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Updated September 26, 2022

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Bootcamps prepare students for tech careers through practical training that imparts relevant, in-demand skills. These programs are often designed for people without a technical background. Because they condense a lot of content into short timespans, bootcamps are often intensive, typically requiring 20-40 hours per week from enrollees.

Tech sales bootcamps are for professionals who want to start careers as sales development representatives and account executives for hardware, software, or IT companies. The programs' curricula typically focus on skills such as cold calling, prospecting, objection handling, and closing.

As tech and the economy at large rebound from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, job outlook in the tech field looks positive: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects careers across the tech industry will grow 15% from 2021 to 2031. CompTIA's 2022 IT industry outlook report reveals the global tech industry is expected to cross $5.3 trillion in revenue in 2022.

Use this guide to explore more about tech sales bootcamps and how they can help you start this career path.

What Is a Tech Sales Bootcamp?

Typical bootcamps provide education in areas like computer science or coding. A tech sales bootcamp, however, aims to impart the knowledge and skills necessary for sales positions at technology companies.

Tech sales bootcamps often include internships in their curricula, which allow enrollees to gain career experience while they complete course modules. Many tech sales bootcamps offer career placement support or job guarantees. Some programs even promise refunds if graduates do not find relevant employment after a period of months.

Topics that tech sales bootcamps cover include sales fundamentals, persona research, prospecting and lead generation, sales funnels, psychology-based sales, objection handling, and closing deals. Bootcamps may even provide trainees with simulated work environments where they practice sales scenarios to gain hands-on experience.

The typical tech sales bootcamp lasts 4-12 weeks. Classes may be held online, on campus, or through hybrid means. While some programs are full-time and have live instructors conducting classes synchronously, others may be part-time, self-paced, or asynchronous to suit the needs of working individuals.

Skills Learned in Tech Sales Bootcamps

Tech sales bootcamps help learners develop a variety of hard and soft skills to work as sales representatives or account executives. Students learn the fundamentals of software-as-a-service and business-to-business (B2B) tech sales, industry terms, and sales team architecture. Other skills taught at a tech sales bootcamp are:

  • Prospecting: Prospecting covers the process of categorizing and prioritizing leads, defining prospect types, understanding total addressable market, and developing a pipeline.
  • Engagement Strategies: Trainees learn to communicate and connect with customers, drive customer engagement, and structure cold outreach techniques to maximize success and close deals.
  • Cold Calling: This topic teaches enrollees to schedule and prepare for customer calls. Trainees learn to engage the customer from the beginning of the call, as well as how to use questions to discover pain points and solve problems.
  • Objection Handling and Follow-Up: This section covers one of the most crucial aspects of sales: handling objection and rejection after a qualifying call. Students in tech sales bootcamps learn to deal with potentially difficult questions and develop customer relations.

What Will a Tech Sales Bootcamp Cost?

When considering a bootcamp's cost, enrollees should factor in tuition and expenses such as application fees, software and other materials needed for the program, and commute or relocation costs. Most bootcamps are not accredited. Thus, they do not qualify for federal student loans.

2019 data from RTI International shows typical bootcamp tuition ranges from $7,500 to $13,950. Some programs are employer-sponsored and do not charge trainees tuition. These bootcamps typically include a job guarantee, internship, and career placement assistance.

Other bootcamps require no upfront payment, instead offering deferred tuition or income share agreements, where students start paying tuition only when they land a relevant job that satisfies the agreement's salary threshold.

What Jobs Can I Get After a Tech Sales Bootcamp?

Bootcamps prepare learners for technical careers. Tech sales bootcamp students can find jobs in B2B sales and marketing for hardware, software, and IT companies.

Below, we discuss common positions for tech sales bootcamp graduates.

Sales Development Representative

Duties for sales development representatives include prospecting, outreach, and cold calling. These professionals are responsible for acquiring leads, moving leads through the sales pipeline, and connecting with potential customers.

  • Average Annual Salary: $45,910
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): N/A

Account Executive

Also known as account handlers, account executives are responsible for lead generation, determining customer needs, pitching, and closing deals. These sales professionals also follow up with existing clients, develop sales strategies, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Average Annual Salary: $58,160
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): N/A

Customer Success Manager

The duties of a customer success manager include nurturing existing client relationships, networking, providing product support, and handling requests and complaints. Customer success managers may also aid in product design, analyze customer data, and manage client portfolios.

