Computer Science Programs in Delaware

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Students in online computer science programs in Delaware enjoy access to one of the most prominent tech hubs in the eastern United States. Delaware's advantageous, streamlined corporate laws lead many tech startups to incorporate in the state, establishing it as a fast-growing hub of the "fintech" sector, which focuses on technology-driven financial services.

Students benefit from Delaware's proximity to the Dulles Tech Corridor, which circles around the District of Columbia and adjacent sections of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Some industry experts characterize the Dulles Tech Corridor as comparable to California's Silicon Valley. State government programs make Delaware a relatively easy place to grow a business.

The tech industry accounted for 7.4% of Delaware's economic activity in 2017.

Higher Education in Delaware

Students enjoy several options for earning a computer science degree in Delaware. Public institutions, like the University of Delaware and Delaware State, offer respected on-campus and online computer science programs. Located in Newark, the University of Delaware is a major research institution that offers cutting-edge academic programs. Delaware's private institutions also offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field.

The Delaware Higher Education Office ensures the affordability of higher education in the state. The office administers grants, scholarships, and professional incentive programs. It also maintains the Delaware Scholarship Compendium, an extensive guide to help students fund their education, and sponsors Delaware Goes To College, an information hub for college-bound individuals.

Delaware is a member of the Southern Regional Education Board, which works with policymakers to improve access to public higher education. For students pursuing a computer science degree, Delaware's commitment to providing accessible, affordable education makes it an ideal location.

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Computer Science Careers in Delaware

A degree in computer science leads to many tech-related careers. Graduates of online computer science programs in Delaware pursue careers in areas such as hardware and software engineering, programming, cybersecurity, systems analysis, and software publishing.

The constant evolution of the digital landscape creates more jobs in computer science. The BLS projects the number of computer hardware engineers to increase 5% by 2026 and the number of computer and information research scientists to grow 19%. The Delaware cities with the most computer science jobs are Newark, Dover, and Wilmington.

Mean Salary for Computer Science Careers in Delaware

Computer Science Employers in Delaware

  • SevOne: Located in Newark, SevOne is an IT and infrastructure management company that uses software-defined networks and automation and cloud technologies to help businesses collect and analyze network performance data. SevOne's technology and innovation headquarters employs software engineers, developers, platform managers, and support technicians.
  • LabWare: Headquartered in Wilmington, LabWare develops automation software for laboratory information management systems and electronic laboratory notebooks. The company provides strategic planning, testing and validation, product implementation, and consulting services for businesses across industries. LabWare employs engineers and software experts.
  • MySherpa: MySherpa is an IT management company located in Wilmington. The company's network administrators, engineers, developers, and technicians provide cloud technology, data protection, cybersecurity, and network and vendor management services. MySherpa also runs an IT support center.

Computer Science Programs in Delaware

Online computer science programs in Delaware provide the knowledge and skills necessary to work with advanced technology. Coursework covers areas such as hardware and software interface, programming, program design, and computer organization. Computer science schools in Delaware offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science.

Located in Newark, the University of Delaware is a major research institution that offers top-tier undergraduate and graduate degrees. On-campus options include bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, certificates, and doctoral degrees in computer science. The school also boasts top-notch research facilities.

Online programs provide maximum flexibility for where and when students complete coursework, making them ideal for working professionals. Online students can complete assignments and participate in discussions on their schedule. Many schools offer synchronous and asynchronous resources for online learners, including real-time video conferencing, recorded lectures, and online discussion boards.

Wilmington University is a private institution that offers online and on-campus programs, including degrees in computer and network security, information systems management, and software design and development. Online computer science and engineering classes are also available from Delaware Technical Community College.

Types of Computer Science Degrees

The type of degree job candidates hold determines their prospects for computer science careers in Delaware. Degree options include undergraduate associate and bachelor's degrees and graduate master's and doctoral degrees.

In general, undergraduate degrees translate into entry-level job opportunities, with bachelor's degree holders enjoying more career advancement potential than graduates with an associate degree. Individuals with graduate degrees receive more senior job offers and higher salaries, though they also must invest more time in their education.

