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Updated September 12, 2022

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In 2012, tech entrepreneur Michael Choi began training career-ready developers for fast-growing technology firms. Soon, Choi took his idea public with a coding bootcamp in Mountain View, California. Thus, Coding Dojo was born.

Over the next decade, Coding Dojo grew to other locations around the West Coast and added more programs to the curriculum. To date, the school has graduated more than 8,000 students. In 2020, 91.1% of graduates found relevant jobs within one year.

What Does a Coding Dojo Bootcamp Offer?

Coding Dojo bootcamps feature immersive, hands-on experience with coding languages and frameworks. The program provides four complete bootcamps and three free courses. Students can learn online or at multiple locations around the West Coast, making the programs accessible for many prospective enrollees.

Their program portfolio includes cybersecurity, UI/UX design, data science, and software development. Coding Dojo keeps its curriculum up to date through market research and connections with hiring managers across the country.

The school also employs experienced instructors with real-world knowledge and expertise. Since each instructor teaches just 1-2 courses and courses enroll no more than 50 students, it's easy for learners to interact regularly with their teachers.

Part-time students invest about 20 hours a week for 16-24 weeks, while full-time learners spend 70-90 hours a week over about 14 weeks. Students can receive exam vouchers for industry certification exams, such as the CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA CySA+.

Graduates can expect to be competitive for jobs in the industry. Six months after graduation, Coding Dojo's job placement rate is 83.8%, and within one year, that rate rises to 91.1%, thanks in part to the bootcamp's career services program.

Coding Dojo specifically excels at the following:

  • Career Services

  • Coding Dojo offers lifetime access to its career services. Graduates can reach out for job placement and career development assistance whenever necessary.

  • Financial Aid Options

  • Students can use scholarships, grants, loans, and installment plans as financial aid. Coding Dojo also has a relief fund for students who demonstrate significant need.

  • Social Impact

  • Coding Dojo gives back by retraining refugees and immigrants. The school also features a full-ride scholarship to formerly incarcerated individuals, along with scholarships for people from underrepresented groups.

Coding Dojo Snapshot

Cost: $11,995 - $15,495

Payment Options: Pay in full, installment plans, loans, scholarships

Learning Options: Coding Dojo offers full-time, part-time, and flexible programs. Part-time programs take 16-32 weeks, and full-time bootcamps require 14 weeks.

Locations: Online; Bellevue, Washington; Los Angeles, California; Silicon Valley, California

Student Outcomes: 14,000+ students trained; 83.8% of graduates have a job within six months of graduating, and 91.1% have a job within one year of graduation; 26.14% of graduates received a promotion within one year of graduation

Employment Rate: 97.4%

U.S. Average Starting Salary: $69,478

Coding Dojo Courses of Study

Coding Dojo offers courses in software development, data science, UI/UX design, and cybersecurity. These bootcamps allow enrollees to learn multiple programming languages and frameworks to grow into well-rounded developers.

In addition to its bootcamps, Coding Dojo offers free courses such as intro to Python and intro to web development. These resources can help future students prepare for Coding Dojo's rigorous bootcamp curricula.

Software Development

Offered since 2012, Coding Dojo's software development bootcamp is the company's flagship program. This three-stack curriculum walks learners through programming basics, web fundamentals, Python full stack, Javascript full stack, and Java.

Coding Dojo offers on-site full-time, online full-time, online part-time accelerated, and online part-time flex options. Graduates can pursue entry-level programming jobs.

Cost: The program charges $15,495 for paid-in-full students who take all three stacks. Taking fewer stacks, paying on an installment plan, or securing a loan may alter the program's cost.

Learning Options: On-site and online full-time options both take 14 weeks. The online part-time accelerated program takes 16-32 weeks, and the online part-time flex option requires 28 weeks.

Location: Online; Los Angeles, California; Silicon Valley, California

Data Science

Coding Dojo's online, part-time data science bootcamp focuses on the fundamentals of data science with an emphasis on Python machine learning. Topics include data analysis, data visualization, and applying machine learning algorithms. Students use technologies such as Mathplotlib, Folium, and Scikit-Learn.

While new enrollees should understand Python, they do not need a background in statistics, coding, or data science. After the bootcamp, students will have developed a portfolio of projects.