  • Average Annual Salary: $71,340
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): N/A

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers support and partner with sales executives, match customer requirements to solutions, and communicate value propositions for products. In many cases, sales engineers may also provide technical information about products and services, identify potential customers, and prepare cost estimates.

  • Median Annual Salary: $103,710
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +6%

Sales Manager

Sales managers lead sales teams and help them achieve sales targets. These professionals hire and train team members, evaluate performance, set quotas, and develop processes to drive sales. Sales managers also provide detailed sales forecasts and develop business plans.

  • Median Annual Salary: $127,490
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +5%

Other Computer Science Education Options

Tech sales bootcamps combine science and marketing. Graduates who enjoy learning about these topics may consider pursuing a technology or computer science program. Higher education can open doors to advanced career opportunities. We explore degree options below.

Associate Degree in Computer Science

These degree programs provide a foundation in computing and information technology. An associate degree often qualifies professionals for some entry-level roles, but graduates also use these programs as stepping stones to bachelor's degrees.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

A four-year bachelor's degree can qualify graduates for a variety of computer science roles. These programs are designed to develop students' knowledge of computing theory and practices alongside general education courses.

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Professionals looking to move into senior computing roles may benefit from a master's degree in computer science. The graduate-level curricula of these programs is designed to provide specialized knowledge in advanced topics.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Tech workers interested in teaching and research can pursue a Ph.D. in computer science. The advanced education gained from a doctoral program is often ideal for computing research and development of new technologies.

Explore Other Bootcamps

Bootcamps specialize in several areas beyond tech sales. Students can also enroll in coding, engineering, or marketing bootcamps to kickstart their careers.

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Top Bootcamps for Tech Sales

The following alphabetical list features U.S. tech sales bootcamps that currently offer intense, career-focused programs. Applicants should know that these rigorous programs suit individuals looking to launch careers in tech sales or professionals transitioning to this competitive field.

Keep reading to learn more about each program and find the right fit for your goals.


Launched in 2015, AlwaysHired is a sales training and staffing company that offers a free, remote bootcamp for job-seekers.

Online Sales Bootcamp

This staffing company also trains and prepares prospective hires for tech sales jobs. When candidates with no prior tech sales experience apply to open positions via AlwaysHired, they get the latest sales development representative (SDR) training, including Salesforce, KPIs, and sales cadence. Applicants also learn sales tactics and receive interview coaching.

Students who commit to working with only AlwaysHired hiring partners can take the bootcamp for free. However, candidates who pay out-of-pocket can work with any company they choose after training.

  • Cost: $4,000
  • Format: Online; full time
  • Length: 4 weeks

AlwaysHired's Job Placement Assistance

AlwaysHired places over 90% of candidates in SDR roles within the network of hiring partners, with responsibilities such as cold calling, cold emailing, and generating appointments. Most students receive placement within five weeks of training.

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Careerist is an online learning platform that provides training and hiring support to tech newbies. The bootcamps include internships, resume support, and interview preparation to prepare graduates to pursue tech sales jobs.

Tech Sales Training

This virtual bootcamp starts with a meeting with a career advisor and selecting a financing option. For the next four weeks, candidates attend live sessions with an instructor, get one-on-one mentorship, and complete homework and practice lessons. Following this, candidates start the integrated internship to gain work experience.

The curriculum develops hard skills needed for a sales career and trains learners in more advanced areas like cloud computing and cybersecurity.

  • Cost: $3,799 (upfront); $4,198 (split payment)
  • Format: Online; part time
  • Length: 8 weeks

Other Courses Offered by Careerist

  • Manual quality assurance
  • QA automation
  • Sales engineer

Careerist's Job Placement Assistance

Candidates get a built-in internship when they sign up for training and can view available jobs in their student portal. They also receive resume assistance and interview preparation. Careerist reports that graduates find relevant employment within 1-3 months of active job search, on average.