Associate in Computer Science

Of the available online computer science degrees in Delaware, an associate degree is the fastest and most accessible to complete. Designed for students with little or no background in computer science, these introductory programs make ideal starting points for students who want to build career-oriented computing proficiencies quickly. Full-time students can usually complete an associate degree in four semesters or about two years.

Associate programs teach students the fundamentals of topics like computer programming, networking, system design, troubleshooting, and system maintenance. Associate degrees allow graduates to search for entry-level jobs or continue into a bachelor's computer science program. Graduates can usually complete a bachelor's in four additional semesters.

The ideal candidate for an associate degree in computer science holds a strong commitment to learning and self-improvement. A background in mathematics and logic also benefits these students.

Bachelor’s in Computer Science

In bachelor's in computer science programs, students build on fundamental knowledge to explore advanced concepts. Core subjects include programming, troubleshooting, and systems maintenance, and students can explore additional topics through electives. Electives typically cover specialties, like cybersecurity, software development, algorithms, and compilers. Students can also earn a minor in a subdiscipline.

Graduates emerge with knowledge that qualifies them for entry-level and junior positions. Bachelor's degrees also provide emerging computer science professionals with the knowledge needed to earn coveted certifications to advance their careers. With experience and a commitment to continuing education, bachelor's degree holders can forge lucrative and successful careers.

Full-time students usually finish Delaware online computer science programs with a bachelor's degree in four years.

Master’s in Computer Science

With a master's degree in computer science, graduates qualify for mid-level positions that can culminate in management, leadership, and other high-level roles. A survey of online computer science programs in Delaware reveals that full-time students can complete the master's in 2-3 years, depending on the subject matter and program structure.

Unlike undergraduate degrees, master's computer science degrees do not usually focus on general topics or foundational material. Instead, they cover specific concepts in detail, helping students develop proficiencies in niche areas. Established professionals with bachelor's degrees and inquisitive students who want to gain specialty skills typically pursue master's degrees.

Most master's holders enjoy higher salaries than bachelor's graduates.

Computer Science Ph.D

At the Ph.D level, computer science studies embrace a comprehensive focus on specific concentrations. Doctorates serve a more academic than practical purpose as most active technology professionals can gain top-level positions with a master's. Colleges and universities usually fill computer science teaching vacancies with Ph.D. graduates. A doctorate also gives candidates a competitive advantage when pursuing high-level positions, especially with regard to emerging technologies and research and development.

Highly capable master's degree holders who want to reach the apex of academic achievement make good candidates for doctoral computer science degrees. Graduates typically earn a Ph.D. in 4-5 years.

Professional Computer Science Organizations in Delaware

Computer science organizations provide resources for students, graduates, and professionals. Members receive access to job boards, career services, networking opportunities, and conferences. These opportunities help members advance their careers. Some computer science organizations specialize in a subfield to help members become experts in their niche.

  • Association for Women in Computing: One of the first professional computing organizations for women, AWC promotes the advancement of women in roles such as programmers, system analysts, and internet specialists. Members benefit from networking opportunities, technical and career-focused programs, and continuing education programs.
  • Association for Computing Machinery: Dedicated to sharing resources, addressing challenges in the field, and promoting high standards, ACM is the world's largest computing society. The more than 100,000 ACM members benefit from professional development and networking opportunities, career resources, and publications.
  • Computing Research Association: CRA consists of more than 200 organizations, including government centers, academic departments, laboratories, and professional societies. The organization strengthens research, advances education, and promotes innovation. Members receive access to job boards; news subscriptions; and discounts on workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Additional Computer Science Resources in Delaware

  • Delaware Technology Park: A nonprofit research park located in Newark, DTP provides access to high-quality research and state-of-the-art facilities. It partners with the state government, the University of Delaware, and private businesses to create jobs and stimulate economic development. It also organizes science and technology events.
  • University of Delaware ACM-W Student Chapter: The local ACM-W student chapter promotes the advancement of women in technology. Members include undergraduate, graduate, and faculty in technology-driven fields. The chapter holds networking events, conferences, workshops, and discussion groups.
  • Delaware Department of Labor: The Delaware Department of Labor provides labor market information, job boards, training opportunities, unemployment information, and work safety consultations for professionals and business owners. The resource is ideal for software engineers, network administrators, and computer scientists.

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