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Updated January 17, 2023

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Coding schools in Denver offer direct paths to employment in Colorado's growing technology industry. Coding bootcamps are rigorous and compact educational programs that teach career-ready computer science skills. These programs generally appeal to people changing careers and those preparing for entry-level tech jobs.

Denver coding bootcamps help students build practical skills in demand among employers. CompTIA's 2021 Cyberstates report featured strong numbers for Colorado and the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metro area:

  • About 12% of the state's workforce is employed in the tech industry, ranking Colorado in 9th place nationwide.
  • Analysts counted more than 87,000 technology job postings in the Denver metro area.
  • Median tech occupation wages in the Denver area reached $96,100, which is 79% higher than the nationwide median average.

Continue reading to learn more about top Denver bootcamps, including featured skills, program costs, and possible jobs after graduation.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps deliver practical, job-focused skills training on intensive schedules. Timelines vary, but full-time programs usually run 12-16 weeks. Many programs offer part-time schedules with evening and weekend classes. This option may be a better fit for those working while attending bootcamps.

Delivery formats also vary. According to a 2019 RTI Press research report using 2017 data, 73% of coding bootcamps feature only in-person learning. Online-only programs comprise 15% of available bootcamps, while hybrid models account for 13%. Note that this research was published COVID-19 pandemic. Many bootcamps have since expanded their online offerings.

Coding bootcamps are one of many bootcamp options. Other programs cover topics like software development, full-stack web development, and cybersecurity.

Online-only programs comprise 15% of available bootcamps, while hybrid models account for 13%

Students with little computer science experience may need to complete prep courses before starting their bootcamps. Even in these cases, coding bootcamps build career-ready skills much faster than multi-year degree programs.

Skills Learned in Denver Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps in Denver teach many different tech skills. The topics covered depend on the program's specific focus. Bootcamps concentrate on specific abilities rather than general education. Examples include:

  • Web Development: Comprehensive web development bootcamps build something called "full stack" skills. These include front-end programming skills that consider website users' needs, along with back-end server-side abilities. Students emerge with the necessary knowledge to pursue entry-level web development jobs.
  • Software Development: Software bootcamps introduce students to the application development lifecycle. These programs cover hard skills including programming languages, data structures, scripting and debugging, and product testing. Bootcamps may culminate in final projects where students create a demo application.
  • Data Science: These programs develop both technical and analytical math skills. Learners complete modules covering machine learning, algorithms, "big data" concepts, and coding. Instructors often present course material in the context of real-world applications.
  • Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity bootcamps help students identify and respond to network vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. Specific topics include network architecture, traffic analysis, wireless network security, and cryptography. Learners also learn best practices related to documenting, reporting, and regulatory compliance.

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What Will a Coding School in Denver Cost?

RTI Press's 2019 research report cited a nationwide median bootcamp cost of $11,900. Longer and more intensive programs generally cost more, while shorter, part-time programs generally cost less.

Overall costs may include expenses other than tuition. For instance, participants may need to upgrade their computer equipment or purchase software. Lab fees may apply to in-person learners. Beginners who need to complete prep courses before entering a bootcamp may also face additional costs.

Many bootcamp providers offer flexible payment options, including:

  • Upfront payments
  • Monthly instalments
  • Tuition deferments

According to RTI Press, 89% of surveyed bootcamps offered some form of financial aid. Some educators allow students to enroll for no money upfront and enter into income-sharing agreements.

Certain providers also offer job guarantees. These pledges are particularly authentic if the program has voluntary membership in the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting.

What Jobs Can I Get After a Coding Bootcamp in Denver?

Denver coding bootcamps prepare students for numerous tech jobs. The link below provides detailed information on various career paths. Graduates can also pursue other entry-level roles that draw on the hard skills they acquired in the bootcamp.

The list that follows covers particularly popular and in-demand careers. The cited salary data is specific to Denver-based professionals just entering the tech workforce.

Software Developer: Software developers create computer applications to meet specific user needs. They then design, refine, and build applications using a standardized product development model. CompTIA's 2021 Cyberstates index noted 2.3% year-over-year growth for software jobs in the Denver area.

