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Updated September 19, 2022

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A coding bootcamp can give you the skills to apply for in-demand tech careers. Students can find many top coding bootcamps in Houston, Texas.

Completing your coding education in Houston can offer many benefits. The greater Houston metro area is home to a growing tech industry. According to the Houston Tech Report, the city employs 243,908 people in tech occupations.

The median tech wages in Houston are 129% higher than the median national wages, reports Cyberstates. This indicates the demand for skilled tech workers in the city. A strong tech industry can make it easier to find internship opportunities or land a first job.

This roundup of Houston coding programs can be a great place to begin your search for the right bootcamp.

What Are Bootcamps in Houston Like?

Many providers offer excellent coding bootcamps in Houston. General coding bootcamps help students develop fundamental IT and programming skills. Some coding bootcamps focus on specialized areas of tech, like data science, full-stack development, or digital marketing.

A typical bootcamp is 16.5 weeks long, according to a 2019 RTI International report. Students can find Houston coding bootcamps online and in person and may attend full time, part time, or at their own pace. Independent providers offer some coding programs while others are affiliated with top universities.

Coding bootcamps usually take much less time to complete than an associate or bachelor's degree and offer greater flexibility. A bootcamp may cost less than a bachelor's program, but prices vary. Bootcamps feature minimal admission requirements, making them more accessible than many university programs.

Earning a college degree can open the door to more career opportunities and higher salaries, but attending a bootcamp can help you gain hands-on tech skills that many employers look for in applicants.

What Will a Bootcamp in Houston Cost?

The price of coding bootcamps in Houston depends on factors like the program provider, format, and length. Houston's cost of living is cheaper than the U.S. average, potentially making it more affordable to attend a bootcamp here than in more expensive cities.

In 2019, the typical cost of a bootcamp was between $7,500 and $13,950, reports RTI International. The overall costs of a coding bootcamp may include tuition, required software and other materials, and application fees. You may also want to factor in expenses like housing, food, and travel if you're attending an in-person program.

Payment options for bootcamps include paying upfront, deferred tuition, private loans, and income share agreements. Some programs also offer job guarantees or require no money upfront. Make sure to read the fine print and understand what you are agreeing before signing any contracts.

Jobs for Graduates of Houston Coding Bootcamps

Houston coding bootcamps can open the door to in-demand tech careers. Graduates typically work in the software, telecommunications and internet services, tech manufacturing, and IT services sectors. Below, we describe five common careers for coding bootcamp graduates in Houston.

Software Developer

Software developers create the programs and applications that let computers and other devices correctly complete tasks. They need good programming, math, debugging, and problem-solving skills. Software developers usually work with other developers on a team. Software is the leading tech occupation in Houston.

  • Median Annual Salary: $109,020
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +25%

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write and test code that allows computer programs to run. They work with software engineers and developers. They need excellent programming skills in Java, C++, and HTML. Computer programmers often work in software, which is the leading tech job in Houston with 26,487 people employed, according to Cyberstates. However, the BLS notes that programmer jobs are declining in the U.S. due to automation.

  • Median Annual Salary: $93,000
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): -10%

Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists offer technical assistance to computer users and maintain computer networks. Typical tasks include troubleshooting networks, testing network systems, and training computer users on new hardware and software. Cyberstates reports that IT support specialist is the third leading tech job in Houston with 14,697 people employed in that role.

  • Median Annual Salary: $57,910
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +6%

Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects, or network engineers, create and design data communication networks. They often work in the computer systems design, telecommunications, and management industries. Network engineers need analytical, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Cyberstates notes that there are 13,247 network engineers in Houston, making it the fourth leading tech job in the metro area

  • Median Annual Salary: $120,520
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +4%

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts help their organizations avoid cyberattacks on their computer systems and networks. Daily tasks include keeping track of IT security trends, performing risk assessments on computer systems, and developing security best practices. Cyberstates reports that the second-leading tech field in Houston is cybersecurity, followed by IT.

  • Median Annual Salary: $102,600
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +35%

Other Computer Science Education Options

Besides coding bootcamps, students can consider other educational paths in computer science. These options may include other types of coding bootcamps or a college degree in computer science.

To expand your career opportunities and salary potential, you may want to pursue a degree, tech certification, or both in addition to a coding bootcamp.

Associate Degree in Computer Science

A computer science associate degree provides an introduction to the information technology field. This education path may be ideal for someone who is not ready to commit to a four-year program.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Earning a bachelor's degree in computer science prepares students for a wide variety of tech careers. Potential opportunities include information security analyst, software developer, and computer systems analyst.

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Some positions, like computer and information research scientist and data scientist, typically require a master's degree. Graduates may qualify for promotions to other management roles and raises.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Doctoral students in computer science develop advanced expertise in a narrow area of the field. They typically work in university teaching or research.

Explore Other Coding Bootcamps

Students may choose other coding bootcamps with another type of focus to meet different career goals. Learners can develop skills to start a whole new career or advance in their current one.

CIRR-Verified Bootcamps

CIRR-Verified Bootcamps

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Coding Bootcamps in Atlanta

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Coding Bootcamps in Austin

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Coding Bootcamps in Seattle

Top Coding Bootcamps in Houston

Coding bootcamps in Houston provide intensive programs for individuals who want to pursue careers in technology. In contrast to casual courses, these bootcamps offer structured cohort-based environments on a full-time schedule.

