Computer Science Programs in Utah

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Many students pursue on-campus and online computer science programs in Utah because of the growth rate boasted by the state's technology industry. Salt Lake City has become known as Silicon Slopes because of the number of tech companies located there. The state government supports computer science programs in Utah, and students enjoy access to numerous internship opportunities.

A low turnover rate and stable work culture reduce work-related stress for computer science professionals in Silicon Slopes, making Utah a great place to launch a career in the field.

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Higher Education in Utah

After earning online computer science degrees in Utah, graduates often pursue technology careers within the state and across the country. Utah is quickly becoming a leader in computing and technologies, and programs in the field prepare students to fill the large number of positions with the state's tech companies.

The best computer science schools in Utah provide students with access to internships and networking opportunities, which can lead to employment after graduation. Scholarship opportunities help students attend schools staffed by industry leaders and equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Online computer science programs in Utah meet the same standards as on-campus programs. Online students have access to learning and career resources, and asynchronous online courses allow learners to complete coursework at their own pace.

Computer Science Programs in Utah

Learners planning to study computer science in Utah should determine whether to pursue an on-campus or online degree. On-campus programs typically feature and more rigid structure and include scheduled lectures, labs, and exams. They also offer more social and networking opportunities than online programs, which can be important for first-time students.

Online programs offer the same quality of education as on-campus programs, but tend to be less expensive and more flexible. While online courses generally feature the same basic requirements as on-campus classes, online students enjoy more scheduling flexibility. In-state tuition rates are often available to all distance learners, regardless of state residency. Many online programs offer accelerated tracks, and the flexibility of online learning can help students manage full-time employment while earning a degree.

Students pursuing on-campus or online computer science degrees should ensure prospective programs hold accreditation. Accreditation indicates a program meets educational standards and prepares students for computer science careers.


Online computer science programs in Utah offer degrees in the field's two main categories: applied computer science and theoretical computer science. Applied computer science includes specializations in hands-on areas such as software engineering and cryptography. Theoretical computer science focuses on the advancement of the field and includes roles in coding theory, algorithms and data structures, and programming language theory. Individuals planning to pursue computer science careers in Utah should decide whether they plan to undertake practical or theoretical work before choosing a program.


Students earning an associate in computer science learn about basic principles and techniques in the field. Common courses for associate-level online computer science programs in Utah include introductory programming, introduction to operating systems, database fundamentals, and computer networking fundamentals. Most full-time students complete associate programs in about two years.

An associate degree qualifies graduates for entry-level computer science positions. Associate degree holders often pursue careers as computer systems analysts, computer programmers, technical support specialists, and information security analysts. Entry-level salaries for computer science professionals with an associate degree range from $37,000-$45,000.

Learners can typically transfer credits earned through an associate program at an accredited school toward a bachelor's degree, and many graduates of associate programs pursue a four-year degree to increase their earning potential and employment options.


Students can earn an online bachelor's degree in computer science in various disciplines. Options for students pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science include a bachelor of arts in computer science, a bachelor of science in information technology, a bachelor of engineering in computer science, and a bachelor of computer applications.

Regardless of the specific degree, most four-year online computer science degrees in Utah require foundational classes such as an introduction to algorithms, software engineering, operating systems, and computer architecture. Unlike associate students, bachelor's students often choose a concentration area, such as graphics and animation, data mining, hardware design and engineering, security architecture, or web development.

Most full-time bachelor's students earn the degree in about four years. Graduates often pursue careers as software developers, computer systems analysts, network administrators, and hardware engineers. To expand their skill set and qualify for advanced roles, some bachelor's graduates pursue further education.


Many students earn graduate degrees in computer science to increase their opportunities in today's competitive job market. Master's-level online computer science programs in Utah offer flexible scheduling options well-suited for working professionals.

Coursework and concentration options vary between schools, but many master's in computer science programs include classes in topics such as computer networking, data structures, applied algorithms, computer operating systems, and advanced database systems management. Graduate students typically choose a specialization area, such as biocomputation, game development, data analytics, artificial intelligence, or multimedia and creative technologies.

Degree completion time depends on program requirements and the student's concentration and availability. However, most learners complete their master's degree in two years or less. Graduates often enter careers as computer and information research scientists, software developers, database administrators, and information security analysts. Master's graduates in the field earn a median entry-level salary of $54,000-$87,000.


Professionals interested in advancing to top positions at major companies or teaching at the college level often need a Ph.D. in computer science. Computer scientists with a Ph.D. can also start their own research-focused companies or apply their advanced technical and leadership skills to work in industry research labs.

Doctoral degrees are available in general computer science and specialty areas. Many schools offer doctoral-level concentrations in software engineering, robotics, machine learning, computational biology, and human-computer interaction. Commonly required courses for Ph.D. computer science students include environmental chemistry, nuclear magnetic resonance, and revolutionary molecules.

Depending on their program's requirements, many computer science students earn their Ph.D. in about five years. Common doctoral requirements include an extensive research project or dissertation, which can significantly impact completion time for the degree.

Computer Science Careers in Utah

Graduates with a computer science degree can pursue positions as web developers, software engineers, 3D artists, and game designers. Much of today's business is conducted online, which means companies must constantly maintain and develop their technology. As a result, companies across industries hire computer science professionals.

Utah's prominent tech companies and respected technology programs makes the state an ideal place to launch a career in computer science. Expanding companies and startups provide career opportunities for recent graduates of on-campus and online computer science programs in Utah.

Mean Salary for Computer Science Careers by Degree


  • Since 1983, has traced genealogy for its users. Based in Lehi, owns several other websites and employs more than 1,400 people.
  • Based in West Valley City and Park City, this online outdoor gear retailer employs more than 1,200 people. Founded in 1996, the company has grown rapidly to become a major competitor for REI. has a growing stake in the European outdoors market.
  • Bluehost: Founded in 2003 in Provo, Bluehost is one of the 20 largest web hosts in the world. The company hosts about 2 million domains and employs more than 700 people. Bluehost has also contributed to collaborative online learning programs.


Utah 710 $96,440
United States 27,920 $119,570

Source: BLS

Professional Computer Science Organizations in Utah

Students pursuing an online computer science degree in Utah should consider joining professional organizations. These associations provide training, resources, and networking opportunities for students, recent graduates, and established professionals. Members stay informed about recent trends in computer science and make professional connections to advance their careers.

  • Women Tech Council: Founded in 2007, WTC offers leadership resources, academic and research support, and networking opportunities for women and men in technology-focused careers. The organization boasts 10,000 members who work in creative and technology industries. Members receive mentorship and access to online resources, including career coaching videos and member forums
  • Association for Computing Machinery: ACM consists of more than 10,000 tech professionals, researchers, and educators who are actively involved in computer science and related fields. ACM offers members and nonmembers valuable networking and career development opportunities. The organization hosts more than 170 global conferences and workshops to foster collaborative projects and support the dissemination of original research.
  • Computing Research Association: Founded in 1972, CRA comprises more than 200 computer science research labs, higher education departments, and engineering facilities in North America. CRA strives to strengthen computer science education by uniting the computer science industry with government agencies and academic departments. Website visitors can access a job board, news, data collections, and information about membership activities.

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