Average Annual Salary (November 2021):$69,589

Job Outlook (2020-30): +22%

Data Scientist: Data scientists analyze large data sets and extract valuable insights for their employers. In many cases, they also use technical and programming to create visualizations and inform algorithm development. According to CompTIA's 2021 Cyberstates index, Colorado has more than 4,000 data science jobs.

Average Annual Salary (November 2021):$81,494

Job Outlook (2020-30): +22%

Web Developer: Web developers create functional, user-friendly websites. They may work as independent contractors or land permanent positions with a single employer. Developers with "full stack" skills covering both the client and server sides may have advantages in the job market.

Average Annual Salary (November 2021):$55,000

Job Outlook (2020-30): +13%

Information Security Analyst: This cybersecurity specialization focuses on safeguarding digital data and information systems. These professionals identify vulnerabilities and work to seal off assets from unauthorized access. They also actively monitor networks and systems for potential threats.

Average Annual Salary (November 2021):$66,948

Job Outlook (2020-30): +33%

Web Designer: Web designers combine artistic and technical skills to create website layouts. They often collaborate with web developers. Web designers may work as freelancers or permanent employees.

Average Annual Salary (November 2021):$54,099

Job Outlook (2020-30): +13%

Other Computer Science Education Options

Denver coding bootcamps offer intensive education programs that prepare learners to transition the technology workforce. Most bootcamps focus almost exclusively on a single skill or specialization. However, some may find them too fast-paced or prefer a more well-rounded education.

Before enrolling, students should also consider the merits of traditional degrees and other tech education alternatives:

Associate Degree in Computer Science: Associate degree programs provide introductions to the field and build a versatile, knowledge base. They take about two academic years to complete. Graduates of accredited associate programs usually qualify for advanced standing in four-year bachelor's programs.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science: These undergraduate degree paths usually require 4-5 academic years of study. These programs dive deeper into tech topics and may offer learners specialization opportunities.

Master's Degree in Computer Science: Master's programs move beyond general content to cover specific computer science subject areas. These degrees may offer a gateway to senior roles with greater responsibility and higher earning potential.

Ph.D. in Computer Science: Doctorates usually attract candidates interested in research or postsecondary teaching careers. These programs also appeal to working professionals seeking expertise in a specific area.

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Top Coding Bootcamps in Denver

Denver houses a variety of coding bootcamps, providing students with pathways into tech careers. The list below highlights some of the most popular bootcamps in the Denver area. These programs feature intensive curricula in programming, software engineering, or cybersecurity.

Keep reading to learn more about these bootcamps, including cost, formats, and courses.

Flatiron School

Flatiron School offers immersive, online and on-campus coding courses designed to prepare students to start tech careers.

Software Engineering

Flatiron School prides itself on its supportive and knowledgeable faculty, impressive job placement rates, and high starting salaries for recent grads.

The program offers on-campus options for learners in the Denver area. Courses include software engineering, data science, product design, and cybersecurity engineering. Students can complete programs online or in person. Those participating in synchronous coursework typically graduate in 12-15 weeks

To apply, students submit a written application, meet with an admissions counselor to discuss program options, and take a placement assessment.

Upfront Cost: $16,900

Format: Online or on campus

Length: 12-15 weeks (full time); 20-60 weeks (part time)

CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Flatiron School

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Product Design

Flatiron School Job Placement Assistance

Flatiron School provides a career services program that assigns each student a career coach to help them apply for jobs after graduation. Flatiron reports that 86% of graduates land jobs in the field.

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Galvanize offers online and on-campus bootcamps and coding courses, plus coworking and event spaces at its campuses around the country. Galzanize's Hack Reactor program came online in 2014, offering full- and part-time programming courses.

Hack Reactor Software Engineering

The Hack Reactor Software Engineering program, offered by Galvanized, uses a cloud-based live video chat platform to connect learners with instructors for a unique one-to-one approach. Students can pursue online or onsite learning at one of Galvanize's campuses.

The program requires 12 weeks of full-time coursework, but students may pursue a longer part-time option. The courses emphasize skills in online collaboration, computer science fundamentals, full-stack JavaScript, and application development.

