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Updated January 17, 2023

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Trilogy Education Services offers computer science bootcamps in multiple tech subjects. The company offers its programs through partnerships with leading universities. According to Trilogy, more than 3,000 companies employ graduates of its bootcamps.

This guide explores the company's tech education programs in detail, covering curriculum reviews, admissions, and answers to frequently asked questions.

What Does Trilogy Offer?

Trilogy Education Services offers bootcamps in computer science and technology in partnership with universities. Some partners include Ivy League institutions like the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. Trilogy offers bootcamps in full-stack web development, data analytics, user experience/user interface (UX/UI) design, and financial technology (fintech).

Students in Trilogy programs can pursue classroom-based or online learning. Trilogy also offers full-time and part-time formats. Full-time students follow 12-week immersive structures with daily meetings on weekdays. Part-time learners commit three days per week to classes, which run for 24 weeks.

According to Trilogy, more than 3,000 companies employ graduates of its bootcamps.

Online courses offer more flexibility than in-person classes. Trilogy's online bootcamps feature part-time schedules that last 24 weeks. Online programs deliver the same skills-focused curricula in its classroom-based programs.

Trilogy develops its curricula through a combination of employer demands and student feedback. Since 2015, Trilogy has drawn insights from more than 250,000 student evaluations. Reviews emphasize the value of the company's support services. All learners can access tutors, student success mentors, and career coaches to guide graduates' job searches.

Here are three Trilogy features students particularly like:

  • Strong Support

    Student testimonials often highlight Triology's complete support services. Many students report that the company's tutors were invaluable during their programs. Trilogy's career coaching services have also helped graduates land well-paid tech jobs.

  • Wide Variety of Problems

    Trilogy offers more specialized bootcamps than other providers. Its programs explore popular niche areas like fintech.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Many Trilogy bootcamp reviews praise the company for its financial accessibility. Host institutions offer payment plans while Trilogy provides scholarship and discount programs.

Trilogy Snapshot

  • Cost: Varies
  • Payment Options: Financing options vary depending on the host university's policies. Supported options may include early payment discounts, monthly payment plans, and tuition discounts for eligible students. Students may also qualify for government and/or private loans.
  • Learning Options: Full-time programs run for 12 weeks, and part-time programs last 24 weeks. Online learners follow part-time schedules.
  • Locations: Trilogy offers classroom-based bootcamps through an extensive network of university partners. Classes take place on partner campuses. Enrollees can also study from home through online bootcamps.

University Partners

Trilogy Education Services delivers its bootcamps through university partnerships. These partner institutions host learning programs on their campuses and online learning portals. Trilogy adds value through its expertise in creating intensive, skills-focused courses that build job-ready skills.

The availability of specific bootcamps varies among partner institutions. Learn more by exploring the following list of Trilogy university partners:

Trilogy Courses of Study/Paths/Programs

Trilogy offers bootcamps in both technical and nontechnical areas. The company's nontechnical programs include bootcamps in digital marketing, production management, and technology project management.

This Trilogy coding bootcamp review focuses exclusively on their technical programs, including cybersecurity, data analytics, fintech, UX/UI design, and web development.

Partner institutions set their own admissions requirements. Some do not require candidates to have background experience in coding. In such cases, students may need to complete prep coursework before enrolling in the bootcamp.


Trilogy's cybersecurity bootcamp teaches the skills needed to pursue industry-standard certifications such as CompTIA's Security+ and certified ethical hacker credentials. Students complete a curriculum covering IT network architecture and fundamental approaches to information security.

Cybersecurity coursework covers five areas of technical proficiency:

  • Networking: Students build packet analysis skills and master the Wireshark networking tool.
  • Systems: The cybersecurity bootcamp focuses on Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Core Cybersecurity Topics: Coursework builds proficiency in network design and architecture, vulnerability assessment, cloud security, and access management.
  • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing: Students learn to identify, test, and close off security gaps.
  • Programming and Scripting: Instructors instill versatile and transferable computer science fundamentals.

Learners also explore various career paths available to professionals with cybersecurity training.

Data Analytics

Trilogy's data analytics and visualization workshop teaches the skills needed to transform raw data into valuable insights. Learners learn data analytics tools, programming languages, libraries, and software platforms.

In addition to building intermediate-level Microsoft Excel skills, students learn Python and front-end web visualization. Targeted database instruction covers querying tools including Postgres/pgAdmin, MongoDB, and Extract-Transform-Load.

