Computer Science Programs in Wyoming

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Computer science programs in Wyoming can lead to a variety of exciting career opportunities. One of the most common career paths for graduates is computer and information research scientists. Students can earn their degree at a variety of colleges and universities across Wyoming.

For example, the University of Wyoming features a diverse computer science department, offering opportunities and career paths to computer science students from all backgrounds and with different career goals.

Over the last several years, the state of Wyoming has made a commendable effort to increase student interest and training in computer science.

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Higher Education in Wyoming

Over the last several years, the state of Wyoming has made a commendable effort to increase student interest and training in computer science. The Wyoming Department of Education has sponsored annual seminars, like the Computer Science Education Task Force, to help students learn about basic computer technology and coding skills in middle school, high school, and college. Higher education programs offering computer science degrees actively work with state sponsored initiatives. These participants include many of the state's two-year schools, along with the University of Wyoming.

Most schools offer both traditional on-campus formats and online degrees. While some students might prefer on-campus courses, the flexibility and affordability of online programs can be especially enticing for working adults and part-time students. Graduates from these programs go on to pursue careers as cybersecurity specialists, software developers, and web designers.

While the number of computer scientists in the state is growing steadily, the resources available to students enrolled in computer science schools in Wyoming helps make strong candidates in an increasingly competitive job market.

Computer Science Careers in Wyoming

Those who earn an online computer science degree in Wyoming work in a variety of exciting and engaging careers. With technology industries growing, trained computer science professionals are in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs in Wyoming's computer industry will increase by almost 5%. Similarly, software developer positions for software systems will increase by 27.8%, while science-based professions in the state will grow by 3.1%. The table below indicates the median salary for a few careers in computer science in Wyoming. As you can see, a master's degree greatly increases your earning potential and growth within the field.

Mean Salary for Computer Science Careers by Degree

Computer Science Employers in Wyoming

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Wyoming: One of the most well-known healthcare providers in the country, Blue Cross Blue Shield's main Wyoming office is in Cheyenne. Their advanced computer systems and sensitive patient data must be maintained and protected by experienced computer science professionals willing to work with changing computer technologies.
  • U.S. Air Force Wyoming: As one of the largest employers in the state, the U.S. Air Force demands the most skilled and intelligent computer scientists in the country. Computer scientists in these positions help write, analyze, and design software critical to national defense. Additionally, the Air Force's advanced computer systems require their computer scientists to organize and display intelligence data to carry out official military missions.
  • Wyoming Medical Center: Located in Casper, Wyoming Medical Center relies on computer scientists to organize and protect sensitive patient information. Additionally, a staggering amount of computer technology keeps healthcare facilities up and running each day. Graduates of computer science colleges in Wyoming who specialized in cybersecurity, computer networks, information retrieval, or health informatics may find that the Medical Center is an excellent fit for their skillset.

Computer Science Programs in Wyoming

Several factors, including faculty members and geographic location all shape higher education programs. Metropolitan schools with a long history of research, development, and innovation usually offer strong, well-funded graduate programs. Since the faculty develops and shapes the computer science curriculum, these positive characteristics apply for both on-campus and online formats.

Online courses offered at Wyoming computer science schools can be an excellent fit for working adults, part-time students, and professionals looking to advance their careers. The online format offers scheduling flexibility and often allows students to work through course content at their own pace.

Most online computer science programs in Wyoming are accredited, which ensures that the school meets specific academic standards. Not all employers require employees to have attended a school with specialized accreditation. However, in computer science, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology is the most common accrediting agency, and students should seek out an ABET accredited program. Be sure to contact your prospective school if you have any concerns about its accreditation status.

Types of Computer Science Degree

The section below offers an overview of the different types of computer science degrees. Computer science students in Wyoming can pursue an associate of computer science program. This degree allows entrance into an entry-level position in the field, and potential continuation of education. A bachelor's program offers industry standard career opportunities and salary potential, while a master's program allows entry to more advanced career opportunities. A doctoral program offers the field's most advanced education, along with commensurate job opportunity and salary potential.

Associate in Computer Science

Students pursuing online computer science programs in Wyoming can consider an associate program to prepare them for entry-level careers. Online associate programs typically take two years to complete, although some colleges and universities feature an accelerated option allowing for quicker degree completion. These accelerated programs can allow students to earn their degree in as little as one year. Online associate programs allow students flexibility to complete coursework at their own pace, from any location. Although similarities exist in all programs, students experience different course options and different credit requirements,. Students typically complete approximately 60 credits in an online associate in computer sciences program.

Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Students seeking to broaden their career opportunities can consider online computer science programs in Wyoming. Typically these online programs are completed within 3-5 years. Graduates go on to pursue careers as computer systems analysts, computer hardware engineers, software developers, and database administrators.

Many of the careers that bachelor's graduates pursue feature high salary opportunities. Students experience different courses, application requirements, and credit requirements depending on their college or university, but can usually expect to complete between 120 and 180 credits in their online bachelor's in computer science program.

Master’s in Computer Science

Earning an online master's in computer science is a popular option for students interested in online computer science programs in Wyoming. These master's students pursue advanced topics in computer science including computer language theory, systems engineering, and computer architecture. Many online master's programs cater to students with 3-5 years of professional experience in the field.

Full-time online students take approximately two years to earn their master's degree. Part-time, can lengthen the program to 3-4 years. Students can expect to complete around 30-45 credits in an online master's in computer science program.

Computer Science Ph.D

Students interested in reaching the highest level of their field can consider pursuing their Ph.D. in computer science. Many companies in the computer science industry offer employees with a Ph.D. higher pay rates. These companies also typically reserve their most prestigious jobs for employees with the most advanced education. Doctoral programs deepen students already well-developed computer science knowledge. These programs typically take between 4-5years to complete, and require 72-90 credits. Students who earn their Ph.D. in computer science online can work as electrical engineers, college professors, or computer network architects.

Professional Computer Science Organizations in Wyoming

Professional organizations, sometimes referred to as societies or associations, helps students and professionals with common interests connect. Computer science professions in Wyoming belong to a variety of organizations that provide valuable information on the current job market, continuing education courses, annual conferences, and various career services. Most computer science organizations require that participants join for an annual fee to provide continued support for their resources. Members might be asked to pay an attendance fee for conferences, but many working professionals consider these meetings to be of the utmost importance for establishing contacts.

  • Association for Computing Machinery: Known as the world's biggest scientific and educational computing society, ACM provides professionals in the computing field with a top-of-the-line digital library, state-of-the-art publications, career resources, and conferences. The organization aims to deliver all of the necessary resources to advance computing not only as a profession, but as a science.
  • International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology: IACSIT boasts members from a variety of backgrounds including faculty deans, department leads, research scientists, and professors. The organization hosts conferences and workshops and publishes academic journals in a variety of disciplines.
  • Association for Women in Computing: Founded in the District of Columbia in 1978, the AWC was one of the first professional associations for women in the field. The organization promotes the advancement of women in computing professions. Members enjoy many opportunities for growth through programs on career and technical topics, as well as robust networking opportunities.

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