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Satellite is a training and placement platform that bridges the gap between skilled professionals and tech sales organizations. The company focuses on decentralized work and trains candidates for remote positions.

Tech Sales Bootcamp

This online course prepares candidates with key skills in sales and technology to pursue SDR roles. The class incorporates independent learning sessions and live classes with peers and mentors. Students interact with industry leaders to learn from their experiences and receive expert feedback.

Notable techniques in this program include cold calling and emailing, prospecting, and objection handling. After completing the course, students get access to Satellite's hiring network.

  • Cost: Free
  • Format: Online; part time/self paced
  • Length: 8 weeks

Satellite's Job Placement Assistance

Satellite matches trainees with hiring partners while providing coaching, resume support, and interview prep throughout the placement process.

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Fuel Sales Academy

Fuel Sales Academy is a tech sales bootcamp that develops on-the-job sales experience and places graduates with hiring partners.

SDR Accelerator Program

The bootcamp prepares candidates to be successful SDRs well-versed in foundational sales skills. The program occurs in a simulated environment where candidates work and train like real sales professionals by gaining experience and confidence. Trainees make daily sales calls and earn commissions.

The SDR Accelerator Program is free for all. Aside from commissions, trainees also receive a $15 per hour payment. The program can be completed remotely or from the company's headquarters in Kansas City.

  • Cost: Free
  • Format: Online, on campus; full time
  • Length: 6-12 weeks

Fuel Sales Academy's Job Placement Assistance

Candidates receive placements with hiring partners after completing the program. Fuel Sales Academy also provides support to graduates beyond placement.

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Prehired is a members-only community that provides training for successful careers in sales. The company offers income share agreement (ISA) payments and guarantees a job within 12 months of coursework completion.

Prehired Science-Based Sales

Prehired matches members with mentors for the training program. Users can access the self-paced coursework at their convenience. Members can also schedule live one-on-one meetings with their mentors. Enrollees can access live training with Prehired staff and industry insiders, one-on-one coaching, and job opportunities from the Prehired partner company network.

Since the program uses ISAs, there is no upfront cost — members need to start making payments once they find a job and reach the minimum income level. The ISA is complete after 48 monthly payments or a total payment of $30,000.

  • Cost: Variable, capped at $30,000
  • Format: Online; self paced
  • Length: 12 weeks

Prehired's Job Placement Assistance

Prehired guarantees a job within 12 months of completion. After training, members move into the career search process, which helps them land job offers.

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PreSales Academy

PreSales Academy is an online training program that makes tech jobs more accessible to people from non-technical backgrounds. The company has a network of hiring partners where successful candidates find placement after completing training.

Sales Engineer Bootcamp

This tech sales bootcamp connects trainees and experienced sales leaders to offer world-class pre-sales training. Enrollees complete live online classes, group activities, and self-paced lessons. Students learn tech sales functions such as product demonstrations, presentations, technical discovery and scoping, and product feedback.

After graduation, if students meet all requirements, they are introduced to hiring companies for placement. Students can also opt for ISAs capped at $11,000.

  • Cost: $7,000 (upfront)
  • Format: Online; part time/self paced
  • Length: 8 weeks

PreSales Academy's Job Placement Assistance

PreSales Academy connects its tech sales bootcamp graduates with hiring managers to accelerate the job search process. The company reports that most of its graduates earn an annual starting salary of over $100,000.

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Springboard bootcamps prepare candidates to pursue some of the most lucrative tech careers in data science, cybersecurity, software engineering, and more. Springboard caters to working professionals looking for upward mobility or major career changes.

Tech Sales Bootcamp

This online tech sales bootcamp by Springboard includes live classes with instructors, guided practice sessions, and independent lessons. The curriculum covers foundational knowledge of sales as a service (SaaS) and B2B tech sales. Learners also explore research methods and tools, prospect identification objection handling, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and engagement strategies.

Students receive nine months of career coaching after completion of coursework. Springboard has a flexible schedule, remote curriculum, and various payment plans. Each learner receives a certificate of completion.

  • Cost: $5,000 (upfront)
  • Format: Online; part time
  • Length: 12 weeks

Other Courses Offered by Springboard

  • Data science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software engineering

Springboard's Job Placement Assistance

This tech sales bootcamp offers resume assistance, interview prep, access to Springboard's employer network, and a refund promise if graduates cannot find relevant employment within six months.