Data analytics students also complete coursework in:

  • Statistical modeling and forecasting
  • Business intelligence platforms
  • Machine learning

The program emphasizes deep data analytics knowledge required to boost employer growth and drive process improvements.


Fintech has dramatically transformed the global financial services landscape. This bootcamp teaches the unique skills tech professionals need to deliver next-generation banking solutions.

This cross-disciplinary bootcamp explores technical content across four major categories:

  • Programming: Fintech students focus primarily on learning Python and adjacent tools.
  • Financial Libraries: Students develop skills in NumPy, SciPy, FFN, and Quantopian.
  • Algorithmic Modeling: Trilogy's fintech bootcamp teaches detailed financial modeling and account management tools. Key examples cover risk-data aggregation, financial modeling and forecasting, and execution algorithms.
  • Machine Learning: Learners explore ways to apply machine learning technologies to the financial markets and portfolio management. Topics include algorithmic trading, linear regression, and the random forests classification method.

Learners also build valuable insights into the technical fundamentals of both finance and blockchain technology.

UX/UI Design

Trilogy and its educational partners have developed UX/UI labs that closely replicate real-world workplaces. They feature team-oriented environments that guide students to cooperate on projects with tight deadlines.

This instructional framework develops skills in:

  • User-centric design principles
  • Wireframing and visual prototyping
  • Web prototyping and development
  • UI development

Students build proficiencies with industry-standard UX/UI toolsets, including Figma and Adobe XD visual prototyping and wireframing platforms. Enrollees develop a strong working command of many programming languages, code hosting platforms, and libraries, including:

  • Bootstrap
  • GitHub
  • Javascript
  • jQuery

Web Development

Trilogy coding bootcamp reviews suggest that the company's web development workshops rank among its most popular programs. The course teaches full-stack skills in front-end and back-end development. It also equips students with the career-focused insights they need to navigate the competitive coding field.

Course content covers five main technical areas of focus:

  • Browser-based technologies
  • Local frameworks
  • Quality assurance and performance monitoring
  • Database querying and management
  • Deployment tools

The program also applies general computer science principles to Javascript platforms. Coursework covers algorithms, "Big O" notation, data structures, and design patterns. Graduates can pursue entry-level jobs in front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development.

How Do I Get Into Trilogy?

Trilogy's partner universities set their own admission standards. Some host institutions admit learners with no previous background experience. Others prefer applicants with at least some coding knowledge. In some cases, applicants from nontechnical backgrounds can bridge skill gaps by taking prep classes before beginning their bootcamps.

For more information, students should refer to the Trilogy partner university hosting the program of interest. Candidates can find the closest available program by completing this online form on Trilogy's website. Trilogy reviews the submission and respond with a list of suitable bootcamps in your area.

Trilogy Payment Options

Payment terms and options vary among Trilogy's partner providers. Dozens of universities host Trilogy Education Services bootcamps. In each case, the partner university sets its own tuition payment options.

Depending on the host institution, payment options may include:

  • Discounts for full, upfront payment
  • Monthly payment plans
  • Government-backed and/or private student loans

Trilogy also offers a discount program that reduces fees for applicants who meet eligibility requirements. The company also offers scholarships to learners from historically underrepresented communities.

Is Trilogy Worth It?

Trilogy coding bootcamp reviews are generally positive. On the whole, participants tend to feel they received adequate-to-excellent value for their money. Many also credit their Trilogy tech education with helping them land stable, well-paid tech jobs.

However, Trilogy does not openly publish student outcomes data. It tracks student data across many individual metrics but only shares this information with partner universities.

Candidates should evaluate all available tech training options before making a final decision. Compare Trilogy to other top bootcamps and consider if a traditional degree might better fit your objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trilogy Bootcamp

Is Trilogy bootcamp online?

Trilogy Education Services offers online bootcamps through its university partners. All online bootcamps follow part-time schedules and take 24 weeks to complete.

How much does Trilogy Education Services cost?

Trilogy does not publish the costs of its programs directly. Instead, tuition is determined by the partner universities that host the programs. Generally, Trilogy programs range from $10,000-$13,000.

Is Trilogy the best coding bootcamp?

No company, including Trilogy, can claim to be the "best coding bootcamp." However, Trilogy coding bootcamp reviews are generally positive, and many students report solid career outcomes.

Are bootcamps worth it?

Computer science bootcamps develop job-focused skills on short timelines. They offer a convenient and efficient alternative to earning a degree. However, bootcamps follow intense schedules that tend to better match students with some coding knowledge. Candidates should balance the pros and cons in determining whether a bootcamp or a traditional degree is worth their time and money.

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