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Updated March 22, 2023

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Coding bootcamps provide short-term, condensed learning options for current and aspiring tech professionals. These intensive, accelerated programs can help students earn new credentials and advance their careers.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates tremendous projected growth for data science jobs. The BLS projects 36% job growth for data scientists between 2021 and 2031, over seven times the projected rate of 5% for all occupations. Completing a data analytics bootcamp now can lead to a well-paying career in this rapidly growing industry.

Data analysts are some of the most sought-after tech professionals. Use this guide to learn what to expect from a data analytics bootcamp and explore career options for graduates.

What Is a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Data analytics bootcamps emphasize skills in data science and analysis. These accelerated programs focus on project-based learning in a shortened format. Students take courses in topics like statistics, big data, and research design. Programming languages like SQL, Python, and JavaScript round out the curriculum.

These bootcamps typically last 3-6 months, with online, hybrid, and in-person options available. Some programs offer part-time or self-paced options, ideal for working professionals.

Although some data analytics bootcamps hold affiliation with a college or university, they differ from traditional associate and bachelor's degree programs. Bootcamps offer a more limited curriculum and do not lead to transferable academic credit.

Unlike general coding bootcamps, data analytics bootcamps provide hands-on experience in data collection, cleaning, analysis, modeling, and presentation. Participants learn job-relevant skills in a short time frame, allowing them to progress in their careers without earning a new degree.

Skills Learned in Data Analytics Bootcamps

Data analytics bootcamps cover a wide array of coding and programming skills. Participants study multiple programming languages and explore methods in modeling, visualizing, and presenting analyzed data. These programs often include a course in statistics to help students prepare for this mathematics-heavy field.

  • Python

    Often used for processing and working with big data analytics, Python is a user-friendly coding language. Data scientists use Python in breaking down and processing large amounts of data, and in data visualization and modeling.
  • Data Visualization and Modeling

    Data modeling entails visually rendering data to show relationships, trends, and structures. Data visualization involves creating graphic representations of collected data through charts, graphs, and maps. Data analytics bootcamps highlight these skills as key aspects of data science and analysis.
  • Statistics

    Data analytics requires skill in mathematics, especially statistics. Data analysts use statistics to collect and analyze data, develop conclusions, and identify trends. Data analytics bootcamps include courses in statistics to help students develop the skills needed to build data models, make inferences, and organize data.
  • Machine Learning

    A form of artificial intelligence, machine learning refers to data algorithms that learn and adapt over time. Data analysts use statistical and programming languages and information to train these algorithms. Data analytics bootcamps typically emphasize skills in machine learning as an integral part of data science.

What Will a Data Analytics Bootcamp Cost?

With a variety of learning options available, pinpointing specific costs for a data analytics bootcamp becomes challenging. According to a 2019 RTI International study, bootcamps can range in cost from under $5,000 to over $18,000, depending on various factors. Tuition may or may not include necessary materials like laptops, other devices, and required software.

Fortunately, many programs offer several options for funding a data analytics bootcamp. These options may include some of all of the following.

  • Deferred tuition: This payment option allows students to defer tuition payments until later in the program or after completion.
  • Income share agreements: Under an ISA, students pay their tuition out of their salary upon landing a job in the field after graduation.
  • Personal loans: Some private lenders offer options specifically for students looking for coding bootcamp funding. These loans may feature lower interest rates than traditional personal loans.
  • Upfront payment: Most programs allow students to pay the bootcamp's entire cost upfront. Enrollees who pay upfront may receive a discount.
  • GI Bill®: Military service members may use their GI Bill benefits to fund some coding bootcamps.

What Jobs Can I Get After a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Many tech employers value hands-on experience and skills over specific degrees. Bootcamps help develop these skills and provide real world practice, preparing learners to pursue a variety of careers in computer science and information technology.

Data analytics bootcamp graduates may qualify to work as data scientists, information researchers, programmers, and software developers. Learn more about careers in computer science at the link below.

Data Scientist

Data scientists collect and analyze data. They may use their findings to guide business decisions and help organizations to make more accurate projections and inferences. These scientists work with algorithms and statistical data to create models and visualizations.

