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Updated September 16, 2022

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San Francisco coding bootcamps offer rigorous training for in-person and online students. Bootcamps best serve professionals seeking entry-level jobs in the tech industry.

According to CompTIA's 2021 Cyberstates report, tech workers comprise 10% of California's workforce. California ranks 8th among states for largest tech workforce. With a high concentration of tech professionals and large tech corporations, San Francisco is an optimal place to enroll in a coding bootcamp.

This roundup offers a detailed look at some of the best coding bootcamps in San Francisco. Read on to learn more about bootcamp costs, featured skills, and potential careers after graduation.

What Are Bootcamps in San Francisco Like?

Bootcamps in San Francisco offer practical skills-based training in 6-12 months. These programs help develop career-ready skills in fully online, in-person, and hybrid learning formats. Students can enroll part or full time.

The region's high concentration of tech companies and workers means bootcamp students in San Francisco may have easier access to valuable professional networks and industry leaders.

Learners choose San Francisco bootcamps because of the city's reputation as progressive and tech-centered. The area is home to Silicon Valley where many tech giants, including Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Uber, are headquartered. The region's high concentration of tech companies and workers means bootcamp students in San Francisco may have easier access to valuable professional networks and industry leaders.

Coding bootcamps in San Francisco often have high success rates for helping graduates land jobs. For example, the Bay Area's App Academy has a 93% job placement rate for new bootcamp graduates. Similarly, San Francisco-based company General Assembly reported a 99.2% job placement rate for full-time job seekers as of 2019.

What Will a San Francisco Coding Bootcamp Cost?

The cost of bootcamps in San Francisco varies by program. According to RTI Press, the median price for bootcamps was $11,900 as of 2019. Beyond tuition, learners should consider additional costs for hardware upgrades, software licenses, or preparatory classes required before bootcamp enrollment.

Bootcamps in San Francisco offer several payment options. Some bootcamps require learners to pay full tuition up front, while others may offer deferred tuition plans, income share agreements, or loans.

Many students favor tuition deferment plans, like the one San Francisco's App Academy offers. With tuition deferment, students only pay their course deposit when they sign up. They pay the remainder of their tuition only if they find a job.

Tuition share agreements are also popular among San Francisco coding bootcamp students. App Academy charges $0 in tuition until graduates land a job paying at least $50,000 annually. Once employed, bootcamp graduates pay 15% of their salary for three years (up to $31,000 per year).

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What Are Common Jobs for Bootcamp Graduates in San Francisco?

Graduating from bootcamps with career-ready skills can position learners for exciting entry-level technical careers. A 2019 Fullstack Academy blog post reports bootcamp graduates can secure positions with major companies such as Dropbox, Google, and Lyft. Bootcamp alumni may also secure positions outside of tech, including with financial corporations such as American Express or media companies like CNN.

Below, we explore several common careers for bootcamp graduates.

Software Developer

Developers create computer applications. They also create systems that control networks and run digital devices. They may hold positions where they assess user needs and develop software to solve problems. Developers also conduct regular maintenance and create upgrades to ensure software runs properly.
Median Annual Salary: $110,140
Job Outlook (2020-30): +22%

Web Developer

Web developers create websites and conduct regular maintenance on sites' components. They evaluate website speed and traffic to monitor and improve performance. Developers typically write code for websites using HTML or XML. They often integrate audio, video, and graphics into website layouts.
Median Annual Salary: $77,200
Job Outlook (2020-30): +13%

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts create security measures that ensure organizational computer system and network safety. They check for network security breaches and respond to threats using the latest developments in IT security practices. Analysts may work directly with management and staff members to enhance security measures for their organization.
Median Annual Salary: $103,590
Job Outlook (2020-30): +33%

Network Administrator

Network administrators oversee the daily operations of organizations' computer networks. They install hardware and software upgrades as needed. They also monitor network security, optimize network performance, and train others to use software and hardware. These professionals need knowledge of local area networks, network segments, intranets, wide area networks, and other data communications systems.
Median Annual Salary: $84,810
Job Outlook (2020-30): +5%

Information Technology Architect

IT architects conduct research and develop software products that help businesses manage digital assets and improve security. They may work alongside other IT professionals to develop solutions to computer network problems and make risk assessments. IT architects may need professional certifications to secure some positions.
Median Annual Salary: $116,780
Job Outlook (2020-30): +5%

More Computer Science Education Options

Students can pursue other educational opportunities to prepare for careers in the tech industry. Learners considering San Francisco coding bootcamps should also explore two- or four-year degrees in related areas.