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SV Academy

This California-based professional training and coaching institute, backed by Silicon Valley Bank, trains individuals with little-to-no tech experience and matches them with companies within its hiring network for entry-level tech sales roles.

Tech Sales Bootcamp

Tech sales bootcamp enrollees learn technical and professional skills through online classes, virtual projects, and one-on-one mentorship opportunities. SaaS companies have inspired SV Academy's curriculum, and the hiring partner network includes companies like Salesforce, Slack, and Palo Alto.

After completing training, graduates connect with the hiring team for placement. The deferred tuition plan allows each enrollee to pay $555 for 18 months after landing a job that pays at least $45,000.

  • Cost: $10,000
  • Format: Online; full time/part time
  • Length: 4 weeks full time, 8 weeks part time

Other Courses Offered by SV Academy

  • Customer success fellowship

SV Academy's Job Placement Assistance

SV Academy graduates receive six months of job search support, complete with interview prep and personal coaching. Tuition is waived or refunded if graduates do not find relevant employment within six months.

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Uvaro is a Seattle-based training center offering full-time, part-time, and on-demand tech sales courses. The paid residency imparts tech and sales education before matching graduates with companies within its employer network.

Tech Sales Course

In this tech sales course, Uvaro trainees learn about SaaS through practical projects, roleplay, and scenario analysis. Each enrollee should devote 15-20 hours per week, including two hours of daily live classes.

The course covers key sales skills such as discovery and prospecting, along with using CRM tools and implementing knowledge in a simulated selling environment. Uvaro also invites industry experts to share real-world tips with students.

  • Cost: $6000 (upfront); $250/month for 24 months
  • Format: Online; part time
  • Length: 12 weeks

Other Courses Offered by Uvaro

  • Tech sales
  • Customer success management
  • Account management

Uvaro's Job Placement Assistance

After completing coursework, graduates can join the paid sales residency to find job openings, prepare for interviews, and receive full-time job placements.

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Victory Lap

This sales education company prepares professionals for careers in tech sales. Launched in 2016, Victory Lap offers a part-time bootcamp and placement opportunities for graduates. In 2021, the Chicago-based company raised $25 million to expand its tech sales program.

Tech Sales Bootcamp

This virtual, cohort-based program involves intensive training in popular sales skills, knowledge, and tactics that increase employability in a competitive market. The immersive tech sales bootcamp includes self-paced lessons, live classes, and group activities.

Enrollees explore sales funnel optimization, the process of building systematic sales pipelines, and objection handling. The course ends with a final capstone project and portfolio presentation.

  • Cost: $5,889
  • Format: Online; part time
  • Length: 5 weeks

Victory Lap's Job Placement Assistance

Victory Lap students receive career guidance and interview coaching. The institute has over 220 companies in its hiring partner network, where eligible graduates can receive sales job placements.

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  • SaaS sales foundation
  • Online
  • Self paced
  • Free or $180


  • Tech sales course
  • Online
  • Self paced
  • $499


  • SDR bootcamp
  • Live online
  • Part time
  • $25,000

Kellogg Executive Education

  • Professional certificate in sales
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $6,500

Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Sales

How do you break into tech sales?

A bootcamp is one way for people with no prior experience to begin a tech sales job. A college degree in engineering, computing, or marketing is also suitable for a career in tech sales.

How long do tech sales bootcamps typically last?

The typical tech sales bootcamp lasts 4-12 weeks. Classes run full time or part time. Many bootcamps offer continued job search support for several months after the program ends.

Are tech sales bootcamps expensive?

The cost of tech sales bootcamps vary. Typical tuition for these programs ranges from $7,500 to $13,950, according to 2019 data from RTI International. Some programs are free for enrollees because they are employer-sponsored. Others offer payment options that reduce or eliminate upfront costs.

Will a tech sales bootcamp help me get a job?

Tech sales bootcamps teach in-demand skills for entry-level sales positions. Many programs offer career placement assistance to connect graduates with openings in the field. Common jobs include sales development representatives and account executives.

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