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Coding bootcamps offer streamlined computer science training in hands-on, intensive learning formats. Students can enroll in bootcamps as an alternative or supplement to traditional postsecondary schooling. Java bootcamp enrollees learn to design programs using Java coding language.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in computer and information technology to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations.

Java bootcamps also prepare professionals for specific developer roles in the growing tech workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in computer and information technology to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations.

Continue reading to learn more about the java bootcamp requirements, costs, and job opportunities after graduation. Prospective coders can begin their program search with our roundup of Java bootcamps at the end of this page.

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What Is a Java Bootcamp?

Programmers use Java to create, update, and improve internet-based applications. Java coding uses object-oriented language to operate across platforms and systems. Many applications use Java to enable online chatting, gaming, and image-viewing.

Java coding bootcamps can take as few as 12 weeks to complete. Coursework in these bootcamps targets the tech skills many entry- or junior-level positions require. Coding bootcamps can seem intense, but many programs offer slower, part-time study schedules that give working professionals flexibility.

Learners can pursue Java bootcamps entirely online, in person, or in a hybrid format. Many universities offer coding bootcamps in a variety of programming languages and instruction styles. Independent companies like General Assembly and Girl Develop It also offer diverse coding bootcamps across the country.

Skills Learned in Java Bootcamps

Java bootcamps focus on building practical skills that can satisfy entry-level programming job requirements. During the bootcamp, learners may complete their coding projects in teams to replicate professional tech settings. Many bootcamps prepare enrollees to pursue specific roles after graduating.

  • Object-Oriented Programming: Java organizes data and code in an object-oriented style. Java bootcamps teach enrollees the essential aspects of object-oriented programming — encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism. Students learn to use these principles to structure software programs.
  • Java Syntax: Programming syntax is the rules and structure programmers use to write code. Bootcamp enrollees learn Java syntax for back-end development of computer programs and applications. Mastering Java syntax can also help learners develop a strong foundation for learning other coding styles.
  • Error Handling: All programs and applications are subject to errors, so tech professionals need to develop error-handling skills. This troubleshooting process involves the anticipation, detection, and resolution of errors. Students need a strong understanding of object-oriented programming and syntax to resolve issues.
  • Portfolio Development: When applying to programming jobs, bootcamp graduates can display programming abilities through their portfolios. Many Java bootcamps help enrollees build portfolio websites that showcase programming work in efficient and accessible layouts. Creating portfolios also helps tech professionals develop their personal brands for future career opportunities.

What Will a Java Bootcamp Cost?

Bootcamps continue to grow in popularity due to their intensive job training and relatively affordable price. Though less expensive than a traditional postsecondary degree, prospective bootcamp attendees should still budget for the program’s cost, application fees, prerequisite courses, and the technology they need to participate.

An RTI Press study reported a $13,500 median tuition for full-time, comprehensive career preparation programs, like bootcamps, in 2017. Java bootcamp tuition costs vary based on delivery format, program length, and course load. It is important to note that bootcamps rarely qualify for federal financial aid.

An RTI Press study reported a $13,500 median tuition for full-time, comprehensive career preparation programs, like bootcamps, in 2017.

Bootcamp enrollees who cannot pay the full price in advance can seek alternative payment options like deferred tuition, income share agreements, or loans. Many bootcamps also provide job guarantees upon graduation or waive upfront payments.

What Jobs Can I Get After a Java Bootcamp?

Java developer bootcamps provide coding and programming skills that help graduates pursue jobs as software developers, web developers, computer programmers, video game designers, and network administrators. Continue reading to learn more about the salary and job outlook for these careers.

Compare Careers in Computer Science

Software Developer

Software developers rely on coding language skills to build computer programs and applications. Since Java is one of the most popular programming languages, software developers with Java proficiency can use their skills to write, modify, and debug software coding in many environments.

  • Median Annual Salary: $110,140
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): +22%

Web Developer

Web developers use programming code like Java to make website features work correctly. These professionals apply Java principles to back-end web development for writing code, creating updates, and troubleshooting issues.