College programs in computer science and information technology offer students similar coding training as bootcamps with additional coursework for a well-rounded education. Degrees from accredited colleges may afford graduates more career options.

Associate Degree in Computer Science

Students who want to develop foundational computer science skills and take general education classes should consider associate degrees. These two-year programs can help prepare students for entry-level jobs in the tech industry or for further education in bachelor's programs.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Bachelor's degrees offer students training in engineering, math, and science. These four-year programs teach students to solve problems using theoretical and mathematical foundations. A bachelor's in computer science may best serve learners interested in tech-heavy areas such as virtual reality, robotics, and evolutionary computing.

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Master's degrees help graduate students build upon foundational computer science knowledge. They cover a series of technical subjects and allow learners to develop specialized skills in computer science. Master's programs are for advanced students interested in interdisciplinary studies, research, or pursuing doctoral studies.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

The Ph.D. is a research degree that prepares learners for research jobs and university-level teaching positions. Doctoral students become experts in a particular area of computer science and often complete a dissertation showcasing this work.

Explore Other Coding Bootcamps

Exploring other coding bootcamp options can help students find the best fit for their needs. Many bootcamps offer remote learning formats open to students across the country. Some programs also accept international learners.


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2022's Bootcamps in San Francisco

Learners interested in pursuing tech careers can benefit from completing San Francisco coding bootcamps. The following alphabetical list features 10 popular programs based in San Francisco with short, intensive courses for students of all skill levels.

If you are interested in a quick path toward pursuing a tech career, read on to learn more about our selection of coding bootcamps in San Francisco.

App Academy

App Academy specializes in preparing learners with no prior coding experience to compete for software engineering jobs. Established in 2012, this organization has approximately 4,500 graduates working at over 2,000 companies worldwide.

Software Engineering

App Academy offers a 16-week on-campus software engineering program for full-time students. Remote learners can access the same program online, spread over 24 weeks. Alternatively, App Academy also features a part-time online program that takes 48 weeks to complete.

App Academy offers bootcamp prep courses on software engineering coding tasks. Additionally, online learners can access the full online curriculum for free. Learners can complete these free self-paced courses in approximately 12 months.

  • Cost: $17,000-$36,000
  • Format: Online/on campus; full-time/part-time
  • Length: 16, 24, or 48 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by App Academy

  • Online Software Engineering Program
  • On-Campus Software Engineering Program
  • Bootcamp Prep Courses

App Academy's Job Placement Assistance

App Academy provides each enrollee with one-on-one career coaching. According to the program, the average graduate lands a job within 4-6 months of finishing the program.

Flatiron School

Founded in 2012, Flatiron School provides immersive courses to help learners pursue new careers in the tech industry. The school was the first bootcamp to partner with a city government. According to Flatiron, they were also the first bootcamp to release independently examined jobs reports since 2014.

Software Engineering

Flatiron School software engineering enrollees study core topics in front-end and back-end development, front-end web applications, and back-end web APIs. Learners can develop coding skills in Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After completing the four phases of the course, each student must complete a cumulative final project.

Enrollees in this San Francisco coding bootcamp can take in-person or online synchronous classes on a full-time, 15-week schedule. The Flatiron School also offers 20, 40, and 60-week asynchronous learning options. These self-paced classes feature recorded lectures, online office hours, and a Slack channel.

  • Cost: $16,900
  • Format: Online/on-campus; full-time/self-paced
  • Length: 15, 20, 40, or 60 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Flatiron Academy

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Product Design
  • Cybersecurity Engineering

Flatiron School Job Placement Assistance

The school offers individualized career coaching and industry connections to help students find jobs. Flatiron reports more than 5,000 graduates were hired as of 2021.


Founded in 2014, freeCodeCamp offers 11 free verified certifications online. While there are no tuition fees to take these classes, this San Francisco coding bootcamp accepts tax-deductible donations.

freeCodeCamp Courses

freeCodeCamp offers certifications in 11 essential coding categories. Each class requires 300 hours of class time. The bootcamp recommends that beginners start with the first course, Responsive Web Design and progress through the remaining 10 courses. Intermediate and advanced learners can choose courses based on their interests.