Upfront Cost: $17,980

Format: Online

Length: 12 weeks (full time); 36 weeks (part time)

CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Galvanized

  • JavaScript
  • Cloud Native
  • Intro to Functional JavaScript

Galvanize's Job Placement Assistance

This program features job placement assistance as a part of the core curriculum, featuring practice interviewing and resume building.

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General Assembly

Since launching in 2011, General Assembly now has an alumni base of more than 70,000 tech professionals. The company offers online and onsite coding bootcamps and courses.

Software Engineering Immersive: Denver

This 12-week, full-time immersive program connects learners with top instructors from around the world through General Assembly's unique Connected Classroom. Global instructors broadcast live into the onsite classroom, while in-person facilitators guide students through discussion and hands-on learning. Students may also opt to learn 100% online.

The coursework emphasizes front-end and full-stack development, exploring front-end frameworks and APIs. Students build a professional portfolio they can use when entering the job market.

Upfront Cost: $14,950

Format: On campus

Length: 12 weeks (full-time)

CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by General Assembly

  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • User Experience Design
  • Python Programming
  • Visual Design

General Assembly's Job Placement Assistance

Students work with a personal job coach to sharpen interview skills, build resumes, and learn effective methods for showcasing and communicating their talents and portfolios.

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SecureSet Academy

SecureSet opened in 2014 aiming to close the talent gap in the tech industry. They strive to prepare learners with the skills needed to enter the field. Since launching classes, SecureSet has graduated nearly 500 students.

CORE Cybersecurity Engineering

This immersive, 20-week course features 400 classroom and 400 lab hours. The program provides students with the skills and subsequent hands-on practice to serve in various security engineering roles.

Students take 12 courses covering network and system security, logs and detection, security culture, advanced systems, threat intelligence, and strategy analysis.

Though not required, some prior knowledge of programming languages and operating systems may benefit applicants.

Upfront Cost: $16,900

Format Online

Length 20 weeks (full time)

CIRR Member: No

SecureSet's Job Placement Assistance

SecureSet works with a network of companies and organizations to pair and match graduates with potential career opportunities. Students may also take advantage of resources offered by SecureSet's partner, Flatiron School.

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University of Denver Bootcamp (Trilogy Education Services)

In partnership with Trilogy Education Services, the University of Denver offers a variety of fully online bootcamps. The university, which opened in 1864, provides more than 200 unique degree programs.

Trilogy Education Services partners with universities to offer coding bootcamps and prepare students for the rapidly growing tech industry. Around 50% of Fortune 100 companies employ a Trilogy graduate.

Online Coding Bootcamp - Denver

The online coding bootcamp offered by the University of Denver emphasizes skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The program begins with four to eight weeks of foundational work in web development. Students then build on this foundation, exploring the technical skills necessary for full-stack development.

The program culminates in practice and performance, empowering students to use their skills and prepare to enter the job field. Optional courses explore topics in Python and Java programming, and building a professional portfolio.

Upfront Cost: $12,495 (full time); $10,995 (part time)

Format: Online

Length: 12 weeks (full time); 24 weeks (part time)

CIRR Member No

Other Courses Offered by University of Denver

  • Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technology Project Management

University of Denver's Job Placement Assistance

Students receive feedback on their resumes and portfolios, one-on-one consultations with job coaches, and access to the university's industry partner connections and career events.

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FAQ About Coding Schools in Denver

Are Denver coding bootcamps expensive?

A 2019 research report by RTI Press reported that the average coding bootcamp program cost $11,900. Denver coding bootcamps may be priced higher or lower, depending on their length and focus.

Can you get hired anywhere after going to a coding school in Denver?

Yes. Most employers will consider any candidate with the required skills and experience. However, Colorado has a fast-growing tech sector and many Denver bootcamps recruit on behalf of local employers.

What companies hire coding bootcamp graduates?

The list of companies actively recruiting employment talent from bootcamps constantly changes. Many Denver coding schools maintain affiliations and partnerships with local companies. Check with the specific bootcamp provider to learn more.

Are coding bootcamps worth the investment?

Many reputable Denver coding schools publish student outcome data, including the percentage of graduates that land tech jobs. Programs with high placement rates may deliver greater returns on students' investments.

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