  • Median Annual Salary: $100,910
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +36%

Computer Information Researcher

Computer information researchers work in many industries. These researchers explore problems in computer science to develop new theories and solutions. They may create new software or use programming and analysis to improve existing systems. Bootcamps often provide coding and analysis skills necessary for this work.

  • Median Annual Salary: $131,490
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +21%

Software Developer

Software developers use their coding knowledge to develop and tailor new software. They may develop software to meet a specific industry's needs, or work within organizations to create and/or maintain programs used in that space. Data analytics bootcamps can help build software development coding skills.

  • Median Annual Salary: $109,020
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +25%

Database Administrator

Database administrators build and maintain databases. They ensure database security, back up and restore lost data, and troubleshoot and modify databases as needed. Data analytics bootcamps often cover security and coding skills necessary for this role.

  • Median Annual Salary: $101,000
  • Job Outlook (2021-31): +9%

Other Computer Science Education Options

Coding bootcamps teach many relevant skills for careers in computing and information technology. However, these programs differ from traditional education pathways in their length and in the credentials they offer. Some employers prefer candidates with college degrees in addition to specific skill sets.

Often, students pursue bootcamps alongside traditional degree programs to help bolster specific skills and grow their credentials before entering the job field. Learn more about the other computer science education options available below.

Associate Degree in Computer Science

An associate degree in computer science typically takes around two years of study. Students usually complete about 60 credit hours. These degrees provide basic academic credentials. An associate degree can offer a great stepping stone to further education.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Bachelor's programs in computer science often entail around 120 credit hours, or about four years of study. These degrees allow students to explore computer science topics in depth, including concentration areas within the field.

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Master's in computer science programs expand upon knowledge gained during bachelor's studies. These programs best serve learners looking to advance their careers and increase their earning potential while focusing on a specific concentration area.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Doctoral programs in computer science may best suit professionals who want to stay in academia. Graduates can teach computer science-related courses at the college level and/or do research in the field.

Explore Other Bootcamps

Students can choose from a variety of coding bootcamps that provide hands-on, intensive skill-building. Explore coding and other tech-related bootcamp options at the links below.

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Best Bootcamps for Data Analytics

Discover some of the most popular data analytics bootcamp in the U.S. that offer comprehensive, career-focused programs. Classes may be held on campus or online, and the schedule may be full time, part time, or self paced. Bootcamp programs are intensive and demand a significant investment of time and money.

Keep reading to learn more about each bootcamp to find the right program for your goals.

Auburn University

The second-largest university in Alabama, Auburn University was founded in 1856 and is a renowned land-grand public institution. In 2022, the university had an undergraduate enrollment of 31,526 students.

Data Analytics Bootcamp

This part-time bootcamp is held twice a week. Instruction includes live classes and guided lab sessions, optional live office hours for individual support, and in-class lab reviews.

Students build a strong foundation in data analysis, learn to use statistical tools, explore data visualization, and develop proficiency in Excel. Learners also gain experience in Python programming, querying relational databases, and data modeling and data-based storytelling. Students also learn to communicate and collaborate with stakeholders.

  • Cost: $10,500
  • Format: Online; Part time
  • Length: 6 months
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Auburn University

  • Cybersecurity
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Administration System

Auburn University's Job Placement Assistance

Auburn University's career services include coaching and support in resume building, job search, interview prep, and salary negotiation.

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Bloom Institute of Technology

Known as Lambda School until 2021, BloomTech was the first bootcamp to offer income share agreements. The school has changed its curriculum to adopt a flexible pattern, allowing students to complete the program at their own pace.

Online Data Science Course

This in-depth bootcamp prepares learners for entry-level positions in data science and data analytics. Students learn from expert instructors and hands-on projects, code live alongside industry professionals, and build products for real clients.

BloomTech helps students kick start their career fast by equipping them with the essential data analytics tools. By learning to analyze various types of data, learners build reproducible systems and communicate their research and findings.

  • Cost: $21,950 upfront
  • Format: Online; Self paced
  • Length: 960 hours
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Bloom Institute of Technology

  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Backend Development
  • Web3 Development

Bloom Institute of Technology's Job Placement Assistance

BloomTech offers career services including personalized job sourcing and a custom outreach generator for easier networking and applications.

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Started in 2012 in Canada, Brainstation is a leading tech school for coding bootcamps and certificate

courses offered online and through seven U.S. campuses.