This program's courses are self-paced and entirely online. Enrollees in this free San Francisco bootcamp can rely on the dozens of active forums for tips, feedback, and guidance from other students and alumni.

  • Cost: $0
  • Format: Online; self-paced
  • Length: Varies
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by freeCodeCamp

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Information Security
  • Responsive Web Design (Beta)

freeCodeCamp's Job Placement Assistance

Since its founding in 2014, more than 40,000 freeCodeCamp graduates have secured jobs in the tech industry. While th4ere are no formal job placement assistance tools available, students can seek career advice in freeCodeCamp's forum

General Assembly

General Assembly launched in 2011 and offers award-winning training workshops and events. The San Francisco coding bootcamp offers programs online and in-person at more than 30 campus locations worldwide.

Software Engineering

Students in this coding bootcamp in San Francisco can choose from on-campus and online software engineering programs, available full time or part time. These immersive classes help enrollees develop professional portfolios to demonstrate their newly acquired full-stack web coding skills.

Bootcamp faculty have experience working at top companies such as Google, IBM, and Airbnb. Coursework includes practical projects that prepare students for the competitive job market. General Assembly enrollees in immersive software engineering courses can also receive one-on-one advising.

  • Cost: $15,950
  • Format: Online/on campus; full-time/part-time
  • Length: 12-24 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by General Assembly

  • Front-End Web Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • Python Programming
  • React Development
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Visual Design
  • Digital Marketing

General Assembly Job Placement Assistance

Career coaches help students prepare for technical interviews, communicate their skills, and showcase portfolios. Learners can also access to networking events.

Hackbright Academy

Hackbright Academy is one of the top coding bootcamps in San Francisco. The school offers training in the latest coding practices to women, along with non-binary, agender, genderqueer, and transgender students who have faced a history of discrimination and underrepresentation in tech.

Software Engineering

Hackbright currently offers online classes in this accelerated software engineering program. Students complete three modules of lessons in core programming skills, data structures and APIs, and web technologies. Primary topics include Github, introductory algorithms, and object orientation.

Hackbright teaches students the latest skills in back-end and front-end languages, web frameworks, dynamic template language, and database language. Instruction primarily focuses on JavaScript, Flask, Jinja, and PostgreSQL.

  • Cost: $12,900
  • Format: Online; full-time/part-time
  • Length: 7 weeks (online/full time); 26 weeks (online/part time)
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Hackbright Academy

  • Prep Courses

Hackbright Academy's Job Placement Assistance

Full-time students at Hackbright can access career prep resources and a mentorship program. Enrollees learn to build their online presence, locate prospective employers, and improve their job application materials.

Hack Reactor

Founded in 2012, Hack Reactor now has more than 7,900 alumni. The school helps learners succeed in new tech careers with world-class training and community support.

Software Engineering

Hack Reactor is a San Francisco coding bootcamp that offers in-person and online immersive programs in software engineering. Learners choose from full-time and part-time options. Full-time programs take 12 weeks to complete. Students need 36 weeks to finish the part-time software engineering program.

Prospective students for the 12- and 36-week programs must apply and pass the Technical Admissions Assessment. Hack Reactor offers free self-paced prep courses to help students develop basic JavaScript skills before taking the exam.

  • Cost: $17,980
  • Format: Online/on campus; full time/part time
  • Length: 12, 19, or 36 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Hack Reactor

  • Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp with JavaScript and Python

Hack Reactor Job Placement Assistance

During the bootcamp's final week, students work with the career services team to complete practice interviews, learn negotiation skills, and update resumes and online profiles.

Insight Fellows Program

Founded in 2012, Insight offers bootcamps in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Boston. Insight reports that its Fellows Program has helped more than 3,000 bootcamp graduates secure positions at over 700 companies and organizations.

DevOps Engineering

The DevOps program requires students to complete self-directed coursework and practical learning assignments. Learners build on their existing skills in software engineering and web development to craft high-quality features and infrastructure through the software development lifecycle. DevOps students also learn to deploy the latest cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.

Designed for current software developers and engineers, the DevOps engineering program provides learners access to technologies and training that often help professionals advance their careers. This San Francisco bootcamp requires each enrollee to complete seven weeks of full-time coursework.

