Rutgers Coding Bootcamp Review


Updated September 13, 2022

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Founded in 1766, Rutgers, The State Univeristy of New Jersey, is the eighth-oldest postsecondary school in the nation. A top national research university, Rutgers maintains over 300 research centers in New Jersey.

Rutgers offers online bootcamps through its Division of Continuing Studies and Center for Innovative Education. On this page, readers can learn about Rutgers' bootcamp programs, including costs, career services, and coursework.

What Does Rutgers Offer?

Rutgers provides flexible online bootcamps for students with busy schedules. Learners can access real-time support and resources from any location. Evening and weekend class options provide more flexibility for busy learners. Graduates can also take advantage of Rutgers' extensive networking opportunities.

Rutgers' bootcamps run on a quarterly system, with full- and part-time options available. Each program typically lasts 3-6 months. Bootcamp applicants do not need to enroll as university students, but candidates must apply for this program. All applicants must be 18 or older and submit a high school diploma or equivalent.

Rutgers' bootcamps run on a quarterly system, with full- and part-time options available.

Rutgers University alumni can apply for a $500 scholarship for bootcamp tuition. Students must supply their own computers, but all other course materials are included.

Rutgers bootcamps benefit from the university's pool of resources, including:

Extensive Career Services and Networking
Rutgers' bootcamps pair students with dedicated career coaches. Participants can take advantage of job interview prep courses with mock interviews, one-on-one coaching, and field-specific workshops. Rutgers also partners with over 260 employers to help match graduates with open positions.
Experienced Staff
Rutgers hires experienced professionals to teach bootcamp courses. These instructors share their expertise and give industry advice. Some worked at major companies like Riot Games, Disney, and IBM.
Student Support Services
Bootcamp participants can communicate through a dedicated Slack channel to discuss course materials, ask questions, or contact their peers. Rutgers offers online office hours and weekly tutoring sessions. Students can also submit feedback via weekly surveys.

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Rutgers Bootcamp Snapshot

  • Cost: $11,995-$12,995
  • Payment Options: Interest-free plan with monthly payments based on the initial required deposit.
  • Learning Options: Rutgers offers full- and part-time options for the coding bootcamp. The data science and financial tech (FinTech) bootcamps only run part time. The full-time coding program lasts six months, while the part-time bootcamps run for three months.
  • Locations: 100% online; Somerset, New Jersey; Jersey City, New Jersey
  • U.S. Average Annual Starting Salary: $100,560 (data scientists)

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Rutgers Bootcamp Programs

Rutgers provides three bootcamps: coding, data science, and financial technology and analysis. Students do not need prior experience to enroll in a bootcamp. However, Rutgers suggests that coding bootcamp applicants have some previous coding experience.

While Rutgers does not offer free prep courses, enrollees can access pre-course tutorials for the coding program. Rutgers also recommends that data science and FinTech bootcamp enrollees have a bachelor's degree or two years of experience in business or mathematics before.


Rutgers' coding bootcamp teaches students the necessary coding skills to become full-stack web developers. Students can complete this program in three months (full time) or six months (part time). The curriculum covers three major units: front-end fundamentals, full-stack development, and advanced front-end development and database frameworks.

Participants learn common languages used for web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Most coursework is project based. For example, students create small business websites for mobile devices and personal task trackers in the first unit. Graduates can pursue software development, web design, and technical project management positions.

  • Cost: $11,995 (part time); $12,995 (full time)
  • Admission Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent; pass a test in critical thinking and problem-solving

Data Science

The data science bootcamp teaches participants to visualize and interpret data. Graduates may pursue careers as data analysts, data engineers, or software engineers. The curriculum includes six modules.

This bootcamp begins with a section on Excel and statistics modeling. Students then learn Python, plus Python-based data analysis tools like Pandas and NumPy. The remaining modules cover databases, web visualization, and advanced topics like machine learning.

The bootcamp ends with a capstone project, where students work in groups to create data-visualization software from scratch. Rutgers regularly updates the curriculum to reflect new industry trends and demands.

  • Cost: $12,495
  • Admission Requirements: High school diploma or its equivalent; pass a test in critical thinking and problem-solving


Rutgers' project-based FinTech curriculum matches New York City's market demands This program combines computer science and business finance to prepare students for jobs with insurance agencies, investment banks, and other financial firms.

The FinTech bootcamp begins with an overview of time-series analysis, financial ratios, and current financial technology. Participants then learn Python and explore cryptocurrencies through blockchains like Ethereum.

Learners also study machine learning and how to use it for financial planning. By the end of the program, students should be able to build blockchains with Solidity and make predictions based on financial data.

  • Cost: $12,995
  • Admission Requirements: High school diploma or its equivalent; pass a test in critical thinking and problem-solving

Is the Rutgers Coding Bootcamp Worth It?

The best coding bootcamps balance cost, flexibility, location, and prestige. Rutgers' bootcamp costs align with typical bootcamp prices, which range from $7,500-$13,950, according to a 2019 RTI Press report.

While the name of Rutgers' coding bootcamp might imply a focus on core programming skills and software development, the curriculum is similar to that of a web development bootcamp.

Rutgers' bootcamp costs align with typical bootcamp prices, which range from $7,500-$13,950, according to a 2019 RTI Press report.

Rutgers' bootcamp learners access career and student support services, similar to benefits from traditional college programs. Prospective students should consider that certain tech employers may prefer applicants with computer science degrees.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rutgers Bootcamps

How much does Rutgers coding bootcamp cost?

The cost of Rutgers coding bootcamp depends on whether you enroll part or full time. The part-time program costs $11,995 while the full-time bootcamp costs $12,995. These prices may change over time and only reflect tuition costs.

Can I learn data science at Rutgers bootcamp?

Yes, you can learn data science through Rutgers' part-time data science bootcamp. The program teaches important data science skills like Python programming, database management, and machine learning.

Will Rutgers bootcamp help me get a job?

A Rutgers bootcamp can give you skills and resources to aid in your job search. However, the bootcamp alone may not land you a position. Many employers want applicants with a traditional degree or relevant work experience.

Is Rutgers' bootcamp worth it?

Every student has different educational needs, so it is difficult to determine whether Rutgers' bootcamps are "worth it" for everyone. The best coding bootcamps typically align with a student's career goals and budget. For example, the FinTech bootcamp may fit those pursuing financial technology. However, an aspiring user interface designer might benefit more from a dedicated program that Rutgers does not offer.

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