  • Median Annual Salary: $77,200
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): +13%

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write programs in various computer languages, including Java. Programmers also test applications to ensure they produce intended results and fix faulty lines of code.

  • Median Annual Salary: $89,190
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): -10%

Video Game Designer

Video game designers use computer software to create visual effects and layouts. Professionals with Java coding experience may also use object-oriented programming to create interactive chat functions and video game play.

  • Median Annual Salary: $53,380
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): +3%

Network Administrator

Network administrators install hardware and software systems to support organizational network needs. They must be proficient in languages like Java. Bootcamps can help support professionals in learning how to complete some functions of this position.

  • Median Annual Salary: $84,810
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): +5%

Other Computer Science Education Options

Java bootcamps offer quick, affordable education for entry-level tech careers. However, professionals may need additional education to secure higher-level positions. In traditional degree programs, enrollees can build on the coding skills developed in bootcamps.

Graduate programs like master’s and doctoral degrees let learners specialize in specific subfields and complete original research. Below, we explore alternative computer science education pathways:

Associate Degree in Computer Science

Associate degrees in computer science work well for students who want to pursue entry- or junior-level tech positions and work their way up in the field.

Learn More About Associate Degrees

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Bachelor’s degrees in computer science provide a strong foundation in the field that may qualify graduates for many tech opportunities.

Learn More About Bachelor's Degrees

Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Master’s degrees in computer science allow learners to specialize in a niche area of the tech industry, conduct research, and hone their skills.

Learn More About Master's Degrees

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Doctoral degrees in computer science permit highly motivated professionals to research, solve issues in the tech industry, and prepare to educate the next generation of students.

Learn More About Doctoral Degrees

Explore Other Coding Bootcamps

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Java?

    Java is an object-oriented programming language. Programmers and coders use languages like Java to make websites and applications function correctly.

  • How quickly can I learn Java?

    Short-term Java bootcamps can take as few as 12 weeks to teach enrollees Java fundamentals. The length of bootcamps vary based on style of instruction and program requirements.

  • Is Java easy for beginners?

    Java can be a good introduction to coding because it features similar syntax to English. Coders can build on their skills once they have a strong Java foundation.

  • Are Java bootcamps worth it?

    Java bootcamps can help jumpstart tech careers with lower educational investments than traditional degrees. Some bootcamps even offer employment guarantees upon graduation.

Top Bootcamps for Learning Java

This list compiles the best Java bootcamps in alphabetical order. These intensive Java bootcamps prepare students for careers in tech. The five highlighted programs below include some of the most well-known bootcamps according to name recognition and popularity.

  • Coding Dojo

    Coding Dojo offers online and in-person coding bootcamps focused on software development, data science, and cybersecurity. The school boasts more than 6,000 alumni.

    Self-Paced Coding Bootcamp

    Coding Dojo’s coding bootcamp lets students specialize in a particular programming language, such as Java, Python, and MERN. Learners can complete the Java bootcamp online at their own pace. The program offers accelerated two-month and four-month options.

    The course covers full-stack development, with on-demand curriculum access and an optional final project. The curriculum includes interactive activities, quizzes, and videos. Students get one-on-one mentorship check-ins and instructor support. This self-guided bootcamp requires prior software development experience.

    • Cost: $1,950 (2-month plan), $3,850 (4-month plan)
    • Format: Online, self paced
    • Length: 2 months or 4 months
    • CIRR Member: No
    • Other Courses Offered by Coding Dojo: Software development | Cybersecurity | Data science

    Coding Dojo’s Job Placement Assistance

    Coding Dojo offers graduates lifetime access to support from its career services team. The school places 89% of graduates in jobs within six months of graduation and 95% within one year of graduation.

    Visit Website

  • Kenzie Academy

    Kenzie Academy is a coding and user experience school in Indianapolis, Indiana. Students of all backgrounds and levels of experience can join this online bootcamp.

    Software Engineering Program with Amazon Technical Academy

    Kenzie Academy offers a software engineering bootcamp with Amazon Technical Academy. The program prepares students for entry-level software engineering positions at Amazon and other tech companies. The curriculum includes hands-on projects based on real-world applications.