Cost: The program charges $10,495 for paid-in-full students and $11,495 for individuals who pay on an installment plan. Using a loan may change the program's total cost.

Learning Options: Coding Dojo only offers a part-time option that lasts 16 weeks and requires about 20 hours per week.

Location: Online


Coding Dojo's part-time, online cybersecurity course delivers extensive practical experience in identifying, assessing, reporting, and thwarting cybersecurity threats. Learners attend two-hour lectures twice each week and spend 75% of their time in the sandbox defending and attacking each other.

Students learn to use tools such as Kali Linux, Metasploit, and Wireshark. Graduates receive vouchers to take the CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA CySA+ exams.

Cost: The program charges $15,495 for paid-in-full students and $16,495 for enrollees who pay on installment plans. Using a loan may change the program's total cost.

Learning Options: Coding Dojo only offers a part-time option that lasts 24 weeks and requires about 20 hours per week.

Location: Online

UI/UX Design

Coding Dojo's UI/UX design program emphasizes the real-world skills and techniques students use to make design decisions. Enrollees take two weeks of pre-course work in design setup, processes, and roles before launching into the curriculum. After 11 weeks of proficiency work, each enrollee completes a client project.

Learning experiences workshops, meetings with faculty, feedback on design, and self study. The course concludes after enrollees develop personalized roadmaps to their new careers.

Cost: The program charges $11,995 for paid-in-full students and $13,495 for learners paying on installment plans. Using a loan may change the program's total cost.

Learning Options: Coding Dojo only offers a part-time option that lasts 24 weeks and requires about 20 hours per week.

Location: Online

How Do I Get Into a Coding Dojo Bootcamp?

Applying to a Coding Dojo bootcamp is a straightforward process. Applicants can start by calling and talking with admissions advisors about courses and finance options. Each candidate fills out an online application and participates in a short, non-technical interview. After the interview, Coding Dojo takes about 2-3 days to respond.

The programs require no prerequisites other than a GED certificate or high school diploma. However, prospective enrollees with no programming experience may want to complete a free programming basics course. Coding Dojo's tuition varies by program.

Coding Dojo Payment Options

Students can use scholarships, grants, loans, relief funds, and installment plans to help manage costs.

Scholarships and grants cover partial costs. Loans, however, can cover up to 100% of a student's tuition. Prospective students can apply for loans through Ascent Funding and Climb Credit.

Relief funds may help applicants from communities historically underrepresented in technology careers. Installment plans carry zero interest and allow students to pay at regular intervals throughout the program.

Qualifying graduates can pay the remaining costs through an income share agreement, in which they pay a portion of their salary after securing a job. Applicants interested in discussing financing options should contact admissions counselors.

Is Coding Dojo Worth It?

Coding Dojo is a great bootcamp provider for people looking to break into the tech industry. The comprehensive program covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. However, some students could find the fast-paced curriculum overwhelming. While the program is not cheap, Coding Dojo offers extensive financial aid packages that could help learners meet their budgets.

Who should consider this bootcamp over going back to school? A bootcamp is a solid choice for professionals already working in the industry who want to update their skillsets or need a refresher course.

Prospective students looking to teach, perform research, or move into technology management should probably consider computer science degrees, though. Many online schools offer affordable four-year degree options in data science, cybersecurity, or software engineering.

Questions About Coding Dojo Bootcamps

Is Coding Dojo free?

Coding Dojo is not a free bootcamp provider. However, they offer several financing options to make attending their program more affordable. Additionally, Coding Dojo features scholarships for students who demonstrate financial need.

How much does Coding Dojo Cost?

Costs vary by program, generally ranging from $11,995 to $15,495.

What bootcamp programs does Coding Dojo offer?

Coding Dojo offers four bootcamp topics — software development, data science, cybersecurity, and UI/UX design. Students may take software development in a part-time or full-time format. All other programs feature part-time delivery.

Can Coding Dojo help you get a job?

Coding Dojo is one of the most popular bootcamp providers in the United States. With online and multiple in-person options plus a commitment to helping students learn the skills they need to get a job, Coding Dojo is an excellent choice for individuals looking to start careers in coding.

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