diploma in Python Programming
  • Diploma in Databases and T-SQL
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Master PLC Programming

Price: Free


Headquartered in New York City, Codecademy provides accessible, interactive opportunities to learn technical skills and coding. No matter how much or how little students know about coding, Codecademy has a suitable class.

Codecademy offers classes in subjects like web development, computer science, machine learning, and developer tools. Users can learn 15 programming languages, including C++, JavaScript, Swift, and Kotlin.

Available Coding Courses:

  • Learn Python 3
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn HTML
  • Learn Java
  • Learn Python 2
  • Learn SQL
  • Learn C++
  • Learn CSS
  • Learn C#
  • Learn Ruby

Price: Free (basic), $14.99/month (Pro Lite), $19.99/month (Pro)


Founded in 2012 by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, Coursera is a global learning platform serving over 107 million learners. In partnership with over 275 universities and companies, Coursera offers thousands of online courses, degree programs, and certificates.

Coursera users can find free and low-cost coding classes on topics like Python, JavaScript, Scratch, and front-end development. An introductory programming course from the University of Michigan takes just 19 hours to complete.

Available Coding Courses:

  • Python for Everybody
  • Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose
  • Coding for Everyone: C and C++
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Crash Course on Python
  • Meta Front-End Developer
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Coding for Designers, Managers, and Entrepreneurs
  • Programming with Scratch
  • Introduction to Front-End Development

Price: Varies by course


Founded in 2012 by Harvard and MIT professors, edX offers more than 3,600 online classes in a variety of subjects. These courses reach people around the world as part of edX's mission to increase access to education.

edX users can take free online coding courses from more than 160 top universities like Stanford, Georgia Tech, and Harvard. Classes cover topics like data science, web development, and introductory computer science. For some courses, students can pay a fee to get a verified certificate of completion.

Available Coding Courses:

  • Computer Science 101
  • How to Code: Simple Data
  • How to Code: Complex Data
  • Build Your Very First iOS App
  • C Programming: Getting Started
  • Introduction to Java Programming: Starting to Code in Java
  • JavaScript Introduction
  • C Programming: Language Foundations
  • Introduction to Java Programming: Writing Good Code
  • Software Development

Price: Free

Envato Tuts+

As part of its goal to help people learn career-relevant creative skills, Envato Tuts+ provides self-directed online education. Users can also sell creative products and services on Envato Market.

Envato Tuts+ offers beginner-friendly online video courses and written tutorials. Topics include mobile app development, WordPress, and PHP fundamentals. Students can learn creative skills like coding, photography, game development, design, and illustration. Choose from over 1,300 expert-led courses with bite-size lessons.

Available Coding Courses:

  • PHP Fundamentals
  • Practical React Fundamentals
  • Build a REST API With Laravel
  • Get Started With Laravel 8
  • Introduction to Tailwind CSS
  • Coding Blocks for WordPress Gutenberg
  • Modern Web Apps With Angular
  • Create a Modern Web App With Node, Express, and Vue.js
  • Creating Progressive Web Apps
  • Practice PHP and Learn: Databases

Price: Free


FreeCodeCamp helps people around the world learn to code for free. Educational resources include videos, interactive coding lessons, articles, and study groups.

Students can earn free verified certifications in topics like data visualization, front-end development, and back-end development. FreeCodeCamp reports that more than 40,000 of its graduates have found jobs at tech companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft since 2014.

Available Coding Courses:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Front-End Development Libraries
  • Data Visualization
  • Relational Databases
  • Back-End Development and APIs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Information Security
  • Machine Learning with Python

Price: Free

Khan Academy

Dedicated to delivering high-quality, free education, nonprofit Khan Academy offers online learning opportunities in subjects like computing, math, and art history. The site serves millions globally.

Students can use instructional videos, practice exercises, and an individualized learning dashboard to master skills.

Available Coding Courses:

  • Computer Programming
  • Hour of Code
  • Computer Science
  • AP®︎/College Computer Science Principles

Price: Free


Treehouse offers self-paced online coding and design classes on in-demand topics. Appropriate for beginners and non-beginners, the courses can prepare students to pursue new careers. They can also help current professionals brush up on their skills.

Classes include code challenges, quizzes, and interactive video instruction. Treehouse strives to diversify the tech field through accessible educational opportunities.

Available Coding Courses:

  • JavaScript Basics
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS
  • Python Basics
  • CSS Layout
  • CSS Basics
  • Basic Object-Oriented Python
  • JavaScript Objects
  • Build a Basic PHP Website
  • Python Sequences
  • C# Basics

Price: $25/month (free for 7 days)


Udemy boasts more than 204,000 courses in a variety of subjects. Over 71,000 instructors teach classes on the platform. Students can choose from IT and software courses that cover topics like machine learning, data modeling, and Python. Udemy charges vary by course.

Available Coding Courses:

  • Coding for Beginners 1: You Can Learn to Code!
  • The Complete Coding for Beginners Course (2022)
  • The Complete Web Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery
  • Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms
  • Pre-Programming: Everything you need to know before you code
  • Learn to Code with Python
  • 100 Days of Code: 2022 Web Development Bootcamp
  • Clean Code
  • Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science
  • C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding

Price: Varies by course

Questions About Online Coding Courses

How do I start coding?

To start coding, you can enroll in a free or low-cost online course. If you want to learn a specific coding language, make sure that the course you choose covers it.

Can you learn coding online for free?

Yes, many of the best online coding courses are free or low-cost. Some offer a free trial. If you decide you need more extensive support and resources later, you can always enroll in a paid option.

Which online course is best for coding?

The best online course for you will depend on why you want to learn to code and which coding languages interest you. Look for reputable instructors and up-to-date course content. You can also read user reviews to find out how other students rate a particular class.

How hard is coding?

Learning to code is like learning a new foreign language. Beginners with no tech experience may find coding challenging at first. The best online coding courses can help you learn the basics if you are willing to put in the time and work.

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