    The fully online bootcamp takes 9-12 months to complete. Students earn a software engineering foundations certification after three months. They obtain a software engineering certification including back-end Java by the 12th month. Kenzie lets students create a customized learning plan that works for their schedule.

    • Cost: $16,000 upfront, $20,000 with payment plan
    • Format: Online, self paced
    • Length: 9-12 months
    • CIRR Member: No
    • Other Courses Offered by Kenzie Academy: UX design career program | User experience engineering program

    Kenzie Academy’s Job Placement Assistance

    Kenzie Academy offers job placement assistance four days a week via office hours or Slack. Placement advisors provide customized career guidance and help with resumes, interview preparation, and networking.

    Visit Website

  • Lambda School

    Located in Silicon Valley, California, Lambda School offers all bootcamps online. The school’s income share agreements allow students to defer tuition payments until they get a tech job.

    Backend Development Course

    Lambda School and Amazon developed the backend development course together. The curriculum covers beginning, intermediate, and advanced Java. Other topics include working with databases, designing with Java, and interview preparation.

    The bootcamp includes online classes with mandatory live instruction, daily projects, and weekly sprint challenges. Students may take advantage of optional support hours each day. Applicants need foundational Java skills and must pass the school’s back-end skills assessment. Students must also attend an orientation and complete pre-course work.

    • Cost: $30,000 (California, Georgia, Texas, and Washington, D.C. residents), $15,000 (other U.S. residents and international learners)
    • Format: Online, full time
    • Length: 9 months
    • CIRR Member: No
    • Other Courses Offered by Lambda School: Data science | Full-stack web development | Intro to HTML and CSS

    Lambda School’s Job Placement Assistance

    Lambda School helps students create a resume and portfolio, practice for interviews, and negotiate salaries.

    Visit Website

  • WozU

    Founded by Steve Wozniak, WozU offers training and certification programs that prepare students for tech careers in coding, app development, data science, and cybersecurity.

    Software Developer Training

    WozU’s software developer training teaches front-end, back-end, and database development. The 33-week, online bootcamp prepares students to become full-stack developers. The curriculum covers responsive design, agile development, and programming foundations. The program develops skills in Java, JavaScript, MySQL, and HTML5.

    Students take the training through a WozU partner school, like Southern Careers Institute or Belhaven University. The program includes a group software development project, which learners present in front of prospective employers and their family and friends.

    • Format: Online
    • Length: 33 weeks
    • CIRR Member: No
    • Other Courses Offered by WozU: Cybersecurity | Data science | Mobile application developer

    WozU’s Job Placement Assistance

    Graduates receive job placement assistance. This includes interview training, resume help, and access to WozU’s employment networking platform.

    Visit Website

  • Zip Code Wilmington

    One of the first nonprofit coding bootcamps, Zip Code Wilmington in Wilmington, Delaware, partners with several Fortune 500 companies to develop a relevant tech curriculum.

    Java Bootcamp

    Zip Code Willmington’s in-person Java bootcamp covers the basics of computational thinking, languages, frameworks, and tools. Students gain skills like project planning, code reviews, version control, and release management.

    The application does not require previous coding experience, but applicants need a basic familiarity with the fundamentals of coding to pass Zip Code Wilmington’s admissions assessment. Applicants need a high school diploma. They also must be able to legally work in the U.S. without sponsorship, and pass a criminal background check.

    • Cost: $12,000 ($6,000 upfront. The rest is forgiven if graduates are hired by one of Zip Code Wilmington’s corporate partners and work there for at least 26 weeks.)
    • Format: On campus, full time
    • Length: 12 weeks
    • CIRR Member: No
    • Other Courses Offered by Zip Code Wilmington: Data engineering and analytics

    Zip Code Wilmington’s Job Placement Assistance

    Zip Code Wilmington sets up interviews for graduates with its corporate partners. Students who do not get hired that way can continue to receive job placement assistance.

    Visit Website

Bootcamps offered in partnership with Trilogy Education Services

Trilogy Education Services works with postsecondary institutions around the world to offer tech training to companies. See the list of universities that Trilogy Education Services partners with below.

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