Best Coding Apps for Beginners


Updated September 13, 2022

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Coding is a process that takes directions from humans and turns them into languages that computers can understand. Coders use different computer programming languages to instruct machines to perform specific tasks, build websites, and create apps.

Coding is a valuable skill in many industries and can help you qualify for many tech jobs. Most people can learn to code, and coding apps for beginners make the task more accessible.

This guide includes a list of some of the best easy programming apps that teach beginners to code.

Benefits of Mobile Coding Apps

Aspiring coders can download coding apps for beginners onto their smartphones. Learning to code using mobile apps offers added convenience and ease of use, leading to promising professional and educational opportunities. We describe some benefits below.

  • There are no advanced technology requirements. Beginner coding apps are portable and easily accessible with your smartphone.
  • Because it is an in-demand skill, learning coding can open the door to various job opportunities in the tech industry and beyond.
  • Knowing how to code can help you prepare to apply for higher education and bootcamp programs.

Coding Apps vs. Bootcamps

Bootcamps and coding apps for beginners offer affordable, convenient, and quick pathways to learning coding. Coding bootcamps feature short-term, intensive training and education to prepare students for new tech careers. Bootcamp participants learn the fundamentals of coding, but specific focuses vary by school.

Coding apps provide self-paced lessons on coding basics and in specific programming languages. Apps offer a less structured but more flexible learning format than bootcamps. Many apps allow users to learn on the go with very short lessons and little-to-no commitment required.

Someone who cannot or does not want to make a bigger commitment may want to start with a coding app before beginning a bootcamp. A bootcamp might be better than a coding app for someone looking to make a career change who has the time to study coding intensively.

Best Beginner Coding Apps

Explore some of the best easy programming apps below. This collection is an alphabetical list of coding apps for beginners, not a ranking.

Codecademy Go

The Codecademy Go mobile app supplements the Codecademy bootcamp experience, making it even easier to learn to code. Users can practice coding, read articles, and review concepts anytime and anywhere.

The free plan option lets students practice Python or HTML/CSS daily. The pro version offers unlimited access to the full Codecademy catalog, including JavaScript and SQL. Codecademy Go works best with an active internet connection, but students can access content downloaded while offline.

Platform: Apple, Android

Free Plan Available?: Yes

Price: $14.99/month (billed yearly) for Pro Lite, $19.99/month (billed yearly) for Pro


CodeGym is an Android app for learning Java programming. The self-paced course includes 1,200 tasks and offers extensive Java coding practice and essential Java theory. A virtual mentor verifies all submitted solutions in real-time. The course includes 40 levels and more than 500 hours of practice. Students can only move on to the next level after completing the current course. Learning tools include coding projects, quizzes, and career resources.

Platform: Android

Free Plan Available?: No, but offers a free trial

Price: $49/month or $499/year for premium, $99/month or $999/year for premium pro


The Codemurai app can help users learn to make websites, games, and apps. It features interactive mobile lessons and includes coding challenges, quizzes, and programming exercises. The beginner-friendly curriculum covers HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and game development with Phaser.

Developers with real-world experience create Codemurai course content. This app for beginners and coding pros includes a large library of programming lessons and more than 100 coding exercises. Students can remain motivated by earning badges and coins by completing lessons.

Platform: Apple, Android

Free Plan Available?: Free to download

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Learn to code for free with the Encode app, a beginner-friendly platform for Apple and Android devices. The self-paced lessons include coding challenges, bite-sized lessons, and real-world coding examples. Topics include Python, Swift, and JavaScript. Users learn to query databases, build websites, and analyze data.

Platform: Apple, Android

Free Plan Available?: Free with in-app purchases

Price: Free with in-app purchases, $2.99/month, or $6.49/year


This app for experienced coders and non-technical beginners covers coding, data science, and other tech skills. Users can take lessons on Python, SQL, JavaScript, and Git. Build skills in spreadsheets, data analysis, TypeScript, and Linux. The app offers interactive, individualized lessons that include mentor review, daily habit-building reminders, and interactive questions. App users can interact with other learners by participating in discussions, tracking friends' progress, and collaborating on projects.

Platform: Apple, Android

Free Plan Available?: No

Price: $50/year for the self-guided track, $350/year for the mentor track


This coding app for beginners from the Code with Google program lets students complete quick lessons in JavaScript on their smartphones. As users gain skills, they advance to more challenging levels. This Android app works in any web browser and syncs progress across devices. The curriculum covers concepts like function declaration, data structures, execution order, and object editing. Students receive real-time feedback as they progress and earn achievement awards.

Platform: Android

Free Plan Available?: Yes

Price: Free

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy app offers thousands of free lessons and interactive exercises on various subjects, including math, politics, science, and computing. Students receive access to videos, articles, quizzes, and practice exercises and get instant feedback after completing tests. The app syncs across devices for users to save their progress. Learners can also bookmark and download videos to watch while offline.

Platform: Apple, Android

Free Plan Available?: Yes

Price: Free


The Mimo app, downloaded more than 10 million times, can help beginners learn to code on the go with mini lessons that take just a few minutes to complete. Courses focus on HTML, Python, C++, and JavaScript. App users can complete more than 13,000 coding exercises, build portfolios to show off their projects, and receive certificates of completion. Engineers, designers, and teachers at Mimo collaborate to offer the best coding lessons and strategies for learning.

Platform: Apple, Android

Free Plan Available?: Free 7-day trial

Price: $9.99/month or $79.99/year

Programming Hero

This personalized, interactive coding app for beginners features gamified courses covering JavaScript, Python, HTML, and CSS. Content includes videos, rewards badges, and an offline playground. Participants earn certificates of completion as they finish lessons. Programming Hero also offers a complete web development course with job assistance for students who want to take a deep dive into programming.

Platform: Apple, Android

Free Plan Available?: Yes (with in-app purchases)

Price: $9.99/month, $39.99/year (premium access)

Programming Hub

Programming Hub offers a fun coding education in a game-like learning environment. Students can learn HTML, C, Javascript, and C++ through daily practice. Other topics include Swift, CSS, Java, and R programming. Choose from over 5,000 coding exercises in 20+ programming languages and over 35 bite-size courses. Other app features include concept-based illustrations, feedback from coding experts, and a quick search option.

Platform: Apple, Android

Free Plan Available?: 7-day free trial

Price: $9.33/month, $112/yearly, $375/lifetime


Beginners can learn to code with the Sololearn app, which offers one of the biggest collections of free programming courses. Topics include JavaScript, C++, and Python. Students learn about data science, algorithms and data structures, machine learning, and new coding trends. The app includes access to coding competitions, a community of coders, and peer support. Practice coding with more than 15,000 questions and 2,000 quizzes.

Platform: Apple, Android

Free Plan Available?: Yes

Price: Free (basic), $69.99/annually (annual pro), $12.99/month (monthly pro)

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Common Questions About Coding for Beginners

Can I teach myself coding using an app?

Yes. Many coding apps for beginners can teach you how to code. It still takes time, effort, and practice, but coding apps can make the process more accessible, affordable, and fun.

How should a beginner start coding?

The best way to learn to code is to dive in and start practicing. You can start by researching coding apps for beginners. If you are interested in learning a specific programming language, make sure that your chosen app covers it.

What is the easiest programming language to learn?

There is not one definitive answer to this question, and it may vary by individual. However, many people find programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and Ruby among the easier options.

Can I learn coding without a laptop?

Yes. Many companies offer coding apps for beginners that let students take lessons and practice coding exercises using a smartphone — no laptop required.

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