Data Analytics Course Online

BrainStation's data analytics course begins with an introduction to data concepts and techniques. Enrollees learn to develop a framework for solving data problems and how to prepare and collect data for analysis.

The fully online, part-time program teaches students how to work with industry tools and complex datasets, while developing essential data skills that employers prefer. Students graduate with a polished data analyst portfolio of projects where they have solved real-world problems using their newly learned skills.

  • Cost: $3,250 - $15,000
  • Format: Online; Part-time
  • Length: 10 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by BrainStation

  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Leadership
  • Product Management

BrainStation's Job Placement Assistance

BrainStation does not offer a job guarantee, but it connects students to its 6500+ employer network and also claims that over 90% of graduates are hired within 180 days of program completion.

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Florida International University

Miami-based Florida International University is the state’s third-largest public research university, offering nearly 200 degree programs. As of 2021, it had a total undergraduate enrollment of 46,079.

FIU Data Science Bootcamp

Offered in partnership with Metis bootcamp, the FIU data science training program consists of six short immersive courses covering key topics. The program has a flexible schedule with on-demand lectures and weekly instructor one-on-one sessions. Students build six projects that are included in their professional portfolio.

The project-based curriculum has been created by Metis data scientists to equip students with tech skills in this competitive digital market.

  • Cost: $12,500
  • Format: Online; Part time
  • Length: 24 weeks
  • CIRR Member: Yes/No

Other Courses Offered by Florida International University

  • Cybersecurity Bootcamp
  • AI Machine Learning Bootcamp

Florida International University's Job Placement Assistance

FIU provides students with dedicated career advisors that offer one-on-one career guidance, job search tutorials, and assistance with resume and portfolio-building.

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Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy is based in New York City and offers on-campus and online classes to develop career-focused tech skills through a combination of practical projects, workshops, and mentorship.

Data Analytics Bootcamp

This intense bootcamp covers foundational knowledge in data analytics. Aside from building in-demand industry skills that help prepare students for certification exams in Tableau and Amazon Web Services, the program also includes live classes and real-time interaction. The curriculum combines theory with practical activities that are in sync with real-world applications.

There are no prerequisites for this bootcamp. It is recommended that candidates have a flair for problem-solving and technology and a growth mindset.

  • Cost: $12,495
  • Format: Online; Full time/Part time
  • Length: 10 weeks full time; 26 weeks part time
  • CIRR Member: Yes

Other Courses Offered by Fullstack Academy

  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Cybersecurity

Fullstack Academy's Job Placement Assistance

Fullstack Academy students work with the career success team to prepare for interviews, attend workshops, stay updated on the latest recruiting trends, and meet employers at in-house networking events.

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General Assembly

New York-based General Assembly had its beginnings in 2011 as a co-working space. Today, the tech institute has over 15 campuses and more than 25 online communities in six countries.

Data Analytics Immersive

This full time immersive data analytics bootcamp imparts industry-standard tools and skills to beginners with no data experience. The curriculum covers statistics and mathematics, SQL, Excel, Tableau and PowerBI, Python, and the practical application of these tools in an organization.

Learners study real-world case studies from various industries to identify and mitigate bias. The program culminates in a capstone project and a professional portfolio.

The data analytics curriculum was designed by industry experts. Students can access personalized feedback and support through the program.

  • Cost: $15,950
  • Format: Online; Full time
  • Length: 12 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by General Assembly

  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • User Experience Design

General Assembly Job Placement Assistance

Learners are matched with personal career coaches to polish their interview skills and resumes. Students also get assistance in building connections with employers and looking for a job.

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Georgetown University

Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies offers professional certificate programs, graduate programs, summer school, and corporate training and education. The school trains students to be successful in the changing business landscape.

Data Analytics Bootcamp

This part-time data analysis bootcamp provides cutting edge skills for identifying, collecting, and analyzing data. The course begins with basic programming languages and visualization techniques for presentation and communication of data. It also explores causes of errors of judgment and concludes with a capstone project.

Aside from training students in hard skills such as programming, statistics, analysis, and communication, the bootcamp also teaches some key soft skills like analytical thinking, identifying opportunities, problem-solving, and decision-making.

