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Updated September 12, 2022

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Former Microsoft developer Ludovic Fourrage founded Nucamp coding bootcamp in 2016. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, the company hosts bootcamps across the U.S. and online.

Nucamp programs teach coding fundamentals to motivated learners looking to grow or change their careers. On average, 75% of Nucamp students graduate from their programs.

Nucamp coding programs prioritize affordability. Students can apply for scholarships or a fair student agreement (FSA) that offers monthly payment installments and deferred repayment options.

This guide answers the question, "Is Nucamp legit?" and covers what to expect from Nucamp programs.

What Does Nucamp Offer?

Nucamp offers coding programs for beginner and advanced programmers. Learners with little experience can start with the web development fundamentals bootcamp. Then, students can continue with the back-end, front-end, and full-stack development bootcamps.

Students who complete the entire sequence of Nucamp bootcamps learn to create cascading style sheets, algorithms, and mobile applications using tools like Visual Studio Code and GitHub. Courses take 4-22 weeks to complete. Nucamp hosts fully online and hybrid bootcamps throughout the year, giving enrollees scheduling flexibility.

Enrollees can use scholarships to lower their tuition costs. They can also apply for Nucamp's FSA to enjoy low registration fees, monthly payment installments, and deferred tuition.

After graduation, Nucamp supports its learners with one-on-one career coaching, career development resources, and lifetime community and content access. Graduates also gain access to an exclusive job board featuring junior developer positions.

Students who complete the entire sequence of Nucamp bootcamps learn to create cascading style sheets, algorithms, and mobile applications using tools like Visual Studio Code and GitHub.

The bootcamp welcomes applicants 18 and older with any level of programming experience. Students must bring a laptop meeting Nucamp's minimum specifications to each class. After registering, enrollees participate in an introductory program to meet their classmates and become familiar with the tools they use during the bootcamp.

Nucamp coding bootcamp stands out in the following areas:

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Monthly installments and after-graduation payments allow Nucamp students to pay for their program with budget-friendly options. They can also apply for scholarships to reduce tuition costs.
  • Career Coaching

    A dedicated career coach helps graduates prepare for their new careers through coaching sessions, answering questions, and assisting with job searches.
  • Portfolio Promotion

    Nucamp bootcamp students graduate with several completed portfolio projects showcasing their skills. Nucamp promotes select projects on its YouTube channel for prospective employers to review.

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Snapshot of Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

  • Cost: $399-$2,240, or $349-$1,940 for early-bird tuition.
  • Payment Options: Interest-free installments, deferred payments, loans, scholarships, Amazon Career Choice Program.
  • Locations: Bellevue, Washington; coworking spaces across the country; and online.
  • Student Outcomes: As of January 2022, 69% of students from Nucamp's two most recent cohorts graduated.
  • Employment Rate: Nucamp January 2022 data shows that 85% of graduates use skills learned at their bootcamps in their jobs or side projects within six months of graduation.

Nucamp Bootcamp Programs

Nucamp offers coding bootcamp programs for learners of all levels. Students can begin their learning journey with web development fundamentals and end with the Nucamp full-stack development program.

Nucamp also bundles all four courses for learners interested in completing the full path.

Web Development Fundamentals

Nucamp begins its coding bootcamp series with web development fundamentals. The program targets a new topic each week, like HTML/CSS and beginner JavaScript. Web development students create four hands-on projects, including a dating website and an interactive game, to add to their portfolios.

Cohorts begin every five weeks, allowing learners to choose a start date that fits their schedule.

Cost: $399, or $349 for early bird tuition

Learning Options: Complete the full-time course in four weeks.

Back-End, SQL, and DevOps Developer with Python

Learners with web development experience can enroll in the Python back-end, SQL, and DevOps program. The course incorporates the Google Cloud and Firestone, Amazon AWS, and other development tools to manage data and algorithms.

Nucamp also introduces students to Python, the software development life cycle, and continuous integration and delivery. Each unit culminates with a related portfolio project.

Cost: $1,840, or $1,540 for early-bird tuition

Learning Options: Complete the full-time course in 16 weeks.

Front-End Web and Mobile Developer

Nucamp's front-end web and mobile developer program builds on application and web development knowledge to help students fine-tune their skills. Enrollees learn to create responsive, mobile-friendly sites and apps. They also use Git and Github to code collaboratively with others.

The three-section course asks learners to complete portfolio projects incorporating UI framework, React, and multiplatform app development.

Cost: $1,840, or $1,540 for early bird tuition

Learning Options: Complete the full-time course in 17 weeks.

Full-Stack Web and Mobile App Developer

Complete the Nucamp learning path with the full-stack web and mobile app developer course. This program teaches data management and web application architecture. Students also learn advanced tools like MongoDB, npm, and NodeJS.

Four portfolio projects spotlight each student's understanding of tools and concepts like Bootstrap, advanced JavaScript, and server-side development.

Cost: $2,240, or $1,940 for early bird tuition

Learning Options: Complete the full-time course in 22 weeks.

​​How Do I Get Into Nucamp Coding Bootcamp?

Nucamp coding bootcamp offers a streamlined admissions process. Applicants must be at least 18 by the bootcamp's start date. Enrollees need a laptop less than three years old with at least 8GB of RAM and an Intel i5 or equivalent processor.

Prospective students can have any degree of coding knowledge. However, Nucamp recommends that beginners start with the web development fundamentals course. Applicants can determine the course best suited to their needs with a 25-question placement test.

Nucamp requires enrollees to pay their first month's tuition at registration. Students should set aside 2-5 hours each day for the program.

Nucamp Payment Options

Nucamp coding programs prioritize affordability. Students can pay in monthly installments through Nucamp, with the first month's tuition due at registration.

Nucamp also partners with Climb Credit to offer various loan options, including a loan that defers tuition payments until after graduation. Other flexible loans allow learners to pay less per month during the program or pay their loans faster with higher monthly payments.

More options to reduce tuition include scholarships and the Amazon Career Choice Program. The latter option pays 95% of tuition, while students pay 5%.

Is Nucamp Bootcamp Worth It?

Nucamp does not require any previous coding experience to enroll, making the bootcamp accessible for learners of all levels. It also features payment plans, loans, and scholarship options to make tuition affordable.

Before beginning a coding bootcamp like Nucamp, consider whether its schedule, cost, and program culture fit your needs.

In addition, learners choose when to begin their studies based on each course's rolling start dates.

However, much of Nucamp's weekly work is self-paced. This can be challenging for students who thrive with one-on-one instruction and accountability. Also, Nucamp's exclusive job board designed for junior developers may not lead to the higher-level programming positions some graduates seek.

Before beginning a coding bootcamp like Nucamp, consider whether its schedule, cost, and program culture fit your needs. You might also consider pursuing a traditional computer science degree for more in-depth programming coverage.

FAQs About Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

Is Nucamp legit?

Nucamp provides legitimate coding bootcamps for learners of all levels. Before registering, we recommend downloading the syllabus for the course you are interested in and speaking with a Nucamp advisor to find the best fit for you.

Is learning coding at Nucamp hard?

Nucamp offers courses for programmers at each stage of their learning journey. Concepts become more challenging with each course level, so beginners should start with the web development program to learn fundamentals.

Does Nucamp teach full-stack development?

The full-stack web and mobile app developer course covers full-stack development. Students work with tools like Bootstrap and React Native to create responsive web and mobile applications during the 22-week course.

How many hours a week is Nucamp coding bootcamp?

Enrollees should set aside 18 hours per week for their course. Students complete 8-14 hours of coursework from Sunday through Friday and attend an instructor-led workshop online or in-person each Saturday for four hours.

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