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Updated January 17, 2023 · 5 Min Read

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App Academy has placed over 4,500 graduates in jobs with over 2,000 employers. The company offers three bootcamps. App Academy bootcamps serve students with no prior coding experience. The company also provides career guidance so graduates can land tech careers.

Our review examines App Academy's bootcamps, courses, and program costs.

What Does App Academy Offer?

App Academy helps students with no prior coding knowledge learn software engineering skills. The organization's Bootcamp Prep program readies inexperienced students for the full bootcamp.

The four-week Bootcamp Prep course guarantees admission to either App Academy or a program on App Academy's top coding bootcamps list. Students who complete Bootcamp Prep and do not gain admission to one of these bootcamps qualify for a refund.

App Academy offers three immersive coding bootcamps that develop full-stack skills. Two are full-time software engineering programs. One runs for 16 weeks, and the other runs for 24 weeks. The third (online) bootcamp follows a 48-week, part-time schedule.

App Academy's costs include extensive student support resources. Each learner gains access to:

  • An experienced software engineer who serves as a cohort mentor
  • Daily support from a program graduate now working in the tech industry
  • A career advisor who provides job search prep and assistance

Tuition rates for App Academy match those of other leading bootcamps. App Academy learners can choose to pay nothing upfront until after accepting a tech job offer.

Key highlights of the App Academy model include:

Flexible Learning Options
Students can study full or part time. Full-time learners follow a set morning-to-evening schedule. Part-time programs entail weekday evening sessions and Saturday day sessions.
Pay Nothing Upfront
Bootcamp participants are not required to make tuition payments until they are hired into a tech job. For online learners, tuition payments are not due unless a graduate's job pays at least $50,000 per year.

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App Academy Snapshot

  • Cost: Upfront costs range from $17,000-$22,000. Learners who opt for financing plans or income-sharing deferral agreements may pay different rates.

  • Payment Options: Students can pay upfront, through financing, or through App Academy's income-sharing tuition deferral program.

  • Learning Options: App Academy's full-time programs run from 16-24 weeks. Part-time students study online and follow a 48-week schedule.

  • Employment Rate: Of the 16-week immersive program's 2019 graduates, 95% of New York students landed jobs, as did 93% of San Francisco students.

  • U.S. Average Starting Salary: First-year average salaries for 2019 graduates were $86,900 (New York) and $104,000 (San Francisco).

App Academy Courses

App Academy offers multiple programs to people transitioning into tech careers. The company's lineup includes App Academy Open, which delivers the entire curriculum at no cost. Students who need a stronger foundation before beginning the bootcamp can complete a prep workshop. Structured and self-paced prep courses are also available.

Prep workshops prime learners to succeed in an immersive bootcamp. These immersive programs include introductory modules, which develop foundational skills. However, the prep programs help give inexperienced coders an extra leg up.

16-Week Software Engineering Immersive

The 16-week in-person immersive software engineering bootcamp helps turn novices into capable full-stack developers. Students learn programming languages and application frameworks, including JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, and SQL. The bootcamp also covers object-oriented programming, algorithms, and database querying.

In the final weeks, learners carry out their own full-stack project. The bootcamp concludes with a live job interview preparation seminar.

  • Cost: $17,000 (upfront)
  • Student Outcomes: In 2019, 93% of San Francisco graduates and 95% of New York graduates landed jobs. Their average starting salaries were $104,000 and $86,900, respectively.
  • Admission Requirements: Applicants complete a five-step process, including interviews and assessments.

24-Week Online Software Engineering Immersive

The 24-week immersive online program develops full-stack software engineering skills. After a prep session, students complete a series of modules. These take several weeks and cover:

  • Programming, computer science, and web development fundamentals
  • Front-end and back-end engineering
  • The Python programming language
  • A full-stack portfolio project and career guidance
  • Cost: $20,000 (upfront)
  • Admission Requirements: A five-step process screens applicants through interviews, assessments, and challenges.

Part-Time Online Software Engineering Immersive

The part-time App Academy immersive program covers the same content as its 24-week, full-time counterpart. Coursework unfolds over 48 weeks. App academy suggests students should devote at least 27.5 hours per week to classes, assessments, and coursework.

Schedules include three-hour evening sessions from Monday-Thursday and a daytime Saturday session. On-demand support is available to students working on projects outside of scheduled class hours.

  • Cost: $22,000 (upfront lump sum)
  • Admission Requirements: Prospective students must submit an application and undergo nontechnical and technical assessments. The admission process also includes an interview.

Is App Academy Worth It?

App Academy reviews indicate high levels of student satisfaction. Out of over 1,000 Course Report reviews as of November 2021, graduates gave App Academy 4.7 out of five stars.

App Academy students can pay for the bootcamp using an income-sharing tuition deferral payment option. Through this option, learners pay $0 in tuition until they get a job paying at least $50,000 per year.

However, tuition deferral students must pay 15% of their income to App Academy for three years after getting a qualifying job. These payments are capped at $36,000. Students should note that the deferred tuition option may total much more than the $20,000 upfront price.

For some students, a traditional bachelor's in computer science may offer more value than App Academy. Learners might also consider other top bootcamps if App Academy doesn't seem like a good fit.

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Questions About App Academy

How do I prepare for App Academy?

App Academy offers preparation courses for inexperienced students. These courses deliver the foundational skills to succeed in a bootcamp. Learners who complete Bootcamp Prep also receive guaranteed admission.

Is learning coding hard?

Yes, coding can be hard for beginners. However, these immersive and structured bootcamp programs provide guidance and support for inexperienced coders. Many beginners succeed in bootcamps.

Is it difficult to get into App Academy?

App Academy's admission process involves multiple steps, including nontechnical assessments and technical challenges. However, the bootcamp is inclusive and a good option for newcomers.

Is App Academy worth it?

App Academy bootcamps can be worth it for some people depending on the return on investment. For example, App Academy prices range from $17,000-$22,000. Many graduates can land jobs paying $50,000 per year or more.

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