Computer Science Programs in New Jersey

Students pursuing an online computer science degree in New Jersey give themselves a chance to both expand their knowledge and an opportunity to enter an exciting, high-growth field driven by advances in technology and software. New Jersey’s more than 5,000 information and communications technology (ICT) businesses host the second-highest concentration of technology workers in the country. In fact, ICT is responsible for nearly 11% of all private-sector employment in New Jersey.

Students attend one of nine computer science programs in New Jersey, including programs at large public schools, mid-sized colleges, or smaller private institutions. With all of these academic options available and the state’s ever-expanding employment opportunities, it’s no wonder why New Jersey has become such a popular spot for pursuing a degree in computer science.

New Jersey’s more than 5,000 information and communications technology (ICT) businesses host the second-highest concentration of technology workers in the country.

Higher Education in New Jersey

In addition to all of the high-quality computer science schools in New Jersey, the state is also home to 66 recognized institutions of higher learning–ranging in size from the 1,800-student Georgian Court University in Lakewood Township to Rutgers University, which serves more than 65,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

These various options enable students to select an online computer science program in New Jersey that meets their particular needs. Program varieties include more conventional degree options that require students to attend class on campus or fully online programs that allow students to complete all or most of their studies from anywhere with internet access. Hybrid programs include a mix of online and in-person coursework for students who prefer to be in class but who still need occasional flexibility.

As you continue your search for computer science colleges in New Jersey, look at the quality of each program, how you will complete your assignments, and whether your prospective school will help you move into your desired career.

Computer Science Careers in New Jersey

Upon completion of an online computer science degree in New Jersey, students can find employment opportunities in several industries. While software developers, software engineers, and web developers constitute some of the most common job titles in this space, graduates often go on to become application developers, business process consultants, and information technology managers.

According to a recent USA Today report, as many as 627,000 unfilled technology jobs exist in the United States and the job market grew by a full 2% from 2016 to 2017. New Jersey itself ranks 11th in the nation for technology-related employment, with a current workforce of just over 215,000 professionals. Moreover, Newark, the state’s largest city, has become a tech hub over the past several years thanks in part to its five colleges and universities that attract an increasing number of tech startups.

Median Salary for Computer Science Careers by Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Software Engineer $76,725
Software Developer $65,665
Web Developer $60,025

Master's Degree

Software Engineer $90,687
Software Developer $79,796
Web Developer $85,115

Computer Science Employers in New Jersey

  • IBM: This well-known global company remains one of the top technology employers in New Jersey by manufacturing both hardware and software and by providing consulting services and valuable research to the tech industry.
  • Wipro Technologies: As a multinational information technology, business process solutions company, and consulting company, Wipro provides services like cloud computing, analytics, cognitive computing, robotics, and hyper-automation. It helps clients attain success in the modern digital world, and its New Jersey offices are in New Brunswick.
  • HCL Technologies: This Fortune 500 company provides digital, cloud, cybersecurity, automation, infrastructure management, and analytics solutions to customers across the globe. The company is known for its positive internal culture in which employees innovate and thrive.

How Much do Computer Scientists Make in New Jersey?

Employment Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
New Jersey 140,840 $46.26 $96,210
United States 4,165,140 $42.25 $87,880

Source: BLS

Computer Science Programs in New Jersey

New Jersey’s computer science schools offer several degrees, including on-campus, online, and hybrid programs–each with a unique approach to the discipline.

With a more traditional program, students attend class in person–as in the case of Rutgers University, New Brunswick’s’s BA or BS degree in computer science. Alternatively, students entering an online program can access lectures, class materials, discussion boards, and assignments via a digital portal like Blackboard or Moodle. At the New Jersey Institute of Technology, for example, students take all of their classes online and have access to concentrations in cybersecurity, bioinformatics, software engineering, and business computing.

Online programs offer exceptional flexibility that enables students to view lectures and complete assignments without sacrificing their extracurricular commitments. Students in online programs also significantly reduce expenses related to childcare, transportation, and housing.

In addition, students should ensure that their programs are regionally or nationally accredited, signifying to employers that a given program has prepared students for success.


Types of Computer Science Degrees

There are many types of degrees students can choose when pursuing education in computer science: associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate degree. In general, further formal education within a field results in a higher salary. In addition, some positions require a certain level of degree. For instance, many research positions or teaching positions at the university level require at least a master’s or doctorate degree. The table below features descriptions and basic data about each degree type.

Associate in Computer Science


An associate in computer science provides students with foundational knowledge in computer languages and programming. In addition to learning about computer systems, students will emerge with general education courses usually required by four year colleges. Graduates with an associate degree qualify for entry-level computer science positions in the job market.

Average Program Length – 2 Years
Median Salary – $32,897

Bachelor’s in Computer Science


A bachelor’s in computer science provides students with knowledge of operating systems, a variety of programming languages, database management, and computer systems and architecture. These programs typically require 120 credit hours of coursework and a capstone project. Many employers in the industry are increasingly hiring individuals with a bachelor’s degree.

Average Program Length – 4 Years
Median Salary – $60,835

Master’s in Computer Science


A master’s in computer science provides students with a deeper understanding of computer systems, design, and programming languages. Some master’s programs may provide specializations for those who wish to concentrate further in a specific area. Individuals with a master’s degree typically earn a higher salary upon graduation than those with a bachelor’s.

Average Program Length – 1-2 Years
Median Salary – $104,269

Computer Science Ph.D


A doctorate degree in computer science is designed for individuals who wish to pursue research in the field. These intensive programs often require students to narrow their field of study and design and carry out a specific research project that culminates in a dissertation. Graduates with a Ph.D in computer science often go into academia as computer science professors.

Average Program Length – 4+ Years
Median Salary – $126,744


What Schools Offer a Computer Science Degree in New Jersey?

Below you will find our list of the best computer science schools in New Jersey. This list focuses on a school’s regional or national accreditation status, program quality, and flexibility.


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Professional Computer Science Organizations in New Jersey

Graduates of computer science degrees in New Jersey can take part in the state’s professional organizations. These groups allow you to meet fellow professionals, engage in continuing education opportunities, and attend conferences and other events. Many organizations also offer access to job boards and career services. The list below includes some of the most popular technology-related professional organizations in New Jersey:

  • New Jersey Tech Council: The Tech Council helps businesses, organizations, and technology professionals grow and thrive. Members enjoy events and special access to a variety of tech-related resources.
  • New Jersey ISACA: The state chapter of this national information technology organization hosts valuable conferences, events, and continuing education opportunities for professionals and businesses across New Jersey.
  • WITI New Jersey: This organization focuses on providing support, access, and professional development opportunities to women in the technology field. WITI hosts regular events, organizes small business programs, and offers resources and job boards.

Additional Computer Science Resources in New Jersey

  • Research & Development Council of New Jersey: This organization enables collaboration among academics, government officials, and technology industry professionals. It strengthens the STEM fields in schools and businesses across the state and recognizes innovators throughout the year with its Edison Patent Awards.
  • RATE Continuing Education: The Rutgers Advanced Technology Extension offers numerous courses to professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These courses help professionals secure or retain industry certifications and qualify them for higher-level jobs. Courses may be completed online.
  • BDPA Events: The Black Data Processing Associates’ New Jersey chapter hosts a variety of events throughout the year. These events allow people of color in the technology sector to network, share knowledge, and support one another. The group regularly organizes professional development events, conferences, and technology days for K-12 students.
  • NJ Tech Weekly: This digital publication features articles, profiles, opinion pieces, and insights from computer and technology professionals across New Jersey. It also provides events and news updates concerning the state’s technology sector.