  • Cost: $6,995
  • Format: Online; Part time
  • Length: 12 weeks
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Georgetown University

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Business Essentials for Successful Managers
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Georgetown University's Job Placement Assistance

Students in Georgetown University's data analytics bootcamp have access to various career services including one-on-one coaching, professional development workshops, resume assistance, employer information sessions, and alumni panels.

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International tech school Ironhack started in Madrid, Spain, and has since grown into nine global campuses. Since its inception in 2013, Ironhack has graduated over 8,000 students.

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Ironhack's data analytics bootcamp is divided into four modules: online course prep work, introduction to data analytics and Python, advanced data analytics, and the fundamentals of machine learning. Projects combine data analytics as well as programming and business intelligence.

Whether students attend this bootcamp full-time or part-time, the program helps prepare them for a data analytics career. Classes are held remotely or on campus in nine countries, and combine live classes and independent coursework.

  • Cost: $12,500
  • Format: Online/On-campus; Full time/Part time
  • Length: 9 weeks full time, 24 weeks part time
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Ironhack

  • Web Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Digital Marketing

Ironhack's Job Placement Assistance

Ironhack's career services program provides coaching and job search support. According to Ironhack, graduates have found placement in companies such as Uber, Facebook, and Mastercard.

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Springboard is an online learning platform that offers tech education and coaching for professionals seeking a major career change. Founded in 2013, Springboard has offices in India and San Francisco.

Data Analytics Career Track

Springboard's flexible data analytics bootcamp was designed by experts from Microsoft, and provides hands-on technical skills that increase employability. Aside from key topics such as data visualization, financial analysis, and databases and programming, Springboard's bootcamp also teaches strategic thinking, problem-solving, and communication.

The curriculum spans 400 hours and combines articles, videos, practical assignments, and career-related coursework. Students can complete the program in six months or less. Springboard claims that 96% of the data analytics graduates get a job offer within 12 months.

  • Cost: $8,500
  • Format: Online; Part time
  • Length: 6 months
  • CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Springboard

  • Software Engineering
  • Backend Development
  • Tech Sales

Springboard's Job Placement Assistance

Students have access to Springboard's employer network and career services that include resume assistance and mock interviews. Springboard also offers a job guarantee.

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Online education platform Thinkful was founded in 2012 to make tech education more accessible. The New York-based company offers 100% remote coding and tech bootcamps.

Data Analytics Online Bootcamp

This beginner-friendly bootcamp starts with the fundamentals of modern data analytics before diving into Excel and PowerPoint, data visualization and dashboards, and basics of programming and databases. The program teaches key skills in statistical analysis, Tableau, advanced Excel, Python, and SQL.

Thinkful offers the data analytics course in both live, full-time, part-time, and self-paced formats, with several payment options. Graduates can pursue employment as research analysts, data journalists, or marketing analysts.

  • Cost: $12,250 full time; $8,000 part time
  • Format: Online; Full time/Part time
  • Length: 4 months full time; 6 months part time
  • CIRR Member: Yes

Other Courses Offered by Thinkful

  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Engineering
  • Technical Project Management

Thinkful's Job Placement Assistance

Thinkful provides students with one-on-one mentorship and personalized career coaching. Learners have access to internet prep and professional development workshops.

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Bootcamps offered in partnership with Trilogy Education Services

Trilogy Education Services is a tech education company that offers technical training bootcamps in partnership with several leading universities. Trilogy aims to bridge the digital skills gap in the workforce by making tech education accessible to all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Analytics

Is a data analytics bootcamp worth it?

Yes, depending on your goals and background. Data analytics bootcamps can help learners build the skills they need to grow in their tech career or enter the field. These bootcamps provide a fast-track option for learners seeking an alternative to traditional education. However, bootcamps may not replace traditional degrees for some employers.

Do companies hire data analytics bootcamp graduates?

Yes, data analytics bootcamps offer a great springboard into the job field. Many employers seek candidates with experience in specific coding languages and skills that data analytics bootcamps cover.

Is data analytics a good career?

The BLS projects data scientist jobs to grow by 36% from 2021-2031. For many job-seekers, this high demand makes data science an attractive career to get in on as the field expands and diversifies.

Can you become a data analyst without a degree?

In some cases, yes. However, requirements for specific jobs vary by employer. Some companies hire bootcamp graduates, but others prefer candidates with traditional degrees.

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