Computer Science Organizations for Asian American Students and Professionals

Published February 28, 2023

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Many seek computer science jobs due to their stability, higher pay, and advancement opportunities. According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), Asian Americans are well-represented in this field, accounting for 6.1% of the overall labor workforce but 13% of the science and engineering workforce.

Asian Americans in the tech field are also fairly compensated. The NSF notes that the average salary for Asian Americans working in science and engineering is $10,000 higher than the median salary for all engineers.

Despite earning higher salaries, Asian Americans are less likely to be promoted than other groups since employers may view them as overrepresented, according to a 2018 Harvard Business Review article.

Many tech organizations promote equal opportunities for Asian Americans, including career advancement and mentorship. Discover computer science organizations for both students and professionals in the field.

General Computer Science Organizations

The following tech organizations support Asian Americans in computer science. These organizations offer various benefits including career advancement assistance, seminars, and workshops.

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

SASE is an organization that focuses on the advancement of Asian American scientists and engineers. There are over 100 chapters nationwide that assist professionals in reaching their career potential and hiring talented individuals.

Procter & Gamble originally created SASE to improve the recruiting and retention of Asian American scientists and engineers. SASE has evolved since its creation in 2007. It now defines itself as an organization for talent and leadership.”

Chinese Institute of Engineers

Founded in 1917, CIE-USA has over 100 years of experience assisting Chinese engineers and scientists all over the world. It currently has seven regional chapters and hosts conferences, seminars and workshops.

CIE-USA was originally founded by Chinese students in the U.S. as a tech organization. Originally, these students studied in the U.S. to help modernize China's future. It is now a nonprofit organization that promotes STEM across the US.

Asian American Academy of Science and Engineering

AAASE is a nonprofit organization that promotes the advancement of technology and advocates for the rights of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

The organization's mission follows a four-pronged approach to advance science and technology, promote inclusion and justice, empower next generations, and serve community and society. Members can attend webinars, events and annual summit meetings.

Tech Organizations for Asian American Students and Professionals

Technology covers many subcategories. The following organizations support a variety of individuals who are studying, working towards, or currently in a tech-related career. Resources for members include networking opportunities and career development.

Asia America MultiTechnology Association

The AAMA’s mission is to foster business growth and promote new technologies. The association aims to create successful ventures throughout the Asia-Pacific region and the global economy.

Currently, AAMA has over 10,000 members from over 2,000 companies and organizations across the US and Asia. Members have varied backgrounds in augmented reality, biotech, and semiconductors. Diverse seminars allow members to network and exchange ideas.

Advancing Indigenous People in STEM

AISES is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on increasing the representation of indigenous people and Pacific Islanders in STEM.

AISES offers programs and services for students of all ages. They have events for pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate students to help prepare them for STEM careers. Additionally, AISES offers a list of scholarships and internships on their website.

AISES also offers support for professionals in various stages of their careers. This includes supporting professionals in entry-level positions to executives with professional development and networking opportunities.

The US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce

USPAACC is the largest nonprofit organization for Pan Asian Americans and offers support to professionals in multiple industries, including technology.

USPAACC offers many services, including training for future leaders, connecting businesses, and investing in entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can pitch their innovative technology products at USPAACC with the opportunity to win cash prizes and create business ventures.

Organizations for Programmers and Coders

Coders and programmers can often work and learn to code from anywhere in the U.S. This has led to the rise of online classes and remote work.


FossAsia is an information technology organization that develops open source software and hardware from its base in Asia. They organize meetups, conferences, and coding camps to support programmers. Students can access internships, high school programs, and mentorships.

FossAsia has many open source projects on Github, allowing coders to gain experience in real-life projects.

ADA Developers Academy

ADA is a free coding school for underrepresented women in tech. The academy aims to help adults become software developers while advocating for equality in the workplace.

While the program is tuition-free, it offers many advantages such as classroom training, online learning, internships, and student support. The program reports a 94% job placement rate and an average starting salary of $117,000.

California Software Professional Association

Also known as the Chinese Software Professional Association, the CSPA is a nonprofit organizations that focuses on promoting Asian professionals in the technology and software industries.

Through its 6,000+ members and 30+ years of history, the organization aims to promote education, leadership and entrepreneurship. The CSPA offers advice for industry experts, business mixers, and startup visits.

Additional Resources

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FAQ About Organizations for Asian Americans in Tech

  • Why are organizations for Asian IT students important?

    Asian American IT students and professionals can benefit from becoming members of tech organizations. Current students can learn from industry experts, find internships, and participate in mentorship programs. Graduates can also benefit from networking opportunities, professional development, and leadership programs.

  • Are tech organizations for Asian students open to Pacific Islanders, too?

    Many tech organizations for Asian Americans are open to Pacific Islanders and students and professionals of various ethnicities and identities. Reach out to organizations to find out how to become a member.

  • Are there tech organizations for Asian women?

    Yes, there are multiple tech organizations dedicated to supporting Asian women in the field. For example, STEM Women Asia provides opportunities for members to network and connect with opportunities worldwide.

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