  • Cost: $24,000
  • Format: Online/on campus; full time
  • Length: 7 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Insight

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Health Data Science
  • Security

Insight Fellows Program Job Placement Assistance

Insight fellows receive one-on-one mentorship from alumni. The school also offers personalized company matching to help students find the best job interviews. The program reports that approximately 88% of Insight Fellows have accepted job offers within six months of finishing the program.

Rithm School

Rithm School specializes in software engineering training through small class sizes and real-world coding projects. Its 16-week program offers flexible financing options and job preparation services.

Software Engineering

Students in Rithm's bootcamp attend 100% online lectures on Zoom. Learners located in San Francisco can add a hybrid learning component with on-campus programming and advising sessions. Before entering the program, Rithm expects students to complete 60-80 hours of free online courses in coding fundamentals.

Prospective students must apply for admission to this San Francisco coding bootcamp. Rithm requires each applicant to complete a JavaScript prep course, pass a coding challenge, and participate in an admissions interview.

  • Cost: $23,000
  • Format: Online/hybrid; full time
  • Length: 16 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Rithm School's Job Placement Assistance

Rithm dedicates three weeks of the program to prepare students for their job search. Job preparation services at Rithm include mock interviews, whiteboarding practice, and training in salary negotiation.


Springboard offers flexible online instruction for remote students in software engineering, data analytics, and cybersecurity. Founded in 2013, the company's mission is to contribute to highly accessible, quality tech education for all.

Software Engineering

This San Francisco coding bootcamp features 800 hours of training materials developed by the world's learning coding instructor, Colt Steele. The software engineering program includes classes in front-end and back-end engineering, developer fundamentals, and JavaScript. Students also complete four hands-on projects, including two capstone projects for their job application portfolio.

Software engineering students receive help building their resumes and social media profiles to prepare for the job market. Graduates who do not land coding jobs within six months of completing Springboard's program receive full tuition refunds.

  • Cost: $16,500
  • Format: Online; self-paced
  • Length: 9 months
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Springboard

  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Design
  • Tech Sales
  • Cyber Security

Springboard's Job Placement Assistance

Each Springboard bootcamp student receives access to a personal mentor to work toward their career goals. They also receive job search strategies and interview practice from dedicated job coaches.


Techtonica is one of the top coding bootcamps in San Francisco. The organization specializes in helping low-income women and nonbinary adults find educational paths to careers in tech.

Software Engineering

Techtonica's software engineering program is available online and on campus. Students complete this free six-month curriculum before receiving six months of job coaching and job search support. This full-time program offers a safe, inclusive space for cis and trans women and nonbinary learners.

Techtonica helps students learn full-stack web development using JavaScript. Each enrollee must complete a one-month trial period before gaining access to five months of instruction. Only top performers in the software engineering classes receive admission to the second portion of training and career coaching services.

  • Cost: $0
  • Format: Online/on-campus; full time
  • Length: 6 months
  • CIRR Member: No

Techtonica's Job Placement Assistance

Students receive six months of job coaching and assistance with their job search. Techtonica prefers learners to live in San Francisco to take advantage of its nearby industry connections and attend interviews in person.

San Francisco Bootcamp Questions

Is coding bootcamp for beginners?

Some coding bootcamps in San Francisco are designed for beginners with no previous coding experience. Other bootcamps recommend students have basic coding skills or take an introductory course before enrolling in a coding program.

Is it worth doing a coding bootcamp in San Francisco?

Yes. San Francisco coding bootcamps often have high job placement rates because of their proximity to and connection with Silicon Valley. Coding bootcamps from institutions such as California State University East Bay provide valuable career guidance and interview preparation to help graduates find jobs.

How much does it cost to attend the best coding bootcamps in San Francisco?

The cost of San Francisco coding bootcamps varies. The overall cost depends on the length of the bootcamp. According to RTI Press, the median cost of coding bootcamps is $11,900 as of 2019.

How long does it take to get a job after coding bootcamp?

Some graduates of San Francisco coding bootcamps find jobs within 6-12 months. For others, the job hunt takes longer. recommends that all bootcamp graduates continue developing their portfolios, make professional contacts, and prepare for coding challenges in job interviews after graduation.

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