Enrolling in a coding bootcamp in Houston requires commitment and dedication, but the outcomes can lead to personal fulfillment and professional success. The programs listed below, presented in alphabetical order, accept students at the time of publication.


Recently opened in Houston, Texas, Codeup also has campuses in Dallas and San Antonio. Codeup began offering programs in 2014 to accommodate the state's growing technology sector.

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

Codeup's full-stack development bootcamp teaches students to build entire websites. Cohorts complete surveys, feedback sessions, and interactive meetings to pursue careers as software developers, computer programmers, and full-stack web developers.

Codeup offers a full tuition refund for individuals who do not receive qualifying job offers by the end of a 180-day job search period.

  • Cost: $27,500
  • Format: Online; full-time
  • Length: 20 weeks
  • CIRR Member: Yes

Other Courses Offered by Codeup

  • Cloud administration
  • Data science

Codeup Job Placement Assistance

Career assistance from Codeup includes resume-building guidance and professional coaching. Mock interviews and help with cover letters accompany a guarantee to find a job within six months after graduation.


MediaTech Institute

Offering programs in digital technologies, multimedia productions, and the entertainment industry since 1999, MediaTech provides students with creative and technical training. MediaTech has campuses in Houston and Dallas, each equipped with facilities that mirror real production environments.

Web Development & Design Diploma

Designed for students who thrive at logical thinking, MediaTech's development and design diploma trains students to design and write code, build websites, and use the latest technologies to create engaging online content.

The program spans 45 weeks. Students take classes in HTML and CMS platforms, Adobe photoshop and illustrator, and animation to prepare for real-world experiences and final projects.

MediaTech Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

  • Cost: $29,700
  • Format: On-campus
  • Length: 45 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by MediaTech Institute

  • Animation and visual effects
  • Mobile app development
  • Music recording arts
  • Film and video production
  • Acting for media
  • Master makeup artistry

MediaTech Institute Job Placement Assistance

Career services at MediaTech include resume resources, career strategy consultation, and access to professional organizations. Mock interviews and MediaTech's alumni network accompany the school's database of potential employers in multimedia and entertainment.

MediaTech Institute

Rice University

Partnered with Trilogy Education Services, Rice offers its coding bootcamp through the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Education. Rice opened its doors in 1912 to 77 students and now offers academic programs to over 8,000 learners annually.

Coding Bootcamp

Rice's coding bootcamp includes 24 weeks of training in full-stack development to accommodate working professionals.

Learners participate in virtual sessions and interact with instructors, teaching assistants, and members of their cohort. Additional practical training results in a portfolio of projects students use to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as they enter the job market.

Rice offers pre-course tutorials to help learners prepare for coding bootcamps. Enrollees can access Rice's tutor network and student success team throughout the program.

  • Cost: $11,995
  • Format: Online; part-time
  • Length: 24 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Rice University

  • Data analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Cybersecurity
  • FinTech
  • UX/UI Design
  • Tech project management

Rice University's Job Placement Assistance

Career assistance programs at Rice include feedback on professional materials, interview preparation and career coaching, and career and industry events. Rice students can benefit from the institution's extensive network of employment partners.

Rice University

University of Houston

Offering distance education opportunities since 1953, UH enrolls more than 47,000 students annually. UH offers online and on-campus bootcamps to students and professionals who seek to develop their skills.

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

UH's full-stack web development bootcamp includes six months of self-guided coursework. During the program, students receive five one-hour coaching sessions as they learn to create, improve, and manage websites.

Enrollees can access interactive video lessons, real-world lab activities, and discussion boards to communicate with peers.

While not required, UH recommends prior programming knowledge before entering the program. At the end of the bootcamp, each graduate receives a certificate of completion.

  • Cost: $4,275
  • Format: Online; part-time
  • Length: 24 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by the University of Houston

  • AI machine learning bootcamp
  • Cybersecurity bootcamp
  • CompTIA Security+ training bootcamp
  • Ethical hacking dual certification bootcamp (CEH and PenTest+)
  • ISACA CISM training bootcamp
  • ISACA CISA training bootcamp
  • CompTIA CySA+ training bootcamp
  • Microsoft Azure dual certification bootcamp
  • (ISC) 2 CCSP® training bootcamp
  • (ISC) 2 CISSP® training bootcamp
  • (ISC) 2 CAP® training bootcamp

University of Houston

FAQ About Coding Bootcamps in Houston

Are coding bootcamps in Houston expensive?

The cost of Houston coding bootcamps vary. Factors that can impact cost include program provider, format (online or in person), and length. In 2019, the typical bootcamp cost between $7,500 and $13,950, reports RTI International.

Will a bootcamp help me get a coding job in Houston?

A bootcamp can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to apply for coding jobs in Houston. Some coding programs even offer job guarantees that allow students to pay nothing until they find a qualifying job.

Can I go to a bootcamp in Houston if I live somewhere else?

Yes, many bootcamps in Houston accept students who live in other cities. For in-person bootcamps, you can travel to Houston while completing the program. Most online bootcamps accept applicants regardless of where they live.

Are bootcamps in Houston hard to get into?

Admission requirements for Houston coding bootcamps vary. However, many bootcamps welcome beginners and do not require significant relevant experience. Some programs require applicants to complete pre-work that provides a basic foundation in coding.

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