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Published September 26, 2022

The tech industry continues to grow, and bootcamps like Prehired can help people pursue careers in tech sales. Explore this Prehired review to learn if it's the right fit for you. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Prehired is a workforce accelerator. The company helps set people on a path to high-earning software sales careers.

Josh Jordan founded Prehired to help underpaid and overworked employees switch to a more lucrative career. The company aims to help 10,000 people start a new career path by 2025.

Keep reading to learn more about Prehired's programs, application process, and payment options.

What Does Prehired Offer?

Unlike other tech sales bootcamps or traditional degree programs, Prehired advertises itself as a sales community. It combines self-paced coursework with live mentoring sessions that prepare learners to pursue a tech sales career.

The total cost can reach up to $30,000, which totals much more than other sales bootcamps. However, Prehired offers a job guarantee, but be sure to read the requirements carefully. It also offers lifetime access to its job network, mentorship program, and workshops.

Prehired offers three programs based on its Science-Based Sales® approach. Their core program focuses on getting members hired. It lasts 6-12 weeks and covers tech sales skills, tools, and hiring process.

Prehired claims that its members generally land a job within 6-12 weeks. Once hired, they can continue with the other two Prehired programs to work toward pursuing promotions and higher salaries.

As a self-paced program, members can start at any time. They come from various backgrounds, including retail, education, and manufacturing. Many have no prior sales experience.

The combination of a career-focused curriculum and mentorship helps learners land jobs. Prehired also encourages students to approach the hiring process like they would a sales pitch. Members report getting jobs with companies like Zoom, Accenture, and GoSite.

Prehired also values diversity. It reports that most of its members are part of traditionally underrepresented groups.

Explore more standout features from Prehired below.

  • Job Guarantee

  • Prehired promises members a sales tech job within one year of course completion. It guarantees a $60,000 minimum salary ($40,000 base and $20,000 in commissions). Be sure to review the requirements of any guarantee carefully.

    To qualify for the job guarantee, graduates must finish coursework before their completion date, complete a 12-month job search process, and reach out to their mentor within a specified timeframe. Other requirements may apply so be sure to reach out directly to Prehired for more information.

  • One-on-One Mentorship

  • Prehired matches each member with a mentor. This mentor personalizes the program and offers guidance on interview skills, job searches, and salary negotiation.

  • Flexible Schedule

The pre-recorded videos and worksheets allow students to complete the coursework at their own pace. They typically spend ten hours each week reviewing the material. Learners schedule live mentoring sessions at their convenience.

Prehired Snapshot

Cost: $30,000 maximum

Payment Options: Upfront payment in full; Income share agreement

Learning Options:Students complete self-paced coursework and schedule live mentoring sessions. The core program typically lasts 6-12 weeks.

Locations: Online

Student Outcomes:According toPrehired,students get a job within 6-12 weeks on average.

Employment Rate: Prehired reports that over 90% of graduates secure a job within 12 months.

U.S. Average Starting Salary:$69,000

How Do I Get Into Prehired?

The application process takes only a few days. Learners need no prior sales or tech experience. Prehired expects candidates to have a GED certificate or high school diploma.

Ideal applicants include those looking for a career switch. Prehired also looks for people with a coachable attitude, ambition, and accountability.

The first part of the application process includes a short online form. Candidates respond to questions about their demographics, tech career interests, and background.

Several questions focus on financial stability. Applicants must also share what they think a software sales job entails. These questions help candidates decide if a Prehired membership fits their financial and career goals.

Candidates typically receive an email response that same day regarding their application. They must also schedule a one-hour video interview to learn more about a software sales career, the Prehired approach, and payment options.

Prehired Payment Options

Although Prehired offers upfront payment options, most members opt for an income share agreement (ISA). This approach requires zero payments before or during the course. However, students should carefully read the fine print to any financial agreement before signing.

Students only pay once they have landed a job that pays $60,000 annually. This amount includes a $40,000 minimum base salary, plus an expected $20,000 in commissions.

Members then share 12.5% of that income with Prehired for 48 months or until they reach $30,000. If a student follows Prehired's job search process and does not land a software sales position — or loses their job — the payments pause. The ISA expires in eight years.

Is Prehired Worth It?

Prehired offers a unique approach to launching a tech career. The short, self-paced program — combined with a job guarantee — may appeal to people looking to quickly enter the tech industry.

However, the program focuses only on preparing students for a software sales career. Those interested in designing software or programming might prefer coding bootcamps.

The final cost is also expensive, especially when comparing it to a traditional degree program. Individuals looking for a more comprehensive education with diverse career opportunities might opt for a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Whether Prehired is worth the time and financial investment ultimately depends on the student. The program may work well for those interested in tech sales and ready to start work immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prehired

Is Prehired a legitimate company?

Prehired showcases hundreds of testimonials on its website. The company has also been mentioned in various press articles. Members report landing jobs at companies like Zoom and Rubrik.

How much does Prehired cost?

Members usually pay for Prehired with an income share agreement, so the exact amount can vary. They pay 12.5% of their salary once they make at least $60,000 annually. This payment plan lasts for 48 months or until members reach the $30,000 cap.

What education does Prehired offer?

Prehired prepares individuals to apply for software sales careers. It includes three Science-Based Sales® programs: prehired, promoted, and manager. The core prehired program explores sales tools, skills, and job search techniques. The other two programs help employees work toward promotions.

Does Prehired help you get a job?

Prehired guarantees members a job within 12 months of coursework completion. The core program includes four modules focused on getting hired. Members also receive lifetime access to the Prehired job network and mentoring sessions.

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